Organza silk was invented in Turkey and made its way to China through the Silk Route. The Chinese popularised it as they mass-produced this silk fabric and started its use in fashion and Home Decor. Many fashionable apparels such as wedding gowns, ball gowns and other expensive and elegant dresses were made with Organza overlays.

Organza is also made in India with native silk and finds its use in sarees. Organza sarees are the latest trending type of silk sarees. Most people buy organza saree online because of the incredible variety and prices that are available on most retail sites.

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Organza silk sarees are extremely precious and valuable as they are made with a special weave format, and each saree is made with an intricate weaving pattern. They are also pricier than regular silk sarees because of their rare and unique presence in the market.

How is Organza Silk made?

Organza silk was invented in Turkey. They were handcrafted silk fabrics that were woven into their ethnic apparel and clothing. The technique to make organza silk was different from regular silk.

The warp and weft have the same pick and ends per inch in the case of organza silk fibers when compared to regular silk fabric. The fabric as such is woven with plenty of holes that are created by twisting the threads in a unique fashion, creating small holes.

The smaller and more amount of holes there are, the finer the quality of the organza silk. This fabric has a very lightweight, airy and breathable texture which is its unique quality. The fabric has a sheer appeal because of its thousands of fine holes in the fabric.

When woven with silk and gold dyed threads, the resultant fabric has a sheer shimmery texture that is unmatched by any other fabric. This is why organza is so popular for making brides’ dresses, ball gowns, exclusive designer clothing, expensive upholstery and other such apparel.

In India, Organza is made from fine-quality silk produced in India. The same technique is followed to manufacture pure Indian Organza Silk that is used to make Organza Silk Sarees. Organza is also imported from China as they have perfected the technique of making fine quality Organza silk.

However, Indian handcrafted Organza is higher in quality and more unique and therefore more expensive. Indian Organza Silk sarees are made with hand painting or embroideries, motifs, block prints etc. This is what makes Indian Organza silk sarees so unique and, therefore, expensive too.

Buy Organza Saree online to explore a full range of various varieties of Organza silk sarees from different regions of India. Every place in India has a different influence on the Organza silk sarees.

Buying a Good Quality Organza Silk Saree

Buying an organza silk saree requires the consumer to know exactly who they are purchasing from and the quality of the silk that is used. A good quality organza silk saree can cost anywhere between Rs 70000 and upwards. Their steep pricing owes to the high-quality silk, the unique weaving pattern and the fine quality embellishments that go into making these unique sarees.

A good quality Organza saree can never be too cheap and therefore, customers must beware of fake and fraudulent products in the market. Buying from credible retail outlets or online websites is recommended when it comes to silk.


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