A graphic designer or artist usually designs everything from logos to book covers and posters to web graphics. Graphic Designing is one of the basic skills that an artist must have in order to create a visual representation of an object or idea. A person who specializes in this occupation is often called a “graphic designer”, “graphic artist” or simply just “designer”.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is a person who specializes in creating visual content that works to visually communicate a message (or messages) to an audience or end-user. Graphic Designers work in many different mediums such as digital, print, or packaging. They often work on team projects with other designers or artists including Video Creators, Filmmakers, Animators, Marketers, etc.

Graphic Designing courses in Kolkata

Graphic Designing is one of the most important aspects of communication through visual images. It helps to communicate with others by defining the picture and perception of certain ideas and perspectives.

Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use many different tools such as pens and markers, rulers and compasses, typefaces, and trademarks. They work on paper with a light table or with computer-aided design (CAD) software at their desk, whichever they prefer. They use computers, scanners, and digital cameras to produce their designs. Everything they do is closely related to their clients’ needs. They have to know what colors will attract people, what words will tell them about a product or an organization, and which pictures would look best next to the text.

Since they work with words, pictures, and colors, most graphic designers have strong artistic skills. But they also need to know a lot about marketing so that they can understand what will help sell their clients’ products or ideas. Graphic design is both art and science; it requires as much talent as it does skill and knowledge of design principles if the client is to reach their target audience effectively. And also graphic design can be used in medical and scientific areas, like pictorial diagnostics of internal organs and blood vessels.

Scope of Graphic Designing in India

There is immense scope in the field of graphic design in India. On-demand services are becoming more and more necessary. This includes graphic design done on demand.

Because of this forward-thinking industry, the market share of graphic design increased by 3.4% from 2014 to 2019. According to a related IBISWorld survey, 90% of the whole graphic design market is made up of independent contractors.

Graphic Designing programs are available in diploma, and certificate levels due to the specialty’s enormous popularity. Candidates who want to pursue a profession in design in this particular discipline can take Graphic Designing courses in Kolkata. In India, there are many employment openings for those who have a certificate in graphic design, and those with such a degree have outstanding career prospects in this sector as well.

Hence, there are many options for you if you want to break into the industry with the assistance of graphic designing courses. The design course will provide you with a certificate. A certificate that has a significant impact on your career and will also help you succeed in the field of graphic design.

Soft Skills Necessary to Become a Graphic Designer

In this section we have classified the necessary soft skills that are necessary to become a graphic designer:


New and original ideas are continually being developed by graphic designers. They must use a lot of creativity to produce designs that are both attention-grabbing and convey the appropriate message.


The core of a graphic designer’s job is communication because graphic design is visual communication. Graphic designers must connect with clients and colleagues in addition to conveying ideas through their designs. Designers occasionally need to justify a choice or decision to someone without design expertise. For proposals and presentations, they will also require communication skills—both written and spoken.


Graphic designers must think strategically since they must take into account how various design components interact together and how to effectively communicate meaning while upholding design standards. In order to do this, you must undertake market research, brainstorm, generate ideas, and thumbnail designs, and evaluate them.

Finding Solutions

Problem-solving skills are very necessary to become a graphic designer as they have to work for different clients in this industry. For instance, consider a design brief as a problem: a customer has a message that they want to convey, and the ideal design will help them. Throughout the design process, graphic designers apply problem-solving techniques. Troubleshooting design problems or re-designing designs to satisfy client requirements may be required.

Management of Time

In addition to juggling many projects at once, graphic designers frequently have to meet customer deadlines. Graphic designers must be able to prioritize tasks and balance workloads.

How to Become a Graphic Designer with the Help of Courses?

Graphic designing is an art that involves many complicated processes of coming up with an idea for a given project followed by the actual work of creating the desired design with the help of software such as CorelDraw or Photoshop etc. Hence, for breaking into this industry it is necessary to become a skilled professional. There are several trusted institutes there who are providing both basic and advance courses graphic designing courses in Kolkata. Once you get a degree you can work independently or can go to any company where you can learn more and progress as a graphic designer.


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