Counselling is also necessary for love…

It is true that ‘love is enough to make two people happy’ is a common saying. It is like caring for a plant: it takes care to nurture it. Stress can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life, including relationships.

Conflicts, stress, disagreements, boundary violations, etc. are all issues that can disrupt a healthy relationship, causing disharmony, and more stress.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling may be sought only after the situation has been thrown out of the window When the pain and hurt are too severe and most importantly when they’ve already lost all faith in their relationship. They turn to therapy as a final option. It is advisable to seek help in the event that you observe repetitive negative patterns that are evident in your relationship. Relationship Counselling is the solution. This therapy is performed by a trained Relationship Counsellor who works with couples who have difficulties in resolving conflicts that aren’t being resolved by their partners. It is totally confidential between your Relationship Counsellor and you & your partner.

Couples’ counselling can be required in a number of circumstances. In these cases, a third person is needed to facilitate communication. In these cases, a third person is required to act as a facilitator online Couple Counselling can help you settle disputes, deepen relationships, create healthy relationships and develop together as a family.

Relationship counselling is more likely to succeed if both partners are involved in the solution. This helps reduce the stress among the couplet and provides an opportunity to further motivate positive change. It creates a platform for growth and development.

Benefits of relationship counselling?

  • It creates a safe space for both partners to express their emotions and feelings.
  • It reveals individual strengths and weaknesses, and how they can have been worked with to achieve balance.
  • Various interactive and structural techniques such as reflection, enactment and introspection of behaviours and responses and, most importantly, recognition and correction of differences and distortions can be used to create a plan for providing a solution.
  • It provides insight into how to better manage interpersonal conflicts
  • It is important to encourage and support new and exciting ways to reconnect slowly and steadily. This may help you rekindle your relationship.
  • This helps you identify the behaviour patterns of your partner and understand the motivations behind them.
  • It can help to identify unidentified beliefs, expectations and intentions and bring out repressed thoughts.
  • A neutral third party can facilitate rational reasoning and rationality in thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  • It can be used to build relationships and make well-thought-out decisions.
  • Both the therapist and the partner feel positive regard, empathy, and congruence. This creates the foundation for open-mindedness and mutual understanding.
  • Therapy sessions not only help to gain insight into the thinking process and logical reasoning of your partner but also help you develop corrective emotional engagement with the partner.
  • It can help to bridge differences in thought and provide a place for healthy conversations with open minds.
  • This program aims to increase problem-solving skills by dealing directly with problems to find solutions rather than making them worse.
  • It helps to have a neutral third party present to help you understand compatibility and if working towards it will work.
  • It is easier to spot deviations from reality when there is a mediator and can thus make a more rational decision regarding conflicts.
  • Happy relationships are the key to achieving a good mental and physical state.
  • A trained relationship counsellor can help the couple to better understand and connect with their partner.

Research has shown that couples who are unhappy in their relationships will seek counselling for them within 6 years. Relationship counselling is becoming more popular in India due to the increasing number of divorce cases and the ease of the process. This is not just to reduce differences or to facilitate communication. It’s also to get back in touch with reality and understand what the couple really needs to be happy.

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