Clear aligners are a type of dental brace that is clear and plastic and is used to straighten teeth.

The efficacy of clear aligners has altered, making evaluation difficult.

During the first or second week, each aligner is worn for 22 hours per day.

Difference b/w clear aligners and braces:-

The metal or porcelain brackets that attach to your teeth are known as braces. In order to help the teeth move into their proper position, metal wires and elastic bands are used. An aligner is a plastic brace that is custom-fit to your teeth. Each aligner moves the teeth closer to their final position.

Clear Aligner

Clear Aligners:-

  • By removing the aligners for cleaning, you can brush and floss easier.
  • You’ll also avoid food getting stuck as you might with metal brackets. With aligners, there are no brackets or wires to loosen, so fewer repairs and orthodontist visits may be necessary.
  • Almost half the time it takes to straighten teeth with aligners.
  • Removable and comfortable.
  • Fewer dental visits.
  • Better dental health.
  • Extremely crooked or misaligned teeth are not recommended.
  • However, buttons might be necessary.
  • The alignment stays in place.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth more often will be necessary.


  • Nearly all orthodontic patients suffer root damage when teeth are moved by the constant force of braces. The result is tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Reactions because of allergies.
  • Injuries to soft tissues and canker sores.
  • Resorption of the root.
  • Cavities due to decalcification.
  • Degeneration.
  • Renewal.

Which is better: clear aligners or braces?

As they do not use brackets or wires, clear aligners are a discreet alternative to conventional braces for patients looking for a more discreet orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners can generally be used more quickly than traditional braces for orthodontic treatment.

Merits of aligners over metallic braces


As you know the illusion aligners are transparent trays, which means they are invisible to others. Most people won’t see the aligners even at a close distance. You can walk confidently, and take photos with a big smile on your face. They are aesthetic and are a great option to wear. But when you have metallic braces, they are easily visible. Talking with metallic braces can make you self-conscious.


Eledent aligners are very comfortable to wear. You can easily wear them and feel comfortable while eating or talking. Instead of brackets and wires, aligners trays. These trays are smooth which makes them comfortable for your gums and lips. People may face some discomfort when they use aligners for the first time. But in a few days, the person will start feeling with these aligners. On the other hand, wearing metallic braces can be very uncomfortable. After putting them on, you can feel strange for a long time. You can face high discomfort while eating and talking with metallic braces.

No diet restriction

Many people complain that they cannot eat their favorite food item due to the metallic braces. But when you have teeth aligners, you don’t have to worry about the food items. As you know, clear aligners are removable. You can easily eat what you want. There are no diet restrictions while going through the treatment. You can eat anything you want without any problem or discomfort.

Less maintenance

These aligners do not require high maintenance like traditional braces. When you have traditional braces, you need to take care of various things. They can injure the soft tissues and canker sores. Getting cavity issues in traditional braces is common. But when you have a clear aligner, you don’t need any kind of maintenance. You only have to brush them carefully.

Good for oral hygiene

In traditional braces, taking care of oral hygiene is a bit difficult. You can’t remove them and brushing the teeth correctly becomes a bit difficult. Lots of patients face root damage due to the constant force of braces. This can result in tooth decay. Another problem is allergies as sometimes the metallic braces react and cause allergies. Clear aligners are safe and good for oral hygiene. You can remove them and brush your teeth. These illusion aligners do not cause any allergies or harm to the roots.

What are Eledent Aligners?

Its transparent teeth aligners are made from special materials and are like braces. They straighten teeth by using special trays. With the assistance of gentle and constant force, they can move teeth into the preferred position without having to deal with metal wires and brackets. Using digital scans, each device is custom-made for each patient. Now in India, the treatment is painless. We manufacture the products in India. They are cheaper than Invisalign companies in the United States.

Are aligners as effective as braces?

Clear aligners are efficient not only when it comes to patients’ oral health, but also eliminate the social stigma associated with orthodontics.

How do I know if I need aligners?

  • An abnormally crooked or crowded set of teeth.
  • Crooked teeth are difficult to brush and floss around.
  • Constantly biting and cutting your tongue.
  • When your mouth is at rest, your teeth don’t properly close over each other.
  • Pronunciation difficulties due to the position of your tongue under your teeth.
  • Jaws that click or make noises when you chew or after waking up

For what age do invisible braces work?

Invisible braces may be suitable for who? Children’s smiles grow with them as they grow. When a child is 6 to 10 years old, it may be the right time to begin orthodontic treatment, even with baby teeth. The first phase of treatment is this. During this stage, orthodontists can spot developing problems that may require early treatment. With First Clear Aligner treatment, children can expect predictable results and a positive experience while addressing their unique needs.

Why do people prefer invisible aligners over braces?

Whenever people consider orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, they often get confused between braces and invisible aligners. Many people think, invisible aligners do not provide permanent solutions or may not give the expected results. Still, people think of plastic aligners as not a significant solution for teeth straightening. But these aligners are way better and have lots of benefits over traditional braces.

When you have traditional metal braces, there are a lot of food items you can’t eat such as gum, caramel, candies, and many more. You can’t even eat streak or any hard items. Eating things like apples, carrots, etc become very bothersome. When you eat hard food like nuts, it might break off whereas chewy items like gums get stuck. But when you have invisible aligners, you don’t have to worry about eating anything. You can eat all types of food in these aligners. Whenever you want to eat, you just have to take out the aligners tray. Eat your food then brush (or rinse with water) and put the aligners back in place easily.

As an adult, straightening the teeth seems like a good idea but putting the metal braces is a big no. No one wants to wear metal braces as they often draw unnecessary attention. Many people don’t prefer to smile while clicking photos if they have braces. But having crooked teeth is itself very bothersome. Invisible aligners are the best choice when you want to straighten the teeth without being obvious. These aligners are a game changer for orthodontic treatment as most people won’t even notice that you are wearing them. These aligners are very thin and clear which makes them almost invisible. You can smile in photos without drawing any unnecessary attention.

Maintaining oral hygiene is easy in illusion aligners. Metal braces sometimes strain the teeth or can grow cavities and gum diseases. When you are wearing metal braces, cleaning teeth is a bit difficult as you have wires and brackets. You need to be very careful while flossing your teeth. But when you have clear aligners, you can easily remove them. Take them out, have your food, and brush your teeth. You can easily floss and maintain your oral hygiene. Cleaning the aligners is also easy. You can easily clean the aligners with a soft bristled toothbrush.

When you have metal braces, you need to visit the dentist often. Sometimes people may face orthodontic emergencies when they eat any hard food or when the bracket gets broken. You also have to spare some time from your busy schedule to visit the dentist. Meanwhile, if you have invisible aligners, you will have very few appointments. These aligners are very strong so you don’t need to worry about breaking or other emergencies.

Invisible aligners are more comfortable than metal braces as you don’t have to deal with wires poking your cheeks. You don’t need to visit the dentist often to tighten the wire as you can easily switch the aligners at home every two weeks.

Is It Worth It?

Is It Really Worth It?

Your orthodontist should always be consulted first for treatment recommendations. Invisalign may be the superior option if you’re a candidate for both Invisalign and conventional braces. Invisalign provides additional comfort and confidence in your look while delivering the same successful outcomes in the same amount of time as conventional braces (if not even a bit faster).

At illusionaligners, you may get invisible braces.
Our highly educated staff has the expertise, abilities, and compassion to help each patient thrive. We provide consultations for both teenagers and adults.

About Illusionaligners

The organization is well-positioned, with a 31-year history of offering groundbreaking ideas to the dentistry market, a global presence, and authentic certifications.
Be the go-to aligner brand for giving patients their dream smiles and a trustworthy partner for dentists in creating and delivering faultless smiles.


In order to treat alignment problems accurately and efficiently, Illusion aligners utilize the most advanced materials and orthodontic technology.


Illusion aligners employ cutting-edge materials and orthodontic technology to fix alignment difficulties accurately and effectively.

What makes our invisible braces or clear aligners the best?


Illusion aligners feature a high optical clarity that makes them virtually invisible, allowing you to undertake orthodontic treatment without being noticed.


Our aligners are easy to adjust and do not cause any discomfort to your teeth, tongue, or gums because they are just 0.8mm thick.


It is the ONLY Indian brand to receive FDA approval (United States Food and Drug Administration).


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