Search engine optimisation is what you do to rank your website higher on the result pages of search engines. The higher your Website ranks, the better it is. If your website shows up on top of the search result page, that means your website has the content that the users are looking for. Users want to see Videos to educate themselves about the searched query. So, Google shows them the websites having video Content in them.

How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your SEO Strategy

Today, it is very necessary to keep the right Video Content in your SEO strategy to rank it on top of the search result page. Video Content seems a thousand times better to interpret in a short time than text-based Content. Video Marketing is a great way to enhance SEO skills and get a website ranked on the search result page. According to a study, 80% of Video Marketers are using SEO video Strategies to boost Traffic on their Websites.

Video affects Search engine Strategy in many ways. A few of them are mentioned here:

  1. Helps to gain Traffic: If the Website has a relevant video available on the website, the Search engine will show the video to the user. It brings traffic to the website. So, better keywords and title descriptions should be written while uploading the Video on the Website. If many people are visiting the website, the video will show up to more people.
  2. Enhance the quality of SEO Content: Search engine shows only quality content on their result web Page. SEO-friendly texts used on the Website can rank you higher on search engines. Video SEO Marketing will add more weightage to make your SEO Contents achieve higher ranks. Think of explaining the product to your customers through videos.
  3. Win More Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the factors that bring traffic to the website. Most people who watch a video online also share the video with others. So, Backlinks used in a video can bring more Visitors. A Professional SEO Consultant can help to insert Backlink in the proper places.
  4. Better User Experience (UX): Search engine recognises good content by seeing the time users spend on the website while watching the Video. If visitors leave the page just after a few seconds, it is thought that Video Content is not good on the website. Motion Graphic Videos can help generate a good number of visitors to a website. When the user spends more time on the Website, it sends a good sign to a Search engine that this webpage is relevant to the user. The video keeps the user engaged on the website for a long time.
  5. Increase Conversions: There is a High conversion rate through video content. Customers are generally impressed with the good content of the video. They show interest in buying the product after watching the video. Video also build trust with Customers. So, Video Marketing is very important to gain High conversion rates.

Few SEO Marketing Tips for Video SEO Strategy are mentioned here:

  1. Edit your video well: Once you have made your video, in the editing process, you have to think like an audience, feel like them, and then make better editing decisions. You will have to make a video online that the User will be searching for. Think like a visitor and answer all queries going on in his/her mind. This will make your Video SEO Marketing campaign Successful.
  2. Add Metadata: You can optimise your video by adding meta titles and meta descriptions to help your video rank in search engine results. Title, description, and tags can be used to understand the video content. You should use the right keywords.
  3. Share your videos: You will have to share your videos on different social media channels to boost traffic to your page. This will help to rank on Google and YouTube. Promote your videos and get more views and traffic. Promoting your videos will add more weight to your SEO marketing strategy.
  4. Make Attractive Thumbnails for Videos: The first impression is the last impression. So, your video thumbnail should be very impressive and try to keep a unique title. You must create eye-catching thumbnails
  5. Create a video sitemap on the website: You can Create a Video Sitemap manually or through any sitemap generator. The sitemap will help the search engine to understand your video content in a better way.
  6. Add video Transcripts on the website: The search engine always tries to understand your content well. For this, a video transcript is a good way which makes this task easy. The search engine itself does not know what your video is about, so the transcript helps the search engine and then suggests the video to the user. Writing proper captions for a video can enhance the overall views. There are many ways by which you can add a transcript to your video. There are also some automatic transcription services, but they can have problems and will show errors. Using Transcript can Show Your Content to a Larger Audience. Using Text and Videos in the Content of your Website simultaneously leads to a better ranking of the Website.
  7. Use new keywords: Always use an SEO tool for keywords and use it for the title and description of the video. The right keyword is the key to success for the content. Google will not read or gear your video. The keywords in the text will make the content useful for Search engine results.
  8. Measure your performance: You have done great work, and your hard work should pay off. Try to record the performance that your video marketing strategy is giving. Views, comments and shares are major factors that will show how the video is performing. Keeping track of your Video SEO strategy will help you improve and do better.

Video marketing is not just a source to bring income. But it is the need of the market. If you want your website to thrive in the market and rank on search engine result pages, you will have to make sure that Google and users understand your video. A good video SEO strategy will ensure your site is doing good. Get creative and achieve great results.


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