Thermal imaging cameras are infrared cameras with a wide range of applications. 80×80 Pixels thermal imager offers a broad range of applications across a number of different industries. These cameras are useful for the automotive industry as they help in the prevention of fire. They provide an instant and contactless diagnosis of temperature. Handheld thermal cameras are the best for preventive maintenance, electrical inspections, and frontline troubleshooting. Thermal cameras are the best when you need pinpoint accuracy and electrical utilities for the purpose of research and development. These cameras are mainly developed for surveillance and military operations, and these cameras are now widely used for building inspections, firefighting, autonomous vehicles, automatic braking, skin temperature screening, industrial inspections, scientific research, and much more.  

80x80 Pixels thermal imager

Infrared pyrometers can also be used to know the critical point of temperature measurement. Pyrometers help in temperature at a certain point. But thermal images are required in applications where the temperature of an area needs to be measured. 80×80 Pixels thermal imager caters to the best balance between image clarity and data transfer with its optimum resolution of 384×288 pixels. It also provides inspection tools and unprecedented easy-to-use designs to fit your needs, whether in quality control, process monitoring, or process automation. The infrared camera measures temperatures without any physical contact, and that too exactly and reliably.   

Key Features

  • 384×288 with 17 uncooled FPA detector  
  • Multiple motorized Ge, lens, supporting autofocus  
  • Thermal images, temperatures, and temperature data flows are saved through LAN connectivity to PC for temperature images and values  
  • NETDs 40mk  
  • Direct PAL connectivity to TV and Projector  
  • 100M network transmission temperature data  
  • Compact structure with a weight of 420g  
  • IPSA encapsulation  
  • Infra-view software  
  • More accuracy and security in the measurements  
  • The high sensitivity of the system  
  • Temperature display  
  • Contrast adjustment  
  • Several lenses for different FOV  
  • Real-time temperature measurement values  

80×80 Pixels thermal imager has the advantage of showing the thermal image, which makes it more suitable for continuous monitoring of temperatures of higher gadgets. ThermCam 80 can replace pyrometers with better area coverage and with pixel temperature. Such cameras are suitable for continuous monitoring of critical assets. High resolution is not needed in such cameras and for industrial applications. So thermCam with 80x80pixels is the most advantageous solution. 

Why choose Accurate Sensors Technologies?   

The system can be configured by connecting the cameras directly to the computer using an ethernet connection with built-in analog and digital outputs. The camera can also be paired with the network switch and can be added with the I/O module to get additional alarms or alerts, analog or digital output for temperature indicators, and PLC /SCADA systems. Accurate Sensors Technologies is a brand that covers different varieties of gadgets, and ThermCam is one of them. These cameras ensure the quality of the sensors, and these cameras offer a huge number of benefits to ensure cost savings and high production line quality standards.   



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