Shoes are not just functional items but also a fashion statement. You must maintain your shoes properly if you want them to remain fashionable. It is essential to maintain your shoes to keep them looking their best and increase their longevity. Whether you own a large collection of shoes or just a few favourites you wear frequently, it’s critical to know how to take good care of them.

Shoes Care Guide

Dirt, moisture, and other factors can harm your shoes as time passes. Changing your shoes more frequently can be costly, but you can avoid this deterioration and keep your footwear looking new with some care. Shoes kept clean and regularly maintained look nicer and leave a good impression. This blog will walk you through some of the most effective tips to maintain your shoes to let you preserve your sense of style.

Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Shoes

Here are some tips you should follow to care for your shoes and maintain their spark. 

Save Your Shoes From Moisture

Your valuable shoes’ worst enemy is moisture. When you eventually wear your shoes, bacteria that have grown due to moisture may cause the material to degrade quickly. By utilizing silica pouches or gels to keep them dry and microbial-free, you can minimize this risk as much as possible. If you don’t have silica, you can load your shoes with newspapers and replace them after a week. You can use this technique to keep your shoes dry and save them from damage caused by excessive moisture. 

Keep Them Dust-Free

You don’t need to wear the same pair of shoes repeatedly on every occasion, but that does not mean you don’t keep them dust-free. Dust buildup can cause shoes to lose their original colour and appear worn out. Shoes are meant to hit the ground, so they cannot be kept away from the dust. Nevertheless, regular cleaning can help a lot.

Polish and clean your shoes frequently to keep them looking new. Keep your shoes away from home slippers you regularly wear to prevent dust from accumulating. One of the best tips to maintain your shoes is to store them appropriately. A shoe closet is an ideal location to store your shoes.

Store Them Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be very harmful to your kicks. Your shoes may dry or become stiff and crumble under intense heat or bright sunlight. Shoe storage is important to avoid this inconvenience while caring for your shoes. Consider keeping a regulated environment for your shoes so they last longer when you ultimately wear them outside.

Use Shoe Care Products

Just like human bodies need nutrition to function properly, your shoes also need some source of nourishment to stay in the best shape. Consider investing in some high-quality shoe care products to keep their spark alive. A shoe shiner, polish, cleaning brush, and some cleaning wipes can do the job. Your shoes are expensive, but these products will cost you a very small amount if you purchase them using Sneakers N Stuff discount codes. Replacing your shoes is better than investing in these shoe care products to increase their durability and appearance. 

Clean Them More Often

You definitely love to flaunt a pair of new shining shoes, but buying a new pair every other day is not possible. The only thing that can help you enjoy the same experience of a new show pair is cleaning them thoroughly. Proper cleaning is one of the essential tips to maintain your shoes. When you clean your shoes, start with the foundation. Clean soles can greatly enhance the appearance of your shoes. 

You can clean your shoes by tapping them forcefully so that the dust leaves them. Then you may use the brush to clean the dust and dirt that is stuck deeply. If it still does not clean the shoe, consider using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Dip a toothbrush in the paste and scrub it slowly throughout the surface of the shoes and see how it works wonders. 

Keep Your Shoes Odor-Free

Your feet sweat heavily throughout the day, enough to produce a bad odour. If you don’t want your beautiful shoes to become a stink factory, you can do some things to avoid the bad smell. Consider wearing socks that absorb all the moisture leaving none in the shoes to produce odour. Besides that, you can also use some deodorizing sprays that contain special ingredients like essential oils and peppermint to freshen up the soles. 

Give Your Leather Shoes Special Treatment

Your leather shoes work differently, and they need extra care. Leather is a special shoe material that breathes. If you want your leather shoes to stay in optimum condition, use shoe cream on them and let the skin of your shoes refresh. So if you plan to wear a sophisticated pair of leather shoes to a formal event, apply the cream on the dry shoes using a brush and keep it overnight to wear the shiny new pair of shoes the next day. 

Wrap UP!

Spotless and well-maintained shoes communicate your sense of fashion and attention to detail whether you wear them to a formal setting, a social gathering, or just regularly. Your shoes lose their shine and spark when they don’t get the care they deserve. If you want your kicks to stay in the best shape and last long, use the tips to maintain your shoes highlighted in this blog.


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