All of us keep on waiting our whole school life to jump into college. It looks so fascinating from school to see how cool college life is going to be.

But one dilemma that comes into a student’s life after completing school is what next. And why am I saying Dilemma because every option looks right or maybe worthless while choosing it? It is always so confusing which course to opt for. So it depends from person to person because every individual has their own ambitions. And in that Graduation plays an important role as it is the first step in creating your professional career.

But again you may not be sure about what you want to do after graduation, whether you want to go for a job or Post graduation or maybe business.

For a commerce student, you might get some clarity to some extent about this dilemma. Indore Management Institute- Best PGDM college in Indore provides all the below courses with placement opportunities.

What if you choose –

Bachelors of commerce/ is a simple curriculum designed to learn basic knowledge and develop a base for your career. It is a  course which contains various subjects that gives you an opportunity to gain wide knowledge in different fields. As it covers subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Statistics, Cost Accounting, Human Resources, Computer Application, Business communication, and Management, so you get to know about each and every subject which is helpful in shaping your career.

After completing and learning widely all of the above subjects students have various options to choose from:

Opting Post Graduation-  Students may go for post-graduation after graduation as you may go for a Master in commerce/  if they want to get specializations in subjects and take it further.

Or you may go for a Master of Business Administration if you want to be a management professional. In today’s world, corporations are looking for MBAs in their organization to make them more efficient with good management and strategic knowledge. So after completing you may go for it.

Also, there are many other options in post-graduation a student may go for.

You may also have Job opportunities after Bcom but if you are looking for a high salary or high earnings you may need to opt for further studies. So yes can be a base for the advancement of your career.

What if you choose BBA –

Bachelors in business administration/ BBA is a course designed to learn managerial and entrepreneurial skills. It covers subjects like Human resources, Marketing, Management, Administration, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship. It is a foundation for understanding management in a more practical manner. It includes an internship in an organization that let you prepare for the corporate and business world.

BBA is an initial step to enter into the management world. It gives you many options to further enhance your career. You may go for Job, you may go for further studies or you may enter into entrepreneurship.

As I said it is designed to learn managerial skills so corporates are more likely to hire such employees who are aware of business functions. So you have a great opportunity to go for a job. If you are looking to enter the corporate world just after your graduation then BBA is the answer for you.

If you want to get any specialization then you may go for an MBA to become a skilled managerial professional. As BBA could be a base step in the path of specialization. This opens the door to grabbing some senior positions in any organization. So I would say choose BBA if you want to have a master’s degree in management.

BBA is best when you want to be an entrepreneur. Yes, the students who already have their family business or want to start their own business may choose BBA for their under graduation. Because it helps you develop some hands-on skills in business communication.

Also, it enhances your overall entrepreneurial skills. You get to learn about management and broaden your approaches to handling the task.

So BBA could be a great option to enter into a professional world after your graduation.

What if you choose Law –

Choosing law after the 12th can be another good option to pursue. But it depends on your interest because the legal world is very different but at the same time, it is very interesting.

So if you want to choose law after the 12th, there are options like BA LLB, LLB, LLB Hons., or LLB integrated with other subjects. It is one of the reputed professions that come with a lot of responsibilities. So this curriculum is designed in such a way that you can excel in your career in the legal world. In this, you may also get a specialization in a specific law.

It has become a vast field with many options to pursue, Like the most common career option which you may choose is to become a practicing lawyer. As it gives you an opportunity to work individually and become an independent professional. So if you are seeking to work independently you should definitely go for it.

Another option is to pursue a Master’s degree in law in any particular field like Criminology, Cybercrime, Psychology, Social work, Administration, etc. And this may give you advancement in your career.

Also nowadays organizations have their own legal team and this is generating a great opportunity for a lawyer to enter the corporate world. Organizations are becoming much more aware to have their own legal team who can handle their legal matters so the management can focus on their core workings. So the corporate lawyer is a cream job career option for a Law student.


In the end, I would say whatever course you choose, Just stay focused and try to learn and gain as much as you can. Because these learnings and experiences will definitely help you to grow in your career and professional life.

Last but not least do not forget to live the best of you in this journey and enjoy your college life. 


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