Flowers are used in various ways when it comes to funerals. Here are 5 floral arrangements that make a funeral complete.

1. Bouquets

Bouquets are the most common forms of funeral flowers. This is generally offered by most people attending the funeral, whether they are close friends, distant relatives, neighbors, or acquaintances. Floral bouquets are a way of expressing emotions- condolence, sorrow, sympathy, and respect. If you are attending a funeral, it is customary that you carry a bouquet of suitable flowers to show your tribute to the deceased, as well as offer your sympathy to the surviving family members. Roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas are the most common flowers used by florists in Arlington VA in funeral flower bouquets.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

2. Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are large and flat flower arrangements that also include a significant amount of foliage and long-stemmed flowers. These floral arrangements are generally placed over the casket. Casket sprays cover either the middle portion, 2/3rd of the casket, or the whole casket. In the case of an open casket, it can be placed inside the casket as well. It is not the custom to actually carry or gift a casket spray to a funeral unless you’re a close family member or friend, and it is planned beforehand. Casket sprays may include various colors of flowers like white, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, or even red.

3. Wreaths

Floral wreaths are one of the oldest types of flower arrangements used in funerals and memorial services. Wreaths and garlands are a way of showing respect to the deceased person. They are beautiful too. It has been a part of the funeral formalities for ages, and even today, it represents human emotions associated with condolence, tribute, and goodbye. Chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, and lots of green foliage are used in wreaths regularly. If you need floral wreaths delivered straight to the funeral homes in Fairfax VA, you can place your order with Greensleeves Florist, and they will make sure your flowers get delivered on time.

4. Crosses

Floral crosses are another type of floral arrangement that is extensively used in funerals. However, since it is a religious symbol, the use of floral crosses is restricted to the followers of the faith only. Typically if a person was a faithful devotee who followed the religious practices in their lives, the family members would include floral crosses in their funerals. Floral crosses are used in many ways. They are placed over or inside the casket, or put on a stand and placed near the casket. Floral crosses can be both pristine white as well as colorful in appearance. Florists in Vienna VA also like to create white crosses with red centers, with either carnations or roses.

5. Standing Sprays

Standing sprays are floral arrangements that are huge and enormous in size. They are put into a stan and displayed in various places inside the funeral home, or the venue of the funeral. Some are placed near the casket, some in the corners of the hall, and some can be placed right beside the entrance as well.

Popular funeral flowers in Virginia:

  • Rose: White, yellow, and red roses are extensively used in different types of funeral flower arrangements like wreaths or casket sprays.
  • Carnation: Carnations symbolize spirituality. White carnations are famous for funerals and are often used as a replacement for or accompaniment to roses.
  • Lily: Lilies represent new beginnings. Calla lilies and alstroemeria lilies are commonly added to floral bouquets meant for funerals.
  • Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemums represent life itself, and peace. Chrysanthemums are the most common addition to floral wreaths and standing sprays.

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