What do skin temperature analysis, military surveillance, and cancer detection have in common? The answer is thermal imaging cameras. This device is used widely across many industries as an accurate and fast solution for measurement. Thermal image cameras are used in almost every process involving the exchange of heat or emission, or temperature. The cameras like 384×288 Pixels Thermal Imager is best suited for product manufacturing, emergency response, repair, maintenance, etc. As thermal imaging cameras are used in various industries for a different purpose, some of their important applications are mentioned here:

Thermal Imager

What are Thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal energy (heat) is converted into visible light by thermal imaging cameras in order to study a specific object or scene. The thermography method is used to analyze the created image, which is referred to as a thermogram. Complex equipment and thermal imaging cameras process the captured image and present it on a screen. These photos can be immediately diagnosed with or processed using specialized tools for more thorough analysis, accuracy, and report generation. Thermal imaging cameras advance temperature measurement by providing a visual representation of a surface temperature.

Practical applications in healthcare and medicine.

It includes identifying fevers and abnormal temperature patterns. This has proven to be particularly crucial in airports. These thermal imaging cameras can rapidly and precisely check every entering or departing passenger for higher temperatures. It was essential during outbreaks of diseases like SARS, Ebola, and Covid-19. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that thermal imagers can aid in the diagnosis of a number of circulation issues.

Electrical Maintenance

The hallmark of a high-quality electrical connection is low electrical resistance. Passing a current through a resistor dissipates some of the electrical power. Then the dissipated power manifests into heat. It will result in degradation of quality, and the electrical resistivity also increases. With this increased resistance, the joint or connector exhibits ohm heating. Electricians use the thermal camera to locate these hot spots in electrical wirings. The heated electrical components will appear as bright spots on the camera.


Thermo imagers are a component of surveillance equipment used by police and law enforcement organizations to examine crime scenes. Especially to find suspects at night and conduct search and rescue operations. They are better than night vision equipment. It is because they don’t need ambient light and aren’t influenced by bright lights, which is crucial for tactical missions.

Industrial applications, inspection, and maintenance

The 384×288 Pixels Thermal Imager is used for industrial applications, such as faulty components in the mechanical industry. And also in electrical hazards in the electrical industry, monitoring explosives in the petrochemical industry, etc. It is also used for maintenance and inspection of HVAC, aircraft testing and maintenance, and identification of overhead motors and leakages.

Bottom Line

The thermal imaging cameras can give access to the components that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. While selecting a thermal imaging camera, you should consider various parameters. The most important parameters are the lens, focus, temperature range, resolution, in-built tools for emissivity, and reflected temperatures.


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