The 2000 Battle Royale film was very popular which gained the attraction of many people. This movie brought a new genre in the gaming world named the Battle Royale and introduced many games which operate on the surviving formula and have only expanded and expanded over the two decades.

The Battle Royale genre became extensively popular which is one of the biggest reasons why there are numerous Battle Royale games available for all the gaming enthusiasts and people who love to take part in survival games. There are many highly popular games for android phones and can work on these phones without any extra material.

Battle Royale Games

In these games, many people can play the games together as a team or include themselves as solo players as the game has both modes. You need to use different types of equipment and engage in a battlefield to come out on the top.

So, if you are also looking for such games where you can test your skills and best pubg tips and tricks 2022 then, read through the blog as we are going to write about the best Battle Royale games for Android mobile phones.

The games included in the list are highly popular and extensively downloaded among people. All these games can be played very easily on your Android mobile phone. So, read about them and then choose the one that best suits your interests.

1. Call of Duty

The very first game that deserves to be on this list is Call of Duty. Every person who is a fan of Battle Royale games must know about Call of Duty as this is the most popular and famous game that is available to all for playing. This famous game jumped into the Battle Royale world by adding the Black Ops 4 mode in the year 2018 and then also included it into the mobile version of the game in 2019.

In this first-person shooting game, more than 100 players can take part on one classic map available in the Black Ops and Modern warfare sections. You can get into the fight on this game either solo or in a team of two or four people. Each person on the team can choose different abilities and a special skill set which can benefit them a lot in the game. Play this game and unlock different characters, players, and equipment that will help them in succeeding in the game.

2. FOG

While you may think that every battle Royale game is not based on the principle of shooting and killing other people and surviving but some games like, FOG, include different elements like RPGs and MOBs to make the game more unique. These different genres along with the fantasy step-up of the game make it more appealing and attractive for all the gamers. You will never find the same old battlegrounds like there are in PUBG and other games.

Another different aspect of the game is that rather than fighting other participants, the players have to fight the fog in the game. This wonderful game is available to everyone without any money and free of any ads interrupting the scene. Use different skills to get different weapons and win the game.

3. Garena Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire is a game where fifty players fight against each other in different 10-minute matches that start off when you land on a remote island using a parachute. This game is very popular and has different competitions getting organized for them. When you land on the island, you can hurt and attack your opponents by hiding and ambushing them. You can use free fire redeem codes for free to look for weapons and safe places and also prevent yourself from dying.

One of the most brilliant features of this game is that it regularly introduces new features and characters that generate lots of interest among the users of the game. For example, in the July collaboration, a new character was introduced with the name Street Fighter. The complex terrain and the battleground also attract a lot of people to download this game and then enjoy it.

4. PUBG New State

The very first game that truly sticks to the principle of PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds was PUBG. This game can be played on different android phones and game consoles without any difficulty. The mobile version of the original game then proceeded to the launch of PUBG New State on different mobiles.

The style and structure of the new game were very similar to the original one, but the graphics were changed and were considerably better. There is a new map which makes the whole thing very fresh. So, enjoy this gamer and satisfy your gamer soul.


What is better than fighting Zombies in a Battleground? Right, we know that is why the ZombsRoyale game is a very popular choice of all the people who are interested in Battle Royale games. You can use some tips in the game and fight the other 99 players using different maps and conquer land for yourself.

There are options available to play solo or in squads of different numbers. Defeat the zombies on the battlefield to win the game. You can also customize your avatar in more than a thousand appearances as there are many cosmetic options available. So, if you love to fight mad zombies then, we can assure you that is the best choice for you.


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