A part-time job is when an employee works fewer hours per week than their employer considers full-time. However, the definition of full-time or part-time work, which roles are classified, is a decision made by the employer.

Part-time work can sometimes be a dream occupation. Whether you have children and desire a profession that doesn’t require full-time hours, or you’re a college student or retiree searching for a means to supplement your income, a part-time job may be right for you. And, of course, part-time work is sometimes just a way to make ends meet.

Top 28 Part-Time Job Opportunities in the USA

The following careers are placed high in the USA Part-time workers should be able to find work. These are also full-time employment, and many demand some education or experience.

1. Campus Ambassador: Campus ambassadors are responsible for marketing the university and convincing prospective students to apply. This is a fantastic opportunity for extrovert personalities who enjoy meeting new people and working as part of a team. On open days, you may be invited to conduct guided tours of the university campus, sharing your knowledge and other fascinating facts about the university.

2. Physical Therapist Assistant: Physical therapists decide how patients should be treated. On the other hand, the physical therapist assistant is the one who works the most closely with the patient, ensuring that the treatment plan is followed. Get this employment, which usually requires an associate degree from a recognized institution and a license or certification. You’ll most likely work at a hospital or a physical therapist’s office. You’ll also most likely be on your feet a lot.

3. Barista: If your university offers a cafe on campus, this might be a terrific area to work. Not only will you save money (or perhaps get a free coffee! ), but it is also an excellent place to meet new people. Your days will be fast-paced, with tasks like producing hot and cold drinks, serving clients, and working as a cashier.

4. Dental Hygienist: As you may be aware, a dental hygienist cleans a patient’s teeth, removing tartar, stains, and plaque — before the dentist examines the patient’s teeth. A minimum of an associate’s degree is required to apply and be considered for this position. This could be a low-stress position if you get along with the dentist you work for.

5. Assistant Professor: An on-campus teaching assistant is responsible for supervising classroom activities and working closely with students with difficulty. With a little prior experience in this field of assistant professor, you may be qualified to serve as a higher-level teaching assistant, leading courses and grading students’ work independently.

6. Interpreter And Translator: Interpreters and translators are communicators who help persons who speak different languages, including sign language, communicate with one another. In general, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and, of course, fluency in another language to get this profession.

7. Assistant At The Library: Working as a library assistant is a diverse job that is great for people who wish to study and work in the US at the same time. You’ll be in charge of putting books on shelves, aiding customers in discovering books and other materials, and making book recommendations. You’ll also be responsible for providing administrative support to the librarians and assisting with planning any library events throughout the school year.

8. Massage Therapist: Massage therapists are never accused of being out of touch with their clients. They use their expertise to manipulate patients’ muscles to ease pain, stress and heal injuries. As a result, it is a job openings in Newnan GA that may be done part-time (or full-time).

9. Receptionist: A university receptionist’s responsibilities may include general office assistance and administration, customer service, and communication with students and staff by phone and email. It’s a good idea to check with your career center about where to seek on-campus part-time receptionist jobs, as central departments, student unions, and other vital buildings may all have openings.

10. Nail Technician: If you’ve ever had a manicure or pedicure, you’re familiar with the term “nail technician” (the person who cleans, files, trims, and polishes one’s fingernails and toenails). They can be found at salons, spas, and the rare barbershop. Part-time nail technicians may work irregular hours because many salons and spas are open evenings and weekends. The significant part of being a nail technician is that you won’t be on your feet much; you’ll be sitting for much of the day, though you may find yourself slumped over more than you’d want.

11. Assistance For Research: A research study assistant is one of the highest-paying part-time professions available to overseas students on campus. What your job includes may vary depending on the department you work for. Still, you can anticipate working on various projects, conducting research, maintaining lab equipment, and compiling data. To be hired as a research study assistant, you must have strong organizational abilities. Furthermore, excellent interpersonal skills and a genuine enthusiasm for research are advantageous.

12. Taxi Driver: As you know, this is a career in which you drive passengers from one location to another in a taxi. You may now work for a ride-hailing firm like Uber while driving your car as a taxi. You can work all hours as a taxi driver or for a ride-hailing company, which means you can fit it into a part-time career whenever you choose – Early in the morning, late at night, on weekends, or right in the middle of a workday are all excellent times to go.

13. Sales Representative: If your university offers a mini-market or corner shop on campus, this is another fantastic method to supplement your study. Furthermore, many institutions provide stores that sell branded clothes and merchandise, which is another tremendous source of part-time work as an international student.

14. Maintenance And Repair Worker: Maintenance and repair personnel generally work in businesses such as a hotel, apartment complex, or hospital, where things fail and need to be repaired. As with any profession on our list, you may find full-time work, but there are likely many part-time opportunities. Many businesses are prepared to hire part-time employees.

15. Tutoring Or Peer Mentoring: If you don’t want to be a teaching assistant but want to do something similar, tutoring or peer mentoring is excellent employment for international students working in the United States. As needed, the duty includes assisting other students with their course subject, reading, or tasks. This profession is especially well-suited to international students, who may often supply mentees with a new viewpoint or learning method.

16. Fitness Worker: These could be working at summer camps, parks, or community centers that provide activities such as dancing and karate. As you may expect, you’ll be very active on the job. The salary isn’t excellent, but these occupations are usually enjoyable and demanding if you enjoy interacting with people. This is a fantastic job for a college student or parent who wants to work during the day but be home when their children get out of school. It’s also beneficial for anyone who wants to get compensated for being physically active.

17. Catering Assistant Or Food Runner: Alternatively, if your university has on-campus cafés, restaurants, or other dining facilities that serve meals to dine in, you might be able to obtain work as a front-of-house assistant or runner. A job in hospitality is one of the most flexible in terms of working hours, making it excellent for international students studying and working in the United States.

18. Assistant In The Department: A department assistant position is one of the top on-campus jobs in the United States for international students, and you will obtain many transferable skills for your CV. You’ll be responsible for providing administrative and secretarial support to a department, as well as addressing departmental issues and assisting specific teams or projects. Being computer literate is a must, and I possess good teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills to be considered for a position as a department assistant.

19. Plumber: You’ll most likely work for a plumbing company, but you might also get part-time employment at a factory or other business. While there are many full-time plumbers, there is often a lot of work for plumbers in general — especially those willing to work after hours, on weekends, and holidays. This is not a typical office job. As you install, experiment with, and repair pipes, expect to be moving around a lot and possibly squirming into tight spaces.

20. Physical Therapist Aide: Physical therapist aides typically assist the physical therapist or a physical therapist. It’s not glamorous labor, but it’s necessary: You’ll be responsible for laundering linens, sanitizing treatment areas and equipment, and doing secretarial duties. You will also interact with patients. This occupation lends itself well to part-time employment (as well as full-time work). Weekdays will most often be spent working at the office of a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist and in a hospital or nursing care facility.

21. Tour Guide: Campus tours are an everyday campus activity among prospective students and candidates, as well as their parents, in the United States. Because American universities are vast in size and contain significant historic buildings, guided and paid tours are simply a means of getting to know the campus better. If you are comfortable with your school, you can take on this responsibility in your second, third, or fourth year. You will directly report to your college’s Admissions Department in this part-time job. The tour guide profession demands you to be outgoing and personable to give group tours and personal tours and inform prospective students about everything the college offers.

22. Babysitter: This, too, is a possibility for on-campus work. If working with children makes you happy, check with your student employment office to see any available positions. University-based professionals, such as professors and administrative staff, prefer college students for babysitters, so if you enjoy working with children, check with your student employment office to see if any positions are available. Babysitters make good money, and your hours will be distributed differently on different days based on the children you watch.

23. Production Assistant: A production assistant in a college or university is likely to help organize events, comedy performances, dance productions, and other campus activities. The charge of organizing any event on campus, handling technical services, and aiding those in order of the same are all the tasks that come under production assistant.

24. Retail Associate: A store associate is responsible for cleaning the store, performing administrative work, and assisting customers. Store staff may be asked to upsell customers through recommendations in a critical situation. A store manager, who supervises a retail associate typically, may request that they schedule their work in shifts.

25. A Waiter In A Restaurant: Waiting tables at fast-food restaurants is a systematic way for many college students to fund their stay in the central metropolis. These occupations are perfect for students since they offer a variety of shifts that can be altered according to class schedules and pay a respectable wage plus tips.

26. Content Writer: If you enjoy writing, a part-time content writing or editing job could be a good fit for you. Technical reports, creating marketing material for businesses, contributing to social media updates, and maintaining the corporate website up to date may all be part of the work.

27. Pet Care: Animal lovers, rejoice: you may now be compensated for spending time with your four-legged pets. Websites like DogVacay and Rover provide boarding, cleaning, walking, daycare, and other services for dogs. This is ideal for folks who have limited, irregular schedules and need to make a modest amount of extra money.

28. Lifeguard: Lifeguarding can be a gratifying career if you are ready to get trained and qualified. Spend your days by the pool and contribute to promoting water safety. You may expect predominantly young coworkers and a lively work environment.

Part-time work allows you to have a thorough insight into student life and culture. Taking on a part-time job will enable you to spend more time with your family or explore other interests or sources of money. While these are high-paying possibilities for those looking for part-time work, many others may be a better fit for you.


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