In the past years, the status of women in Indian society has drastically changed. Today women are playing important role in the growth of the Indian economy and made a big impact and achieved success in every sector. Here we’ve listed the 10 most popular female entrepreneurs in India who boost the economy of India and inspired other women.


List Of Popular Female Entrepreneurs In India

Below, we’ve listed the top 10 popular female entrepreneurs in India who inspired other women as well as contributed to boosting the Indian economy.

1- Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta is the founder of Menstrupedia. She has taken the task of normalising the topic of menstruation in India. She said that the perfectly normal and natural phenomena excluded women from cultural and religious events by labelling them “unclean”. Moreover, young girls are not taught about periods in the correct way. With her company, Menstrupedia, she is creating awareness, educating girls and shattering the myths about menstruation. They entertain and teach young girls about periods and puberty with well researched and medically accurate information in comic format.

2- Sairee Chahal

Sheroes, was founded by Sairee Chahal is a social network and community platform for women. It provides support, resources and opportunities to women so they can prosper and live happy life. It is a trusted and safe space where a member can share their relationship, health and career stories, achievement and moment. She also facilitates counselling sessions where women can talk about aspects of their growth journeys.

3- Chitra Gurnani Daga

Chitra Gurnani Daga is the founder of Thrillophilia. She launched this platform that allows people to book affordable travel experiences across more than 55 countries. Chitra along with her team has grown the company by leaps and bounds in 2011. She focuses on the innovation and the inclusive work culture that her company has built.

4- Shradha Sharma

The founder and CEO of YourStory are Shradha Sharma founded this platform in 2008 with the aim of championing the untold stories of entrepreneurship in India. In recent years she and her team have written compelling stories for more than 40,000 entrepreneurs and made a difference in their life. YourStory has won several awards during its journey. She selected 500 LinkedIn influencers from all over the world in 2015.

5- Ashwini Asokan

Ashwini Asokan is the founder of the Mad Street Den. She was born in Chennai and is a trained classical dancer who turned entrepreneur with Mad Street Den. It is an Artificial Intelligence and computer vision company that powers industries including education, retail, media and more. She worked with Intel and found that her strength lies in AI. Today, the company offers a solution that applies AI in a meaningful way. Its flagship AI performs to help to transform business operations through intelligent automation.

These are some female entrepreneurs in India who changed the Indian economy and inspired other women. Women as an entrepreneur have led to the changes in business and economic growth of the country.


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