There are so many pilgrimages in India that you all should visit once in life. Many people visit these pilgrimages Every year. But the best part through which you can reach the pilgrimage place is by train. The train journey is the best for everyone as it is comfortable, affordable and now With Food Delivery in Train it has become more comfortable and people used to prefer train journeys only. You can easily order pure veg food on the train you are traveling to any holy place. Now many of you think that the food is pure or not. Then no need to worry about the food being prepared in the top-rated restaurants. The food before reaching you undergoes many tests and after that only it reaches the passenger. So you can order food without any tension regarding cleanliness and purity.

Why Visit These Pilgrimages By Train?

India is the land of gods and goddesses. There are different religious people who live here. Everyone worships their god and goddess with a pure heart and believes in the holy places. There are many holy places in India that many devotees visit. If you are planning to go to any of the pilgrimage places in India then you must visit them by train.

Top 10 Pilgrimages In India You Can Visit By Train

Now many of you are thinking, why train? As the train is the most comfortable mode of transport, especially after the introduction of Online Food Delivery In Train. You can enjoy a comfortable ride on the train with your favorite food. As you know all these pilgrimages need a lot of energy to explore each and every part of the place. Therefore it is important that you should not get tired while traveling. Hence the train will be the best option as you can sleep on the train.

How To Enjoy A Train Journey To The Top 10 Pilgrimage Places:

If you are going to travel to the top 10 pilgrimage places first time.which I will tell you about in the next section of this article. Then you must prefer the train. Because then you don’t have to bother much about the food and the place and the routes. On the train, you just have to book your tickets and you can now order food online on a train as well. Then this will be the best option for you. After reaching the nearby railway station you can easily book a cab for your destination.

It is also mandatory that you should undergo the proper research regarding these places. Because some places need full energy and willpower to reach. Especially if you have an older person or small kids with you. You need to prepare yourself in advance. So that you can enjoy the trip. It is really a blessing if you get a chance to visit these places once in your life.

Have A Look At 10 Pilgrimages In India That You Can Visit By Train:

If you are planning to visit any pilgrimage place in India. The train will be the best option then. Because with the comfort you can also have online food delivery on the train at your seat. Therefore, the train will be the best option for adults as well as kids. Let’s see 10 places that you can visit while traveling by train

  1. Shirdi: One of the most famous holy places in Maharashtra. The nearest railway station to this temple is the kopargaon railway station. There are many special trains that you can take.
  2. Vaishno Devi: The most beautiful temple in Jammu. There are many devotees who visit Mata Vaishno Devi. You can easily take the train to Katra. As there are many direct trains to Katra.
  3. Rameshwar: The temple of God Shiva in Tamil Nadu is visited by many devotees. Many trains pass by Rameswaram junction like Kanyakumari to Rameswaram, cape RMM express, etc.
  4. Varanasi: This place on the bank of the river Ganga has many temples. Vande Bharat and Kota PNBE express are some of the famous trains. There are many more trains that go to Varanasi junction.
  5. Mathura: The Krishna bhumi. This place has its special value. You can reach Mathura junction from many special trains.
  6. Bodh Gaya: One of the famous temples in Bihar. Gaya junction is the nearest station for Bodh Gaya. You can easily get a train to this place.
  7. Amritsari: Golden temple is the most visited place in Amritsar. Many devotees visit this holy place. In the morning you can see the people start visiting this place. The Amritsar railway station is the nearest station. You can easily take the train to visit this holy place.
  8. Kedarnath: The important pilgrimage that you can visit by train. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, you have to book a cab for the temple.
  9. Puri: The Jagannath shrine is situated in Odisha. This place is known as the resting place of Hindu lord Vishnu. The famous trains for this place are the Howrah Puri express, Sri Jagannath express, and New Delhi Purushottam express. You can take a train to Puri railway station to visit this holy place.
  10. Ajmer: The famous Dargah is situated in Rajasthan. There are many special trains that you can take to visit this holy place. Like ADI Humsafar SPL, Rajdhani SPL, Ashram Express, and many more for Ajmer junction.


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