What is an infographic maker?

Infographic is a graphic visual representation of data, information, and knowledge intended to make the representation easier, quicker; and easy for the viewer to remember. A perfect infographic is worth a thousand (1000) words. Infographics are eccentric tools that help explain and understand difficult and complex data for even a layman.

Businesses, governments, and other organizations need to communicate complex information to their audience. Which, if presented qualitatively, won’t help. People won’t understand the complex terms, and eventually, the display of information will go in vain. Here, the quantitative representation- infographics will help.

Infographic Makers

Info graphs are created with illusion software that can be used online or downloaded. This software is easy to use. Moreover, templates are available, which help the user in making diagrams. The organization will need infographics makers to get your information or data in infographics.

Here’s the list of the top 10 free infographic makers. Plus, their premium charges are also given to help you. If you want to make your life easy, go to the best logo design services because they can help you use these tools.

List of Free Infographic Makers in 2023

BeFunky is a one-stop-shop for creating Infographics and other graphic design projects. High-end editing tools are available on the website to create eye-catching infographics.
BeFunky only has four infographic layouts, three of which are expensive, leaving free users with few options. BeFunky is a user-friendly UI with drag-and-drop editing capabilities.

However, you may find it difficult to comprehend all of the submenus. Another excellent option for creating highly personalized presentations is BeFunky. The premium edition will set you back $6.99 each month.

2- Infogram
Infogram is an online tool that allows you to quickly create compelling infographics. It has a stunning interface, a plethora of visuals, and many free intuitive visualization tools.
It comes in a free and premium edition, with the free version allowing you to create a limited number of infographics without spending any money. Each template has eight different versions, and the free version has 17 different themes.

The free infographic builder from the Infogram website has 41 distinct charts, 25 icons, and 7 generic shapes.

With this tool, creating a great infographic is simple. On the other hand, the free tool only offers two maps, but the subscription plans provide over 800 map categories to pick from. Upgrading to the premium version costs $19/$67/$149 per month, based on your budget and demands.

3- Venngage
On the Venngage website, you can make infographics in three easy steps: 1. Choose a template, 2. Add charts and visuals, and 3. Personalize your design.

Although the free plan has a limited amount of templates to pick from, you can now join over 21,000 people who use Venngage to create infographics.

There are numerous templates available on this site. However, the finest ones are only available to premium and business customers. There are 28 free charts accessible and many icon charts and images. As a free user, however, you can only utilize 2maps. Also, free users may only upload a total of 6 photographs. However, the procedure is very quick. If you wish to upgrade, you’ll have to spend $19/$49 each month, depending on the plan you choose.

4- Adioma
Adioma is the only fully paid infographic tool on our list, and it’s packed with useful and easy-to-use features. With the premium options, you’ll get much bang for your buck. It is one of the most popular infographics producers online; whether you need to create a blank infographic tab or use a ready-made template, the website ensures effectiveness, user-friendliness, and simple drag-and-drop capabilities.

The website/software has many user-friendly tools that you can use to shape your material as it is put on the canvas. You may also choose forms, charts, icons, and color customizations with ease. Adioma gives you the option of choosing from themes designed for various content categories and sectors. This feature makes it simple to create professional-looking materials. To enjoy the premium features, you must pay $39/$69/$300.

5- Canva
With its wealth of free features and user-friendly design, the canvas infographic generator is another tool for quickly creating infographics.

Canva includes educational pop-ups that walk users through each stage of the infographic design process. Technically, the site offers 53 free templates in many categories, including business, education, and charity, as well as chronological and processes choices. Canva offers hundreds of free photos that you may use for blank projects (canvas gives a 30-day free trial). However, you will have to spend $12.95 a month to subscribe to the premium edition, which will provide you access to over 1.5 million canva infographic tools. Charts, color customization, symbols, frames, and drawings are also included in the free infographic builder.

6- Picmonkey
Pickmonkey is a well-known design and picture editing application that doesn’t require much introduction. It also provides fantastic infographic-making capabilities, including an advanced builder and user-friendly tutorials.

The main distinction between its free and paid infographic services is how user-friendly they are. While free generators rely mostly on your imagination, commercial businesses optimize their software to do most of the job. As a result, if you want to generate infographics using the free version, you’ll need some graphic design expertise.

Picmonkey has a variety of themes, logos, text, and color possibilities. You may also update and customize your material by uploading it yourself. Depending on your budget and demands, the premium version costs $7.99/$12.99/$33.99 each month.

7- Visme
When you communicate visually, you communicate loudly. Visme is an infographic application that creates captivating visual storytelling, often known as visual content. It includes various free infographic tools as well as a user-friendly interface.

You’ll need to upgrade to the premium editions to get the whole bundle. The free platform is enough for developing a casual or personal infographic. On the website, you’ll discover a variety of themes and large infographic sizes to produce an infographic quickly. You may add many blocks to your infographics and fill them with forms and charts that you can get from the free content library. However, you won’t change them with a simple double-click on the chart or form unless you go to settings and input new data. The premium edition monthly fee is $14/$29.

8- Snappa
Snappa is an internet tool that allows you to quickly make infographics. Its 48 free infographic templates, many stylish charts, and forms, as well as numerous adjustable choices, let you unleash your creativity. These tools are responsive and simple to use, and they come with many instructional videos to help you.

With a double-click, you may make whatever changes you like, and you can even submit your photographs to use. While you do not need a premium account to create or download a project, you will need to upgrade to a paid account involving your completed work on your device. You may also share your work for free on Facebook and Twitter. You must spend $10/$20 per month to upgrade your free account to the premium version.

9- Piktochart
Piktochart is a free online infographic maker that includes many maps in the free edition. It also comes with 12 free amazing templates that are well-polished and include appealing colors and builder layouts. In the free option, Piktochart offers 14 customizable charts and many forms and symbols (business, agricultural, weather, environment, arrows, geography, and various others). You may also use all of its maps for free.
The subscription membership, which costs $15/$29/$99 each month, offers you access to over 600 more templates (in addition to the 12 free ones).

10- Easel.ly
With its top-notch infographic capabilities, easel.ly websites can help you turn dull, plain text data into wordy visual content. While the free tools are restricted, the subscription plan is reasonably priced.

Easel.ly’s free service provides customers with 25 free pictures, 10 free charts, and 10 free typefaces to use in their infographics. This service provides the most affordable option, which costs just $4 per month. The commercial edition includes 11 million photos and photographs, 320 templates, 112 fonts, high-resolution downloads, and the opportunity to work in private mode.


It’s a good idea to use great infographics to get your message across to more people who understand it quickly. Many software, apps, websites, and platforms can be used to make infographics, even if you aren’t an expert at making them.


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