Swimming is good for your health, your body and even your mood. It is no coincidence that it is preferred as an exercise for children, as an ideal means of maintaining a healthy and well-shaped body and as a basic therapeutic exercise for people who are either in a recovery phase after an injury/surgery or suffer from musculoskeletal disorders with lifeguard training near me.

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  1. Shielding health in the water! It is never too late to start swimming regularly. This is because it is a sport for all ages, while the benefits it offers are multifaceted and contribute to the overall improvement of the individual’s life. So let’s look at the main reasons to start … diving!
  2. Swimming is body friendly. Swimming has a great advantage that it does not strain the skeletal system at all. The buoyancy of the water pushes the body upwards, thus significantly reducing its weight during exercise. That’s why, after all, it is also suitable for training people suffering from obesity. It is recommended to treat cases of muscle stiffness, but also joint pain, as swimming can stretch and strain the muscles and at the same time relax joint pain.
  3. It makes us more flexible. Intense exercise usually makes the body less elastic, especially weight training. On the contrary, swimming helps the joints to relax and become more flexible, thus making the body more elastic. Muscle stretching is especially beneficial, as each movement of the hand, in coordination with the legs and head, stretches the body to its full extent. In addition, in the water, it is easier to perform longer hours of exercises that require great balance, while outside the water requires more effort.
  4. Contributes to better weight regulation. Swimming is considered ideal for burning calories and is therefore effective in better controlling our weight. Although the number of calories burned each time depends on the physical condition of each person and the intensity with which he exercises, it is generally considered that for every 10 minutes of swimming he burns: 60 calories in the front, 80 in the supine, 100 with the free and 150 calories in the “butterfly” style.>
  5. Offers muscle stimulation and strengthening As water is twelve times denser than air, with swimming the body gets used to more demanding rhythms of exercise, resulting in muscle strengthening and muscle stimulation. In addition, it strengthens the spine and fights problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle or poor posture (disc disease, thrombosis mainly in the legs, etc.).
  6. Helps maintain cardiovascular health By swimming, one also strengthens his heart, contributing to its better function and smoother blood flow in the body. According to experts, 30 minutes of swimming exercise a day can reduce by 30-40% the chances of developing coronary heart disease in women 1, while in general swimmers are said to be less at risk of heart disease.
  7. Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels Swimming, as an aerobic exercise, helps balance cholesterol in the blood, maintaining a stable level of “good” cholesterol and reducing “bad” cholesterol levels. In addition, forcing the arteries to contract and dilate due to their aerobic nature, swimming enhances their elasticity.
  8. It is an ideal exercise for children From the age of 3-4, the child can join a swimming group, which will provide important elements for his healthy development. Socializing through group activities in the water, improving posture and boosting the immune system are just some of the benefits of swimming for our little friends. Equally important is the contact with water that helps them eliminate any phobia they have towards the liquid element, enhancing their sense of courage and autonomy.
  9. And for expectant mothers Swimming during pregnancy is a very important exercise, as it activates both arms and legs. In addition to the general benefits it offers to everyone, swimming allows expectant mothers to feel lighter despite the extra weight due to pregnancy, while at the same time being a safe exercise for them.

+1 It is an anxiolytic agent During swimming, endorphins are released, the chemicals that help improve mood. Constant stretching and relaxation of the muscles refer to yoga-like movements, while the fact that the swimmer focuses on his breathing refers to techniques used in meditation – in both cases, the result is complete relaxation and calm.

In a country like Greece, where the sea is suitable for swimming for a relatively long time and almost every neighbourhood has its own swimming pool for use in the colder months, swimming can become our way of life. There are many benefits, while all you need to do is make the decision and put on your swimsuit!


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