Berries are supposed to have good nutritional value, and these are now typically used in various medicines and health supplements. Berries are rich in fibres, Vitamin C, and antioxidant polyphenols; therefore, eating berries or berry-rich supplements can prevent the symptoms of various diseases. In a research, it was analyzed that polyphenol-rich fruits like blueberries, elderberries, raspberries, and cranberries grow in certain parts of the world and are available fresh for a certain period of time.

Suro Elderberry syrup

If you freeze-dry and extract some of its phytonutrients, then you can avail numerable health benefits from it. The isolated compounds found in berries, like anthocyanin, are linked to different health benefits, such as it fosters cognitive ability and also improving cardiometabolic markers.

Because some berries are difficult to find in various parts of the world, people consume them as dietary supplements and extracts. Consider the Suro Elderberry syrup, which is available at the Abaco health store. This syrup has great nutritional content and helps fight against colds and flu. It’s an anti-viral syrup that reduces coughing and relieves sore throat as well. Different berry syrups have different benefits to health and control the occurrence of various health ailments.

Now let’s discuss the awesome contribution of berries in fostering our dietary health.


Blueberries are superb berries that come with the benefit of vitamin K. Anthocyanins from berries reduce oxidative stress and lower the risk of heart diseases in both healthy people and also for the ones who have higher risks for the condition. In addition to this, blueberries lower blood cholesterol and diabetes and also enhance the function of arteries. A study has shown that people who eat blueberries have slower rates of cognitive decline, and their brain health remains strong even if they age.


You might have seen and experienced that Raspberries are mostly used in desserts to make them tasty and flavorful. Raspberries are a very good source of fibre and contain antioxidant polyphenols called ellagitannins that reduce oxidative stress. A study had shown that when some cyclists consumed a drink of Raspberries and other berries as well, the stress factor in the bodies reduced tremendously. Apart from this, black Raspberries are good for reducing heart disease symptoms and blood cholesterol.


Elderberry is a dark purple berry that helps in boosting the immune system. Its Latin name goes as Sambucusnigra. Elderberry health syrups like Suro Elderberry syrup is greatly advertised and sold for treating the conditions of flu and cold. There was no good evidence other than COVID-19 when this syrup was greatly used by people worldwide. One can consume elderberries in the form of juice, syrups, teas, tablets, and gummies. There was a study done on 180 participants who took elderberry supplements at the onset of upper respiratory symptoms. The symptoms get substantially reduced when people consume it. Additionally, in a study of more than 300 air travellers, elderberry consumption lessened the duration and severity of colds. But when you are actually going to purchase any form of health supplement made by using it, do consult the physician first, who will guide you for the right dosage.


Strawberries are also most commonly consumed in the world and are vibrant sources of Vitamin C. As it is good for heart health, people with cardiac diseases can eat this on a daily basis. A study of about 93000 women analyzed that women who ate more than three servings of strawberries per week had a lower rate of heart attacks. Furthermore, strawberries also reduce the possibility of body inflammation and chemicals in the blood. Moreover, strawberries can reduce sugar blood levels and also reduces the risk of developing esophageal cancer.


Bilberries are just like blueberries, but they are often confused. Bilberries are native to Europe where, and blueberries are native to North America. Specific studies have shown that blueberries are best for reducing inflammation in the body. Another study of 110 women who ate bilberries showed that it reduced the level of endothelial markers in the body that is related to the risk of heart disease. So, these must be taken regularly to prevent the cause of the above-mentioned diseases.

Acai Berries

Acai berries are produced from acai palm trees that are native to the Brazilian Amazon region. Acai berries have a high antioxidant content, and when consumed in the form of juice, these reduce the oxidative stress you are facing. The Acai berries pulp is the best for combatting blood sugar and insulin levels and also lowers the body’s cholesterols.


Cranberry is an extremely nutritious food that one can eat. These fruits are rarely eaten raw and are preferred to be consumed as juice or in the form of cranberry sauce. But it is not advisable to consume these berries in the form of juice as a lot of dietary content is lost in the process of turning this incredible fruit into juice. One can avail of a number of health benefits by consuming this berry, like lower urinary tract infections, gastric cancer, and stomach ulcers. Cranberries also reduce the risk of H. pylori from attaching to the stomach wall and also lessen the stiffness of arteries.


Grapes are particularly seeds that are full of antioxidants. This help reduces blood cholesterol levels and also lowers the possibility of diabetes. Grapes are either consumed as a whole raw fruit or otherwise in the form of juice, wine raisins, or vinegar. Grapes also benefit brain health as well. A small clinical study on 25 women showed that drinking 12 ounces of Concord grape juice for 12 weeks greatly improves memory and performance.

The Bottom Line

Berries, which have a low-calorie count and a high level of fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants, rank among the world’s healthiest foods. Always aim to consume a couple of servings of berries per week or more because they can help you stay healthier overall and speed up your body’s functions. To reap the advantages, try eating salads for breakfast or incorporating berries into fruit puddings or oatmeal.


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