Overview: Trekking is indeed the most promising activity to perform especially in this dramatic region of the country. Yes, Sikkim Darjeeling! It’s one of the most renowned locations for couples and adventure enthusiasts. One of the treks is Sandakphu, the region which never fails to dishearten the trekker. The unique fact of this trek is, that it can be performed by a beginner trekker too. It’s a susceptible trail terrain that anyone can easily accomplish. Apart from that, you will also get a chance to explore their minor village which has great significance. Some of the major factors one has to know before trekking are listed below

Sandakphu Trek:

Sandakphu Trek is one of the extraordinary treks which require an impression of extremely huge mountains all in a solitary covering. The surreal impression of the Sleeping Buddha construction is incredible to your gazes and Mother Nature always caresses your intuitions with several extra components of it love clouds, the colour of the atmosphere, the shades of mornings and twilights, etc. fiddling around it to enable you to evacuate your nation behind and stroll into its tired nation. The impression of Sleeping Buddha is a different pursuit of the Sandakphu Trek and no further journey gives the relatives. You want to discern it to speculate about it. This voyage is all about mornings and evenings. Occasionally in Sandakphu, the real valley down below is coated by wide coatings of fogs earning you the exterior of those blurs.

Sandakphu Trek

Places to explore:

During your trek trail, you will get an opportunity to look after the minor village with great significance. Every one of them is different and gorgeous. The atmosphere and harmony around these towns are something you will seize with you, and will constantly want after you finalise the journey to the Sandakphu trek. If you trek at a particular time of the year you also get the possibility to look after the National Parks of Sandakphu trek. Apart from all, you will also notice a lake flowing gently on the second day of the trekking journey.

Things to carry:

Some of the essential things to carry before departing for this trek are comfy clothes to protect you from harshness. Try to avoid tight clothes like jeans. It’s mandatory to carry the first aid box with you which consists of the basic medical equipment in case of emergency. Try to avoid smoking and containing alcohol before and after the trek which may destroy your physical health. Take a medical checkup if necessary before the excursions.


The trekking in total consists of 6 days and 5 nights. Within this period you will accomplish this trek and will be able to witness the stage beauty of the entire location and the peak of the mount from the exterior of the trekking terrain. On the first day, you will begin your journey toward Chitrey, where you will cross 90 kilometres within nearly 5 to 6 hours. Later on the second day, you will trek towards Tumling. Where you will cross 9 kilometres within 5 to 6 hours. On the third day, you will trek towards the Kalapokhari, where you will cross 12 kilometres within nearly 6 to 7 hours. On the fourth day, again you will start your trek toward the Sandakphu, where you will accomplish over 6 kilometres in probably 2 to 3 hours. After the tiring trek spends your night at the lodge and begins your fifth day, where you head towards the Sandakphu to Timburey through Gurdum town, where you will cover a 15 kilometres trek trail within 6 to 7 hours later, spend the night on the lodge. On the sixth day, again walk back to Srikhola parkway lead and hustle to NJP. Here, you completed the trek and will carry a bag full of memories.

Best Month:

The most appropriate month to perform this trek is from the mid of October to January. If you wanna experience autumn with an extraordinary view of the mountains in the evening. And apart from all this November is deemed as the crystal clear month which means you can look after the finest details of the mountain view in the specific month. If you wanna witness the spring and colorful flowers on the terrain then spring and summer would be the appropriate time to perform this trek. The spring in this location starts from Mid of March to May. Which is also considered the best time to perform this trek.


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