Are you suffering from an unbalanced nose or is it bothering you? Don’t worry about the Rhinoplasty Cost and Recovery Time. For more details read the post below. An unbalanced and undefined nose is the nightmare of every teenager and most of the time it is extended into adulthood as well.

What Is Nose Job?

Technically called rhinoplasty, it is a procedure where the shape can be changed and improved. There are many reasons for the individuals undergoing the surgery. Reasons include how an individual wants to appear or if there is any requirement for medical reasons. For instance, a few individuals may need treatment to fix an issue.

What Is The Cost For The Nose Job?

The individual should understand that there are some usual factors that are considered, which will be included in the overall cost that will boost the cost of the treatment. However, proper consultation is required where the practitioner will discuss all the terminologies and conditions with the candidate.

The average cost of a nose job varies from 70,000 PKR to 250,000 PKR. There are many factors that impact the price of the treatment which are listed below.

What Are The Impacting Factors Of The Cost?

  • The factors that impact the cost includes:
  • The type of treatment: Open nose job- This methodology takes a long time and it is best for individuals who have a bigger nose, in this treatment the structure of the nose is visible
  • Closed nose job- It is also known as an endonasal nose job the practitioner will make all the cuts inside the nostrils, in this surgery the structure of the nose is not exposed. This will take a short period for recovery.
  • Fillers nose job: This procedure does not include any cuts. The fillers are utilized to give the nose an accurate look where flaws are corrected. It is the safest way.
  • The fee of anesthesia: Depending on the requirement of anesthesia on the nose.
  • Facilities of the operating room: This includes operation suit, operating table accessories, sterile stock supplies of anesthetics.
  • Other expenses: Prescribed medications, food, checkup sessions, etc.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Treatment?

It will take about three to four months for healing properly. The puffiness will go after a few times. But soon after that, the individual will notice surprising and astonishing outcomes which will be long-lasting.

The methodology is really successful and safest. For complete recovery, it will take about 8 months to a year but right after the treatment, the individual does not need to take care of their nose anymore.

Timeline For Recovery:

  • The average time for recovery is a whole year.
  • week: The splinter of the nose can be eliminated and now the individual can go out without any signs being noticed of the treatment.
  • 2 weeks: The swelling of the face is softened and most of the injuries might get resolved.
  • 3 to 4 weeks: The insensibility and unusual sensations inside the nasal and the skin of the nasal should get resolved.
  • 6 weeks: The bones are stable, and the individual can now get back to the normal daily routine.
  • 1 year: The process of healing is completed, the shape of the nose is fully rectified and the puffiness is completely subsided.

How to speed up the timeline?

  • To speed up the process of recovery there are a few things that might be considered.
  • Our practitioner recommends listening to your surgeon carefully.
  • If the individual is not feeling well right after the surgery he/she should immediately discuss it with the practitioner.
  • After the procedure is to keep your head elevated when the candidate is about to fall asleep.
  • Maintain a healthy diet by eating a lot of vegetables which will help in recovering by giving nutrients to the body.
  • After the treatment, the patient might feel some congestion for a few days. Avoid blowing your nose.
  • Restrain from wearing spectacles so that there is no pressure on the nose.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Nose Job?

Every type of surgery has few risks. The risk of rhinoplasty includes:

  • Puffiness.
  • Bleeding of the nose.
  • Small blood vessels may burst
  • Numbness.
  • Damage to Nerve.
  • Might need another treatment.

Why Choose Us For The Treatment?

At a very reasonable price, we are offering this methodology which will not only result in an attractive look but will give the most desired and effective long-lasting outcome. To consult with our specialists and experts book an appointment with us to have a memorable experience!


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