Most people usually prefer buying used cars in Pakistan with automatic transmission as it is easy to use. But there are still people who use vehicles with manual transmission. Normally, manual gear shifting should be easy and smooth. But if you feel like your manual transmission is harder to shift, it may indicate a problem.

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Now, what can be possible causes for a harder manual gear shift? In this article, we have brought you some significant reasons why manual transmission can be hard to shift. Some of these causes can be repaired easily while the others might need a total replacement.

Malfunctioning Hydraulic System

If you have gone to buy used cars and while you take a test drive, the manual gear shifting is hard, you should check the hydraulic clutch system. This is the most common place where the problem might lie when we talk about hard gears.

The clutch system has two cylinders, a master cylinder, and a slave cylinder. The master cylinder works as a pump in the hydraulic clutch system. This hydraulic component can have problems too. It may leak and become non-function. This can cause interference with the fluid displacement.

This fluid interference is the reason why your manual gear can become hard to shift. The most used cars in Pakistan with manual transmission contain a master cylinder near the clutch pedal and the slave cylinder installed on the transmission.

If any of these cylinders are leaking, the hydraulic system will be filled with air bubbles. These air bubbles then cause the gear shift to be harder. To check if the issue lies here, you can try bleeding the clutch system to remove the air bubbles. If by doing this, the shifting gets smoother, congratulations you have found the problem!

Damaged Clutch System

Another reason behind the hard manual shifting can be damaged and worn out clutch pressure plates. If the plates are damaged, the clutch will be unable to release power between the engine and transmission. This would cause the transmission to become very hard to shift. How do you know that your clutch plates are damaged? You would feel a wobbling or any strange feeling while driving.

You need to inspect all parts of the clutch properly if you are having trouble with gear shifting. As the reason may also include a poor clutch disk, release fork, or a poor release bearing. You will need to remove the transmission in most used cars in Pakistan first to inspect the clutch parts. So, make sure to check the hydraulic parts first.

Damaged Gears

If the hydraulic system and the clutch of your vehicle are perfect, you should instantly check for faults inside the gearbox. We suggest that you don’t do it yourself unless you are an expert.

The manual transmission comes with several gears. You can buy used cars for sale in Pakistan with four gears and reverse gear, some may come with a 5th and 6th gear too. If any of these gears become damaged, the gear shifting will become harder.

The low or wrong type of gear oil

For transmission to work properly, you need to put transmission fluid in it. This fluid keeps the transmission lubricated and it needs to be changed regularly. If the fluid becomes old or is not enough, the gears would not receive the right amount of lubrication. This may be a major cause behind hard manual shifting.

If the condition worsens, you will start hearing strange sounds that might indicate larger problems. A wrong type of transmission fluid can also be the cause behind hard shifting. So, try changing your gear oil for a smoother shift.

The Bottom Line

These were some simple reasons why you might be experiencing a hard gear shift. Try finding the reason and then solve it for a smoother drive.


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