eCommerce is booming. The industry has grown and evolved at a staggering rate and shows no signs of slowing down. PrestaShop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market, with an impressive range of features and benefits.

It is a platform that you can use for FREE to exhibit your products worldwide, a software that has all the latest features it takes to succeed in today’s eCommerce world, and a CMS that is secure, competitive, and designed to keep your brand ahead of your online selling competitors.

dedicated PrestaShop developer

When you hire a dedicated PrestaShop developer or services of an agency, you get the complete package from webshop designing and development to module integration and configuration to inventory and payment gateway setup.

So, are you interested in diving deep into the knowledge of PrestaShop? Let us tell you the amazing features and benefits of the CMS that powers more than 0.7 million eCommerce websites across 150+ countries.

Features of Presta Shop eCommerce

PrestaShop inherits a powerful suite of features to take your eCommerce development to the next level of digital trade. Here are its top qualities that make it one of the people’s favourite platforms:-

  • Unlimited listings.
  • Best in breed inventory management features like – Item tracking and Out of Stock alerts.
  • Advanced SEO capabilities with simplified management of meta titles, descriptions, and URLs.
  • Support for Easy to export and import CSV data file format.
  • Smooth integration with top-quality payment gateways such as PayPal Standard and Pro, WorldPay, Stripe, Skrill, offline processing, etc.
  • Functionality to create personalized promotions.
  • Exact shipping calculator.
  • Email automation and marketing.
  • Advanced search and navigation.
  • Sales and order statistics.
  • Webshop visitors’ stats.
  • Up to 75 – multiple language support.
  • Smooth & fast checkout process.
  • Cart abandonment alerts.
  • A broad marketplace of add-ons, extensions, themes, and customizable plugins.
  • Configurable tax rules.

Relying on these unique features, a PrestaShop development company ensures beautiful eCommerce sites that customers love to interact with.

Now, let us tell you the top advantages of choosing PrestaShop for eCommerce development. We know there are multiple development options out there; still, these reasons might help you understand why selecting PrestaShop is a future-proof decision.

Easy to download, install, and setup

The installation of PrestaShop is very straightforward. All you have to do is go to their official website and download the setup file to your computer. Setting up a fully functional PrestaShop online store is as simple as creating a few forms on your site.

Even individuals with a slow internet connection can install PrestaShop simply because it is small, weighing less than 6MB. Because the file is so tiny, there won’t be any debate about website slowdown, and users will benefit from quicker search capabilities as a result.

An open-source platform

Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce website development system that may be run for free. There is no need for a license fee to launch an e-store, unlike other solutions. This is excellent news for firms looking to establish a new online business with little investment. With this web-based eCommerce solution, a decent online store can be established without thinking about transactions or monthly costs.

Easy to use and maintain

There is no technical expertise required to run an e-store with this eCommerce platform. It has a simple design and a straightforward back-end interface, making it easy to use. The website it builds is usually easy to navigate and administer, even for beginners, making upkeep simple. Though maintaining a PrestaShop website can be a little tricky, it is not that complex for a dedicated PrestaShop developer who’s certified.

Highly Secure

Another significant advantage of utilizing the Prestashop eCommerce platform is its various secure and user-friendly payment channels. When using their payment gateways, such as PayPal Pro and Google Checkout, there is nothing to be concerned about fraud or delays in processing transactions. Furthermore, transactions are protected by the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. Prestashop’s one-page checkout procedure considerably lowers the time it takes to make a purchase.

Extreme Customization

Online websites built on PrestaShop can be quickly customized to meet various company requirements. You may add or remove features from the store to adapt them to your company’s objectives. Working with a PrestaShop development agency, you receive complete control over the customization of your webshop’s elements, be it a theme, modules, add-ons, etc.

Demographic Support

The flexibility of PrestaShop’s localization process is aided by its support for multiple languages and currencies. The businesses that use Prestashop are successful worldwide, including in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, China, Germany, and Japan. Even though only English and French are supported, the website may be quickly translated into around 40 to 45 languages.

User-Friendly Interface

The most important benefit of Prestashop eCommerce CMS is the simplicity with which it may be used by non-technical personnel. This is especially useful in the simple administration and upkeep of a store. The faster loading and simple navigation throughout the website have contributed to its great user experience. The availability of 25,000+ plugins is important in creating a fully functional shop with minimal effort.

Basic System Requirements

Running a PrestaShop shop on your machine does not require a very powerful specification. All you need is a stable shared hosting plan. The store runs pretty smoothly with any of these operating systems – Windows, LINUX, UNIX and PHP 5.2, MySQL 5. In fact, operating from PrestaShop Cloud is considerably more convenient than self-hosting.

Closing thoughts

Now that you have seen the detailed features and benefits of the PrestaShop eCommerce platform, you can have your eCommerce website created without hassles. Though you may practice independently, it would be safer to approach a dedicated PrestaShop developer with multiple years of development experience.


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