Jaipur is famed for its unrivalled grandeur, majestic architecture, spectacular scenic beauties, various civilizations, and extraordinary wildlife. It is a city that attracts many tourists, some of which are just interested in its historical areas, while others simply want to spend time in nature. The ‘call of the wild’ attracts many individuals, but not everyone finds the confidence to go live among leopards and panthers, while many do fulfil a longtime desire. Is there anything more exciting than a wildlife safari?

Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur

Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is home to leopards, having leopards maintaining their territory in the park’s tourism sector. Jhalana, located in the heart of Jaipur, close to the airport, is steadily becoming a popular site for spotting leopards in the wild. This typically shy cat is the dominant predator here and does not face much rivalry for survival, which makes them more confident and thus more visible.

Jhalana, which was once a reserve forest near Jaipur, has traditionally been home to leopards and other smaller wildlife such as spot deer, blue bulls, wild boars, and a diversity of resident and migratory birds. Safari at Jhalana has been in operation since December 2016, and there are two major safari routes available to tourists. Because of India’s vast geographical diversity, it is a veritable haven for wildlife and adventure. It contains deserts, mountains, rivers, valleys, tropical rainforests, coastal mangroves, Himalayan foothills, and snow-clad regions of the Upper North are home to a diverse range of flora and animals. Furthermore, Jaipur does not far behind in terms of fauna. The leopards are well-known in the Jaipur neighbourhood of Jhalana.


If the magnificence of wildlife has captured your heart, plan a weekend escape to Jaipur’s Jhalana Leopard Safari Park. It is regarded as one of the top sites in Jaipur for adventure. A trip to Jhalana allows wildlife enthusiasts to peer into the wild world of fascinating creatures in the wild and experience true nature.

Jhalana Safari Park, located in the heart of the Pink City, is a wildlife sanctuary famous for its leopards. Jhalana Park, which covers an area of 20 square kilometres, is located in the Aravali foothills, surrounded by the city’s commercial districts on all sides. The tourism zone of this park is home to a thriving habitat of more than 20 leopards. Leopards are the apex predators in this area, so they don’t have to contend for survival, resulting in excellent sightings. Leopards are commonly spotted in Jhalana by tourists. With so many leopards in such a tiny space, they may be spotted as soon as you enter the estate through the main gate.


Jhalana Safari Park near Jaipur is steadily becoming a favoured destination for wildlife photographers, environment enthusiasts, woman travellers, solo travellers, and adventure seekers looking to observe leopards.

Visitors can choose one of two safari zones: one for leopards, desert foxes, and hyenas, and the other for birds, blue bulls, spotted deer, and jackals. You’ll witness a variety of small wildlife, including panthers, on your 3-hour safari. Spotted deer, hyenas, peacocks, monkeys, desert foxes, blue bulls, wild boars, and other wild species can be seen in their natural habitat.

Peafowl, Asian paradise flycatcher, Indian pitta, grey francolins, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Indian Scops owl, Indian Eagle Owl, Golden Oriole, and other migratory species call it home. Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur is home to a variety of reptiles, including 68 snake species and two lizard species. When it comes to adventure, this location is ideal for off-roading, therefore thrill-seekers should not miss out on this activity.

Furthermore, if you combine your safari trip with a visit to the lake area on the outskirts of Jaipur, you will be treated to an abundance of water birds. The twin lakes of Chandler and Barkheda are home to a diverse array of water birds. During the winter, it is inhabited by flamingos, cranes, egrets, dunlins, bar-headed geese, and cormorants.

The greatest way to explore and appreciate the thrills of the wild when visiting Jhalana National Park is to go on a Jhalana Leopard Safari. The Jhalana Leopard Reserve is well-known for its diverse vegetation and exotic population of leopards and panthers. Morning and evening safaris are available at Jhalana Leopard Safari. It is open all year, including during the monsoon season, according to the seasonal timings, so you may enjoy the best of Jhalana Tourism.

If you’re in Jaipur or considering a trip there, Tourism is a must-see for fantastic wildlife vacations. Leopard Jeep Safari activities and wildlife sightseeing will not only excite your senses but will also seduce your eyes with happiness. Travelling to Jhalana would be a great experience. We hope that this blog will assist you in arranging your Jhalana National Park animal vacation.


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