The COVID-19 virus has made major changes to the lives of many people. Governments worldwide have put in place strict security measures and blockades to prevent its spread. A virus that causes reduced human mobility. Additionally, the security and pandemic protocols created a crisis for companies early. Economic sectors had to change traditional business methods and switch to work-from-home practice to continue working.

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Business Communication Mediums

In the wake of the outbreak, communication was the biggest challenge companies faced. As employees began working in remote environments, relocating to remote locations, there was a need for new communication strategies as physical meetings became unfeasible and customer demand for a reliable, transparent and secure communication channel grew.

Communications Compliance ensures that their activities comply with data protection and record-keeping laws. Many companies allow employees to use personal devices for business communication as part of a mobile device compliance policy such as BYOD (Bring Your Device). In addition, some companies provide corporate devices that allow them to monitor employee activities more effectively. Before the pandemic breaks out, companies already have guidelines.

Employees who cannot connect to corporate devices often use personal devices and other unapproved technologies and systems in a work-from-home setup. These resources make it difficult for companies to develop compliance programs and implement governance activities. Companies can effectively and efficiently implement their communication monitoring strategies by using communication tools such as mobile archiving services. Many companies, such as TeleMessage, provide mobile archiving services that allow you to capture and archive SMS and MMS messages, WeChat and WhatsApp voice calls and chats, and comply with communication and data storage requirements.

In addition, archiving tools will only record conversations that employees have on their corporate accounts in mobile chat. This ensures that the company will not monitor private conversations with other messengers. Here is an infographic from TeleMessage explaining the current trends in communication compliance in the world after COVID.

Instagram is not just limited to Instagram captions for guys in modern times, but we can also use it as a medium for business communications. When you are an Instagram user with around 1000 followers/likes, you can achieve excellent results. Thanks to social networks, users can earn money, and all you need to do is get more followers and more likes on a specific post. Sales and conversions were reduced, visibility on the Internet and marketing was significantly improved, and the business developed beyond the norm and sometimes even expectations. Thank you, Instagram, for everything; besides advertising for business, it also serves as communication for companies worldwide.

Today it isn’t easy to run a business without streaming live conferences. Due to COVID-19 regulations, most workers were forced to work from home. However, video calling was an integral part of our lives, even if this was not the case. Remote participation could lower the costs of transport, catering, and even renting space for the meeting. Moreover, it allows anyone around the world to participate in the conference or any other such meeting.


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