When building a website, the about us page is one of the first supporting pages that you’ll likely design, regardless of the industry that you’re in. Unfortunately, about us pages are often treated as an obligation rather than an opportunity to build trust, tell your story, and share what makes you, you.

I’m a content creator. And in this blog, I’m going to highlight the untapped potential of about us pages and how to write your own so you can start building lasting relationships with your customers when they visit your site.

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Whether you name it about us, our story, our mission, or get to know us, ideally, the section on your website is your brand’s way of saying this is who we are. Think about what it’s like when you first invite someone for an interview to work for your company, more than likely before engaging in a deep conversation, you’ll start off with something like asking them to tell you a bit about themselves.

Their response will lay the foundation for the rest of the conversation and it will also navigate which way it goes. Unfortunately, when it comes to many about us pages, this logic is overlooked and you end up finding a company’s about us page is hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page next to the copyright claim. This is a huge opportunity missed.

It’s challenging enough to get customers onto your site. So if you’ve managed to accomplish this, then you’ll want to do everything in your ability to keep them engaged. This is where an exciting and well-constructed about us page can help. Understanding why customers visit an about us page is the first step to creating an effective page.

Customers want to determine very quickly if this is a company that they can buy from. When it comes to buying products online, customers are curious before they’re convinced and your ability to sell products will be based on how quickly and effectively you can settle their curiosity.

This should put your about us page into perspective. It’s a goal-oriented sales page with the primary focus of selling yourself first, which will eventually help you sell your products. Viewing your about us page as a sales page doesn’t mean that you have to start saying, buy from me, look what I’m selling. Instead, you can use a more strategic approach with some of the following methods. Storytelling. Everyone loves a good story.

Customers want to know, how did you start the business? How did you create the products? Challenges that you were able to overcome in the process, and some of your best successes. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways of connecting with your customers when they visit you. Seth Godin said it perfectly when he said, “marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but it’s about the stories that you tell.” Value proposition.

Use your about us page to clearly tell your customers how their lives will be better because your business exists. What problems are you solving for them? How will your products make their lives easier? Let them see you. Customers love to know who the founders of the business are, or the team responsible for making or sourcing. Use your about us page to welcome them into your world and into your company.

Quick tips, candid photos, and pictures of you or your team are a great touch to any about us page. Your medals. What are some of your business wins that customers might want to learn about? Achievements, awards, honors, and recognitions, this help to validate your expertise and your quality in the marketplace. This is kind of your area to gently brag and put your best cards forward.

All of this persuasive content will help your customers gain confidence in your brand, which will then allow them to feel comfortable with purchasing your products. Remember, customers, are clicking your about us page because they’re curious and hoping to be convinced about who you are and what you sell. Is your website content costing you sales? Learn how to improve your website. Copy with our free curated list of high-impact. Click here to download the free reading list on copywriting tactics for entrepreneurs. Next, we’ll discuss

How To Write An About Us Page

The most effective about us pages are actually well-constructed stories. If you can create the perfect story, you’ll keep your customers engaged, answer their questions, and even make customers want to be a part of your mission or your journey. So let’s talk about how to construct the perfect story. First, set the stage. When you’re starting your about us story, it’s a good idea to make the introduction clear and concise, while limiting your words.

Allow the customers to easily understand who you are, what you do, and why your brand exists. These are the fundamental pillars of your entire story. It will be challenging to keep your customers engaged for more than 15 to 20 seconds unless they feel a sense of connection to the founder, the brand, or the mission of a business. Don’t hesitate to lay it out there quickly. Here’s an example. Alas, my adventurous tea lover. So glad you’re here.

My name is Daniel Lewis, co-founder of tea by Daniel. My wife and I started this tea company 11 years ago because we believed that tea could be used as a tool to impact people’s lives in a positive way. Here’s how we’ve been doing it. You see in just one sentence the reader knows who I am, what I do, and why. If this correlates with their values and peaks their interests, they’ll stick around and be more inclined to continue learning more about us.

Introduce the problem. What was wrong in the marketplace? What was missing in the world? How bad was the problem? What did you discover that made you unable to sleep at night? This section of your about us story should clearly identify a problem or a gap in the market, which in turn will create a segue into the next part. Which is how your brand stepped in.

When you discovered the problem, what was your next course of action? This is typically where a brand will briefly take the customer on their journey by letting them know how they got to work on solving the problem. This section allows customers to see how passionate you are about what you do, what you sell, and how you personally believe that your business or your product is the answer to the problem. The solution. This is your key selling point on your, about us page.

In this section of your story, you want to compel your audience to connect with your business story by displaying the value of your solution. In other words, this is where you earn the sale before the transaction. Invite them to the future.

This invitation paints a picture for your client of what their future will look like after using your products or your services. It can also give them a sneak peek of what the world will look like at large if more people begin to use your solution to solve their problems. In other words, this is your chance to inspire them to fall as in love with your mission as you are. And want to become a part of the better future that you are creating.

Be Genuine And Authentic

When it comes to constructing your about us page, it’s important to keep it genuine and authentic to your overall brand identity. Clearly define who we really are. about us doesn’t mean that you have to share your childhood stories or personal likes and dislikes. The sole purpose of the page is to introduce customers to the business itself or the people behind the brand just so that customers can feel more comfortable about doing business with you.

There are two main brand identity styles that you want to keep in mind when you’re drafting your about us page. You’ll want to select the style that best suits your business. These are corporate brands or personal brands. A corporate brand refers to a company that puts its products, business motto, and unique selling points at the forefront of its content strategy.

You may have to run a quick Google search or deep dive into LinkedIn to find out who the founders are, but this is usually an intentional choice a brand makes to have their customers focus on who they are as a company, rather than as an individual. If this is the approach that you feel best suits your brand doesn’t feel compelled to add personal information to your about us page.

Simply define us as your business. A personal brand on the other hand is primarily focused on highlighting an individual, their skills, talents, and achievements with a secondary focus on what they might be selling or offering. This is about us page. It feels more like a conversation with the founder about who they are, and what they personally do and believe. And less like an overall company introduction. Over the last 10 years, I started two companies that could both classify as personal brands.

Take, for example, my speaking company, which is called Daniel Speaks, and the website is Iamdaniel.ca. The name of the company and the website alone would suggest what the about us page might sound like, with me being the founder and the face of the brand. If this style best suits your brand, then don’t be afraid to open up your personality to your customers and invite them into your world. It’s a great way to build a sense of trust and transparency right out of the gate.

Add Social Proof

Another great way of developing a strong about us page is to highlight what others are saying about you. This can be anything from testimonial features, articles that talk about your business, awards, honors, and accreditations – anything that helps to validate your credentials and simply prove that you are, who you say that you are.

Squad goals

When customers visit your website and begin to appreciate your brand, your products, and what you stand for there’s a common question that may be looming in the back of their minds and it may or may not be addressed through the content on the site.

But if you showcase it, it can really amplify the like factor for a company. That question is what would it be like to work for this company? Now I’m not suggesting that every customer that visits your website is looking for a job, but learning about a company from the people who work inside of the company does create a beautiful perspective for your customers as they can kind of gain a sense of your brand culture. Here are a few ways that you can introduce customers to your squad.

Team pictures and profiles. These are just small photos of your team members with a short blurb about who they are and how they contribute to your company. About us blogs. A short blog, walking through your facility, or even capturing a day in the life of your business is a great way to show your brand culture. Quotes from team members on your about us page, or simply adding your Instagram feed are other cool ways that customers can see how you and your teamwork together. Your about us page is all about your customers. Let that sink in for a moment.

Of course, the content is about you or your business, and the pictures will definitely capture you and your team. But the most important thing to understand is the purpose of the about us page, and that it’s to make customers feel more comfortable about doing business with you, and also give them the chance to get to know you. Ready to create your first business?

Start your free 14-day trial of Shopify. There’s no credit card required. Set up your store in days and bring your brand to life. Click this link right here to get started on your business journey. Hopefully, this blog has given you everything you need to build trust with your about us page. By treating your about us page as a valuable business asset and following these steps, you’ll gain the competitive edge and you’ll be on your way to building a following of loyal customers and attracting new sales. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe. So you don’t miss out on more tips to start and grow your online business. Remember, we’re a channel for small business owners with big plans.


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