Keralans purchase cars out of social obligation, pride, comfort, and necessity. Despite having a smaller population, one in three people in Kerala own a car.

Additionally, due to the rapid development in the auto industry and the high cost of new cars, most people prefer to buy used vehicles.

If you want to buy a used car, you can discover adverts for used cars for sale in Kerala all over the place. Used cars can be sold fast in Kerala because many people are in need of them.

used cars for sale in Kerala

However, finding the appropriate buyer who can give your car the right value can be a little challenging. The car should be sold to a buyer who won’t utilize it for illegal activity.

So, once you decide to sell your car, do not rush the process. It can cause you to sell the car to the wrong individual, or it might just be for a small amount. In addition, you need legal documentation in order to sell your car. So before selling your car, the following paperwork needs to be ready.

A change of ownership

You must transfer the new owner’s vehicle ownership before selling it. This will assist you in avoiding any future car-related problems of any kind.

Insurance details

The insurance documentation must change your name to the new owner’s name.

Removal of hypothecation

If a bank loan was used to purchase the vehicle, it must be repaid in full, including interest. And the RC book needs to be cleared of hypothecation.

Certificate of Pollution

You won’t be able to finish the RTO processes without this certificate. So, a pollution certificate is required for your vehicle.

Service documents

Some buyers could request the service records to learn more about the vehicle’s technical specifications. Therefore, you must possess the vehicle’s service documents.


If your vehicle is currently registered in another state, you must transfer the registration to Kerala by obtaining a NOC certificate from the RTO of that state.

The best ways to sell your used cars in Kerala

Car dealers, online classifieds, and friends the three greatest options for selling your car. You can make the best decision based on how you think your car will be valued.

Used car dealers

The used car dealers are the ideal place to sell your used car, the dealers will assist you in getting the best price when selling the car. The procedure is simple; the dealers will examine your car and provide an accurate value.

And they will handle all post-sale paperwork and official procedures, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Additionally, the dealer will identify the best buyer and make the payment on time; you won’t need to waste time looking for a trustworthy buyer. Used car dealers provide a pleasant selling experience overall.

Online classifieds

There are numerous online classifieds available where you can find ads for used cars in Kerala. You may quickly and easily sell your used cars using such classifieds.

Through classifieds, your vehicle can be seen by the greatest number of people, and you have the chance to negotiate and agree on the best price for your car.

You can go on to the next buyer if you’re unhappy with the price. You can sell your car in just five steps.

  1. Choose your car’s brand.
  2. Provide more information about the car to know the value.
  3. Book your car’s inspection.
  4. Sell the car.
  5. Receive the payment.

Individual sale

You can let your friends, colleagues, and relatives know that your car is on sale. You may even post a detailed advertisement on messaging apps like WhatsApp.

However, you will get the minimum number of buyers, but the buyers will be genuine people. Sometimes the buyers will be well-known people, and you won’t be any issues down the road.

Wrapping up

Hence, now you have a clear idea of selling a used car in Kerala. You can choose the best way that is suitable for you.


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