Marketing for writers entails attracting and engaging your target audience by providing more information about yourself and your work. It’s honestly just a matter of communication. However, it requires effort.

There are many book marketing and promotion options available to get people talking about a book and sell more copies of it. However, it is not this easy; you will need to master a new skill: promoting a book.

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Here are a few tips to promote a book and sell more copies.

10 tips on How To Promote A Book And Sell More Copies

1. Participate in forums for the book discussion

Your viewers are likely to frequent discussion boards in your field or specialty. Participate in these forums, contribute, impress the audience, and sell more copies.

It’s time demanding, but it’s well worth it if you can read a few new, active readers. It will also aid your online authority, mainly if you provide specialized, relevant insight and knowledge on your subject.

2. Boo discussion in live streaming

Another popular route for selling more copies is live streaming. When it comes to living streaming, the two most popular options are webinars and live streaming on social networking networks.

Webinars are virtual workshops or seminars where people gather to talk or learn about a certain subject. It’s a fantastic approach to engage virtually with your audience. Hangouts, zoom, Facebook live, youtube live, go to webinar, skype, webinar jam, and blackboard collaborates are all options for hosting webinars.

Live streaming options are now available on social networking sites. While webinars are often used for learning or debate, live streaming social media allows for greater flexibility.

3. Use book trailers as a marketing tool

The phrase “book trailer” came from the term “movie trailer.” it also allows your viewers a sneak peek into the content of your book, similar to a movie teaser.

It is one of the most effective promoting techniques available to writers. By providing an engaging clip with an epic call to action, you may use book trailers to attract your readers and sell more copies to them.

4. Conduct contests for book promotion

Contests for ghostwriters for hire are very efficient and create virality among readers. This promotion may be launched on your website and promoted via your social media profiles. You might also have a giveaway on Goodreads and social media accounts: these have a large community of readers.

5. Owning a blog or a website is a great way to express yourself.

Even before you complete writing your book, you may assist prospective readers in finding you. Update your website with content that will show up in organic search results for your target demographic. If the book is about emotional well-being, for example, include the most recent scientific discoveries in the subject, interspersed with quotes from your book.

6. Get feedback on your book.

To sell more copies of a book, you need good reviews. Approaching reviewers of any of your past books with a free copy and a courteous request is one of the easiest ways to get reviews for your new book.

If you’re a first-time author, search up amazon’s top reviewers and make a shortlist of those who have written about books in your field.

While Amazon does not allow reviews for pre-order books, if you have a paperback edition of your book and have connected it to your unreleased ebook, any reviews left for the paperback will be carried over to the ebook. In this manner, your book will have social proof from the moment it is released.

7. Find out the reason behind successful books

Examining their titles, cover designs, and typography can help you figure out what works best in your category. Make a list of the ones you like best or don’t like at each, and opine why you came to that conclusion. Then opt for these tips for your book.

8. Have an attractive cover

Would anybody give a book whose cover is excessively cluttered, has clashing colors and typography, or seems unpolished and amateurish a second look? You need to get the best book because a well-designed cover will increase your book’s salability.

9. Make the most of your distribution networks.

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer of digital and print books and the owner of two self-publishing services: kindle direct publishing (kdp) for ebooks and CreateSpace for print books.

You’ve covered the channels that account for 97 percent of ebook sales if you include amazon’s kdp, apple’s iBooks, Barnes & noble’s nook, and kobo in your distribution strategy.

Moreover, smaller shops make up a small percentage of revenues, but they assist in raising exposure. Make sure your book is present everywhere.

10. Make an audiobook

Making your own audiobook is a simple yet effective approach to demonstrate your authority in your subject. Listening to a good buddy offer you advice or listening to you a fascinating tale is similar. Your reader is not only seeing but also hearing your words as they flow out of your lips. This will help Sell More Copies of the book indirectly. Readers who like audiobooks more will surely bring more sales with word of mouth.

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The article is a collection of 10 tips on promoting a book and selling more copies. It aims to assist you in understanding that promotion is really about talking about your work and making it accessible on as many platforms as possible.

For writers who work with a conventional book publisher, book promotion tips can be of minimal value for them. The publisher will handle all aspects of book promotion and distribution, including editorial reviews, book launch and signing events, a booth at a book fair, newspaper feature pieces, and bookstore placement. Self-publishing writers, on the other hand, must sort out these issues for themselves, relying on as much assistance and inspiration as possible.


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