Cool winter is here. Fun and frolic days for the holidays are nearing. But for some industries, these months are slow, especially the waterpark industry.
During winter, the footfall at the waterpark reduces which in turn not only affects the revenue but the jobs of the seasonal employees too.

In this article, we will learn creative ways to make your waterpark profitable during the off-season.

Let’s begin.

How do make water-park profitable?

Water park owners can upgrade their water parks with the below-mentioned attractions to make them profitable during the off-season.

1. Build indoor sections and roofing structures

Building an indoor section or adding a temporary or permanent roofing structure to the water park can be an added advantage, especially during winters.

water park builder

The roofing structure gives your water park an indoor environment. Connecting a water park builder or an architect can help devise a temporary solution to the park whereas for enclosed and permanent roofing structures it can be inculcated during the construction of the waterpark itself.

Moreover, when planning for indoor sections, the builder should set up an HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air- Conditioning) to offer a warm experience to their visitors when walking outside the pools and rides.

2. Holiday light show

Creating a holiday light show in your park is a perfect way to attract families during colder months. Even if the slides or the regular attractions are closed during winters, these shows would keep the visitors entertained.

3. Festive season opportunity

Yes, why not grab the opportunities offered during the festive season.
How hard you try but you may have to shut down the regular ride operations to save the operation costs. But still, you have to make some cash influx, or else maintaining the water park would become hefty.

So what are you waiting for? Wear your thinking caps and become more creative during this time of the year.

Take advantage of the festivals that occur during winters?
You can add holiday-themed snacks such as Christmas cookies and cakes, sell customised designs around these festivals, or arrange events that are loved by all age groups, alluring each one to visit and participate in the yearly celebrations.

4. Connect educational institutes

Schools and colleges can be one of the biggest sources of income for waterpark owners. For field trips, school management usually looks out for exciting venues for their students whereas college students look for various learning aspects of the electric and mechanical engineering attributes of the water rides.

Hence, during that time of the year when the activity is low, connecting and partnering with schools and colleges can prove to be beneficial. It does not just help in recovering revenue but creates jobs for seasonal employees too.

5. Add secondary attractions

Are you in the process of designing the water park?

Then this tip would surely work for you.

Add interactive features like amphitheatres, market areas, eateries, and a semi-indoor arena resulting in a better brand image around your waterpark over time.

Even if the weather conditions are not suitable or water rides are closed, adding these secondary attractions at a water park is always profitable.

The water park builders can rent these spaces regularly for exhibitions, concerts, weddings, and parties to third parties for a particular time limit. These attractions would enhance the cash flow that further helps in maintaining the infrastructure.

Once the visitors step into the water park these additional features would surely enhance your revenue.

Things to be considered in the off-season

Winter is the time for waterpark inspection and maintenance.

Yes, you read it right.

Though eight and half months of winter can be daunting. The owners of the waterpark should use this time to prepare for the busy season.

Then why not work on the longevity of rides and park fixtures?

A lot of tasks are involved during seasonal transitions.

To overcome the challenges of staying organised, here are a few points water-park owners should consider making waterpark profitable in the off-season:

1. Prepare a winter waterpark maintenance checklist

Working on water park maintenance during winter can be an extensive process. Thus before moving ahead it is essential to prepare the winter maintenance checklist. Below are a few points to consider when preparing the maintenance list:

  • Check if the drainage system is perfectly fine for all rides, pools, and attractions. Due to low temperature, freezing can occur which may damage gaskets and seals.
  • Carry out preventive measures like checking if there is any leakage in the lines, buffing slide surfaces
  • Check if the pressure regulators are working properly and if the flow to all equipment is up to the mark.
  • Check for holes, cracks, chips, or any wear and tear on the play surfaces.
  • Check the electrical lines, connections, and control panels to minimise the risk of shock.

2. Plan ahead

Proper planning is the key to running a waterpark business smoothly and successfully. Though, experience makes you a better teacher. The park manager should prepare a good maintenance plan, discuss it with water slide builders, and should devise a spring reopening goal.

A proper maintenance plan includes:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Operation & Maintenance (O & M) manuals for each water park water slide.
  • Have a directory of repair and maintenance professionals (of both inside and outside staff).
  • Carry out the training and certification for qualified staff members.

3. Prepare for reopening

Reopening the waterpark can be both exciting as well as strenuous. During the reopening phase, consider the customer’s overall experience and ensure that everything is ready for the public.

  • Do proper inspection
  • Go for water slides test-ride
  • Check if the waterpark needs any repairs or refurbishing.
  • Ensure the water flow consistency to know the equipment.
  • Run water through all the equipment. Early you do, quickly you’ll be able to fix the issue (if any).
  • The safety of the visitors should be the priority.

4. Review and update the insurance coverage

Not just the equipment and surface area but reviewing and updating the insurance coverage are also important. Understand the kind of challenges the waterpark industry faces then accordingly choose the right insurance policy for the waterpark that diminishes risk and the burden of liability.

5. Add winter-friendly types of equipment to your water park.

As the weather gets cold, some outdoor equipment may require to be shut down and moved indoors. Connecting an experienced waterpark builder can be helpful in setting-up winter-friendly equipment.

Whether adults or kids, this equipment is thoroughly enjoyed by each visitor when played with soothing music. All you need to do is, just ensure:

  • The footprint of the equipment is not large which disrupts the movement.
  • Multiple people can participate at the same time reducing long queues.
  • Children can play safely.

Moreover, the equipment is convenient to operate.

Only an adept water park slide manufacturer can help you design and create your dream water park. As they consider a variety of factors when fabricating their products such as the height and width of the slide, the flow of water, safety, and much more.


Apart from the above tips, the waterpark can generate revenues by offering services and activities such as stage shows, interactive landscaping, restaurants and food vendors, art and craft booths, carnival games, and educational exhibits.

So, are you ready to make your waterpark profitable during the off-season? Or looking for water slide builders and water park slide manufacturers for additional water slides, or services such as water slide maintenance?

Connect our professionals soon. Being an experienced water park company, we are available to discuss your water park water slide needs and work with you.


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