If you have gotten sick of seeing the same bedroom day in and day out or if you feel you are in need of a change then having a makeover done to your bedroom will be a good idea.


When you hear the word ‘redecorating’, it does not necessarily mean that you have to go overboard and spend a lot of money. Simply rearranging the furniture you already have can make a huge difference. For instance, instead of going out and buying a new bed, you can instead change the position of the bed. Before you make the changes, however, consider certain factors such as space before you move the furniture around.

linen bed sheets

A bed is not an easy piece of furniture to move around, therefore before you do change its position, take into account the aspect of space.  If you do not have enough room to move around or if there is not enough space for other pieces of furniture, then you will have to move the bed again. However, thinking beforehand about whether there will be enough space for you to move around freely or considering whether the room would look cluttered with the change, will be beneficial to you.

Colour palate

Having a fresh paint job done with a new colour tone could go a long way in helping the room appear new. You could also pick a theme for the room by selecting a colour palate for not just the walls but also the bedding. For instance, if you want to have a cream colour tone then having cream coloured linen bed sheets is a good idea. Before you select a colour tone, think of the tone you want for your room.

Another factor you should also consider is the weather. For instance, if you live in a hot, tropical climate, then having white, light or neutral-coloured walls will be a good idea. Instead of purchasing new furniture, especially if the old furniture you have is still intact you can consider painting the furniture as this will aid in giving the room a new look and you do not have to throw away furniture that is still intact.


When you are redecorating your room, you do not have to purchase new items. However, you also do not have to hold on to old items that are of no use to you anymore. Decluttering and clearing out the room will aid in giving the room a new and fresh look. If you do want to purchase new items for the room, first throw out the items that you already have as this will make you more aware of what exactly you need to purchase.


Changing the lighting in your room is another factor that could contribute to the new look of the bedroom. If you do not like the lighting in the room, then speak to a professional about what you would like and what kind of vibe you want the room to have. This way the professional could even advise you on what light fittings are best in order for you to get the look that you want.


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