You may be hanging tight for broadened holidays for a really long time with guaranteeing distance, no huge get-togethers and gatherings with undesirable friends or partners, remaining at home the entire day and not stressing about what to wear the next day. But there are people out there who were habitual of their daily routines and now their mental and physical health is badly affected due to the COVID-19 lockdown. For them, not being able to openly walk in the outside space and restrictions on meeting their loved ones is frightening and disturbing at the same time. They are seeking ways to keep themselves occupied and happy while being productive and motivated each day.

How to Enjoy the Lockdown Life

To help such individuals, we have found a few activities/tasks that they can do to make the most out of every passing moment. Because it’s already been more than three months that the country is under lockdown and something has to be done to make the upcoming months more entertaining and interesting. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your routine, have a look at our compiled list. You can pick any of them that seems thrilling to you and start following it in everyday life.

However, keep in mind that all of these things are for people with a stable career. But if you are someone who was working odd jobs before the lockdown and doesn’t have the cash now for the basic things or if you just want to improve your routine while getting prepared for what’s next in your educational career, we do have a few tips for you as well.

  • Start an online book club: You can start a book club in which you can switch between books and start writing reviews if that’s your thing. If you grow enough followers, who know, you might start getting in some bucks soon enough. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to struggle for a job in the long run too.
  • Start giving academic help: You might have seen some ads popping up that claim to provide assignment or dissertation writing services. Similarly, you can help your peers in the subject that you are outstanding in for a bit of cash. Say £9 per hour and make some extra while also improving your core subject.
  • Sort out your finances: The future seems unpredictable right now. Therefore it is a great time to start sorting out your finances. If you could get a better deal on your bills or grocery (don’t hoard), think about setting up a saving account. Just a little could help you go on for another week!

Now let’s get back to our recommendations ( the one that doesn’t have any financial aspect to it)

7 Tips to Enjoy Living in Self-Isolation

1. Revisit Your Happy Memories

In this difficult time, you must remember how the world was before the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, try taking a day or two out of your busy schedule and remind yourself about the happy times that you have spent with your family or friends. It could be pictures, videos, social media posts or movies that you can reminisce about. If you write a diary, turn back pages and recall all those moments again that were happening in your life before the lockdown. This is the only way you can keep your sanity and have a positive outlook on life.

2. Grow Some Plants or Flowers

Well, who doesn’t like nature? Maybe it was your dream to own a garden but you couldn’t follow up because of the unexpected turn of events. However, this lockdown provides you with an opportunity to have your own lawn where you can grow flowerbeds, trees, bushes and whatnot. In case you don’t have a huge space, you can place flower pots inside your home and water them regularly. When these plants and flowers start growing, it is only then you’d realise how small things such as watering plants can give them hope and a new life. Similarly, if you want to enjoy and remain content no matter what the future holds for you, you need to start doing little things for yourself first and then others.

3. Provide Home To An Animal

Whether you are a pet lover or not, you can rescue abused, unwanted and abandoned animals and give them a proper place to live. Because it is right that thousands of stray cats are being killed and dogs being culled daily. Remember, they cannot do anything on their own and without you they are helpless. But it is you who needs to take the first step towards the cause and the rest will eventually fall in place. If you do so, you’ll happily wake up each morning, knowing you did your best to keep one living being safe. This achievement will help you in looking forward to a better tomorrow each day.

4. Learn One Creative Skill

Creativity is the core of everything. If you want to succeed, be it personal, academic or professional life, you need to have a creative mind. Now, you must be wondering if you are bad at drawing but note that creativity doesn’t always have to do something with paints, pencils and brushes. It can be anything from cooking and singing to effective communication and open-mindedness. Here, the only thing that matters the most is how you perceive the changes in your environment and what you do to flip the tables in your favour. So, do not wait further, begin today! Note all the mutations and think about the appropriate skills that can help you in getting accustomed to the transformations.

5. Redesign Your Home

If nothing else, perhaps this lockdown can be beneficial for your house renovations. You have excess time to think about the new structure and design and after all, spending a few hours each day to redecorate the living space won’t hurt your schedule. You can use the internet for ideas if you think you aren’t creative enough. Some DIY websites and tools can help you prepare materials and artwork for your interiors. Besides this, you can seek the assistance of your friends or family members to give opinions on your finished project to boost your morale and encourage yourself to keep up the good work.

6. Set Every Day Themes

Before this lockdown, you were free to roam around the city and do whatever made you happy without worrying about washing hands and wearing masks. Now, you may feel as if your life is bound and you’ve lost control over it. But that’s not true. You can still enjoy the way you did before by keeping all the COVID-19 precautionary measures in mind. While staying inside the house, you can assign all the weekdays a colour theme and the weekends a party theme. For instance, if Monday is a blue day then Saturday can be a Mickey Mouse theme day. Just make sure all the fun and activities are only for yourself because gathering people can increase the risk of spreading coronavirus among the attendees.

7. Find Your Kick

Even though a few cities have already started lifting up the lockdown, it is still not too late to find something that actually means a lot to you. It can be anything; any activity, person or routine that gets the best out of you. Your goal must be to notice in what ways that particular task/activity helps you in making you a better person each day. Later, you can work out on it to polish it for maximum productivity and performance. Remember that you can go wrong in determining your kick for the first time, but trust us it will get easier as you do.

Lastly, being confined to your home for an unpredicted period might be the last thing you would have in your mind. But, staying inside is the need of the hour to stop the spread of coronavirus and to keep yourself and your family safe from catching deadly diseases. We hope the aforementioned seven tips can help you in making each day of your quarantine worth it, enjoyable and memorable. So, which one seems suitable to you?

In case you have other amazing ideas in mind, make sure you communicate them to us through our live channel. Hurry up! We are waiting for your opinions and comments about the write-up.


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