Creating characters is one of the most challenging and rewarding things that an author can do.

However, creating characters can be challenging and the authors have to keep in mind certain things like character development, and character description and use many storytelling techniques.

There are also other parameters that the author must remember and one of them is what kind of piece they are writing.

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The techniques can vary whether it is a short story or if they are writing a novel or even writing a screenplay, and different elements can be implemented into these different types.


As we have mentioned, the authors must keep in mind different techniques for different types of literature and when it comes to difference nothing can be more different than writing a children’s book.

From the character description examples for children’s books to the character development of teen characters, children’s writers must keep in mind certain character attributes when they are writing for children.



There is often a misconception about children’s books and that is that the characters must not resemble reality.

However this is far from the truth, even children notice reality even if they do not call out the author on Twitter how unreliable the character is.

The reality aspect of children’s books characters is dependent on their relatability and how children can associate these characters with people from their lives.

The more they find the characters relatable the more they enjoy the book.

Therefore of course you need to write fantasy characters and all that stuff, which will get back to you in the second half of the blog, you must try something here.

Try adding characteristics of characters in bits and pieces from people in your life,  because there can be nothing more realistic than real people.

This will help the children relate more.


Let us tell you what is the easiest way to bore a child.  It is to have a lot of text and writing in their story book.

You do not need to describe the characters in a children’s book, leave that to when you are writing a historical manuscript.

Instead, you must rely as well on and invest in good illustrators who will be able to illustrate the characters for you on. These illustrators will know exactly how to bring to life the characters you have created.


Children understand actions more than words.  This is perhaps the most important thing you must keep in mind while you are trying to create a character.

You must not only make the characters say things but also make them do things.  This will have the best impression on the minds of your young readers.

However, that does not mean they are won’t be any dialogue because children enjoy that too. Keeping these things in mind, let us find out what are the most popular and most used types of characters in a children’s literature piece. This will answer the question of“how to describe characters in children’s books?”



This is one of the most popular choices of characters that are used by authors all over the world in order to write children’s books.

This type of character is most often used simply for the fact that a child can relate more to a child.  Therefore, making a child character perfect as a protagonist.

This is also quite successful because it gives the child the same feeling as it gives an adult to see their country represented in a global event.

We all want representation and so do children, even if they cannot express it.

And to see someone familiar and to see someone with the same ideas and the same physically as them can work wonders for the child.


While you might be wondering if you should fill the entire book with only children’s characters,  you might miss a great opportunity.

Let us ask you, who does the child spend the most amount of time with?

If your answer is an adult, then you are right.

A child spends the most amount of the time under the supervision of an adult and that is why you must keep this in mind.

If you want the child to feel familiar then you must sprinkle in adult characters so that the situation of the child character might feel familiar to the young readers.

You can find nearly every successful and popular children’s novel to have adult characters.


While children and adult characters are well and fine, if you want to take this storybook to another level then you must have animals in the book.

Not just animals being animals but animals playing the roles of the children and adult characters.

These should be animals but they should have lives similar to a human child and adult and this will make for an excellent children’s book.

We do not have to vouch for this as the success of some of the most popular children’s books vouch for itself.


Ask an older person about what their favorite time in life was and most will say that it was their childhood.

Every child deserves an amazing childhood and childhood overall is a dreamy time full of fun and education as well as entertainment.

During childhood, a child must not be able to face the harsh realities of life out there and they must be able to live in the fairy world created for them.

Tell any child Santa Claus is not real and they will get quite angry.  This is exactly the point we are trying to make.

Have a few fantasy characters in your children’s literature book and this will work wonders and will stay in the child’s memory for a long time.

This was the blog about how you can describe characters in a children’s book.  If you are someone who is also willing to write a children’s book then this blog will help you immensely. If you are someone who has an excellent idea for a children’s book but is someone with a busy schedule and cannot make up the time to write down the book yourself.  Then we are here for you.  We can help you hire a ghostwriter for writing your children’s book. We are GetBestWriters, one of the best ghostwriting company in India wherein you can hire every kind of ghostwriter for all your content needs. We not only have excellent and experienced ghostwriters for writing children’s books but also ghostwriters for every other purpose.


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