The study reveals that whether your website design is good or not totally depends upon the opinions of your users. Users make their first impression of your website in first 50 milliseconds. On this basis, they will stay or leave your site.

How to Define a Quality Website Design

Website visibility is very important for your business goals. There are various factors that determine a good quality website design.

There are different sections of your website that make your website visually appealing. The following are key takeaways:

Website and Business Symbol

Website visitors focus on your business logo to get the complete picture of your business model. The simpler and more appealing your business logo will be, the more it will attract the user’s attention. This is the most important and significant area that users focus on.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar provides access to your users. It will help them to remain on the website. The website lacking the navigation bar makes unnecessary clicks of users.

Did u see the above navigation bar? How effective it is. It will make users easily navigate to which page they want to move.

Search box

If the website is an E-commerce website, it becomes imperative to insert a search box in your website. It gives a genuine look to your website.

Website Featured image

The study found that users make judgments on the images of your site. They will make their opinions on the basis of your website Home Page. The more and impressive your business image will be, the better it will be.

Business and product images should be used in a proper manner to make your website design more authentic and appealing.

Content of Website

The content of the website is yet another important aspect in determining your website’s visual authentic. It will provide complete detail about your website and products. The business goals, products, and services are should be optimized properly.

Footer Design and Structure

The footer of your website is also important for increasing your website visibility. It includes the business address, about us section, Contacts us, and Privacy policy of the company. The footer also includes a sitemap of your website.

Apart from the above sections, there are also other factors that determine a good quality website design.

Mobile Friendly website

According to a study, more than 2/3rd of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone. 5.07 billion People surf the internet daily, which is equal to 63.5% of the world’s total population. It means visitors scroll websites in some way or another way. So it becomes important for owners to implement useful updates to their website and make the website users friendly.

Simply said, having a website that is mobile friendly means that all of the content on it, including text, images, videos, and links, is easily and quickly accessible on all platforms, but especially on the relatively smaller screens of smartphones and tablets.

Google also signifies the importance of Mobile Friendly websites. It makes some points.

  • The text is visible and understandable without Tapping or zooming.
  • The difference between tap targets should be used appropriately.
  • Try to use Vertical Scrolling only. (If there is no use of horizontal scrolling, you should avoid it)

Accessible Call to action

Visitors will do nothing if your website doesn’t ask them to. What does your website aim to achieve? Are visitors aware of this goal? Even educational websites encourage users to read and share content, subscribe to mailing lists, follow the business on social media, download toolkits, and more. Add a request to each page.

There can be different Calls to action- Direct Calls to action and indirect Calls to action.

  • Contact us
  • Join our newsletter
  • Schedule a Call
  • Get the latest news and trends

Website Load Time

The website load time will make users stay on the web page. There is a standard time by google which suggests what should be the load time of a website according to user’s retention level.

The average load time for a mobile page is 15.3s according to Google Searches. As per Portent 2019, the average page load time affects your conversion rate.

Enhancing conversion rates and sales revenue requires maintaining a quick page load time. Even though a few extra seconds might not seem like a significant concern, studies show that the likelihood of losing out on potential clients grows with each passing second.

There are a few ways to shorten the time it takes for your website to load if you’re worried that it’s preventing your business from expanding. You may time and test the page speed of your website using online tools like Pingdom Website Speed Test, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed Insights. To reduce the time it takes for pages to load, you can also cache your website or turn on browser caching.


In the end, we can say that your website is important for your business partners, Customers and users. They will make their assumptions on the basis of the first look at the website. They simply demand quick, current, and convenient information delivery.

The Smartphone hidden in their handbag or back pocket is frequently the most practical gadget. Delivering your website across all platforms and paying particular attention to the mobile masses are therefore commercial necessities nowadays. (If you are looking for the best website designer, Xover agency will make your dream project come true.)


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