English is considered to be the most important language all over the world as it plays a vital role in communication. Good to know that several schools are making a strong base for this language so that students won’t face any trouble in their entire life. See how international schools in Whitefield make way easy and simple for students.

Improvise English

English is a global language and is reckoned as the most-spoken language all over the world. If you see, out of 7.8 billion people approximately 1.5 billion of the majority speak this language, and for 360 people, it is their 1st language. It stands number 3 after Mandarin and Spanish. No doubt, it holds significant importance in everyone’s life. Thus, it is essential to learn this language from early classes only. That is the only reason why several international schools in Whitefield, Bangalore make the utmost effort to make sure that students grasp a strong command of this language. Thinking about it? Read ahead.

Knowing that starting years are quite crucial for students, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) shares some pro tips that help them to improvise the English language on a daily basis.

Reading–A daily Habit

The best way to inculcate the habit of reading is to buy books that are associated with your child’s interests. It can be a motivational story, fictional, or non-fictional with a great lesson. Schools understand that daily magazines or newspapers are an efficient way to build a strong vocabulary. Thus, many schools make sure to provide a weekly magazine or newspaper to strengthen their initial base.

This process will be a fun session for kids if they read it aloud in the class one by one. Plus, this activity will make a commendable effect on grammar arrangements, pronunciations, and tonality thoroughly.

Let Students watch Learnable Content

Not to deny that we love to park ourselves in front of the TV and watch our favorite movies or binge shows for entertainment. Certainly, it plays a crucial role in entertaining us. But, today schools are using this way to develop language skills as well. Schools in Bangalore show English shows or motivational movies that can help students to frame sentences. Apart from this, it helps students to improve their receptive power while having a strong command of this language.

Play Word Games

The most engaging and entertaining method to expose your kids to unique or new words is through playing word games. This is a widely used approach by schools as it directly boosts word-related knowledge. Since linguistic skills are very important for the future, the more they play, the better they can speak and make complicated or high-quality words. If they make this routine, they can have fluency in English without any hassle. That is the only reason schools make this of the utmost importance.

Maintain English Diary

Children like to show their creativity in one or another way. They can utilize their strength by maintaining or writing an English Diary. This can be only possible if teachers put their extra focus while maintaining a diary so that children can write anything they want open-heartedly. Definitely, there would be mistakes when they write any poem or story on any particular topic they have an interest in. But, this will help them to understand where they are lacking or what type of mistakes they are making. Once they are familiar with their mistakes, they won’t repeat them next time.

However, teachers need to encourage students to write as much as they can. This will not only improve their writing skill but gradually they forget to make mistakes while writing or speaking the English language.

Build English Language Rich Environment

During this pandemic situation, children are compelled to stay and study at home only. Well, make sure you are making this time productive for them while encouraging them to speak in English and frame sentences to convey their message. Parents also must pay kind attention to their children so that when they make mistakes while pronouncing a word or framing a sentence, correct them. Constant motivation is necessary from the parents’ end as well to achieve significant improvement.

The Bottom Line!

Kids have sharp and active minds; they can learn everything in a quick period.   But, make sure your child is studying in a top-rated International school. Thanks to quality education in Bangalore, it is much easier to find the best school. 

One such school is the Global Indian International School (GIIS), which is highly renowned for providing quality education. 

The best part is those students who excel in exams can get a chance to avail scholarships and foreign studies. Ultra-modern infrastructure, friendly staff, and cooperative teachers make the school environment healthy and positive for students where they can learn and score high in exams. Even the school fees in Bangalore are very much affordable for parents. Know more details about our school from our website!


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