Have you ever thought of getting away from mosquitoes without using any chemicals? No right whenever we see mosquitoes we switch to chemicals like Mortein, hit, DEET, and many more. Why spend money on such things when you can do this by planting some flowers that can repel these bugs. To make your summer free from mosquitoes you can plant these flowers in your home. So order flower online for your yard.

The natural fragrance of these flowers not only makes your home and garden aromatic but can also repel these annoying mosquitoes. You can plant these flowers near the sitting area, near your outdoor, in your garden as well as in your living room or bedroom. Placing these flower where guests may sit not only naturally control mosquitoes but can also make a room full of fragrance. So you can get the benefit of two products in one. Firstly it will purify the air. Secondly, it will make the mosquitoes get away from your home.

These flowers are really a good option to put into your room if you are having small children in your home. Moreover, it is also beneficial for old age people also. As chemical repellent can create so many health issues also. Have a look at some of the flowers that can solve your problem.

Lavender (Lavandula latifolia):

This beautiful flower is very tough and doesn’t need much water. Full sun rays are required for the growth of this plant. These flowers are easy to grow as they can tolerate the tough climate conditions. And their leave contains special oil which can repel the mosquitoes. Moreover, the lovely aroma of this flower also makes mosquitoes get away. These flowers can grow in summer. So you can order flowers online this summer for your home.

Catnip (Nepeta cataria):

It can grow anywhere. This generally belongs to the mint family. catnip required little care when planted in your yard as it can take all the place and can spread everywhere. This is the best naturally control mosquitoes repellent. Catnip is way more effective than DEET, the most commonly used chemical to repeal many bugs and mosquitoes. So instead of using harsh chemicals, you can use this flowering plant. And this is the best time to plant this in your garden as it blooms from late spring to mid-summer.

Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium):

It is another class of mint. and is the most effective mosquito repellent. These pants can grow easily. You can plant them near your door or near your sitting area where you like to sit in the evening. These are the very best flowering plants used to get rid of mosquitos. You can also put its crushed leaves in your pocket if you are going somewhere. The fragrance of oil from its leaf will keep away the mosquitoes from you. Then don’t wait more just order this flowering plant for your garden.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

This beautiful yellow-orangish flower can make your garden. These blooms have a very powerful scent. That is why they naturally control mosquitoes to attack your home. These are very easy growing plants for your garden. You can grow them from seeds very easily. They are not only effective to keep away the mosquitoes but can also repel many other bugs and some worms. The chemical found in most of the insect repent is found naturally in this flower. These pants can also easily grow in the pot also. So you can also put them near your window. Just Get Online Flower Delivery In Delhi to make your home free from mosquitoes.

As we all know that summer is the time when we all like to spend some time outside every evening. But these annoying mosquitoes’ buzzing voices and itching sting spoil the whole fun. As of now, you don’t need to spend your evening with these mosquitoes. Because these above-mentioned flowers can resolve your problem. As they don’t contain any chemicals also that can harm you. Like many other repellents contain and can cause serious issues like breathing problems, irritation in the eyes, headache, asthma, and sometimes allergy to you. So just replace all your chemicals with these naturally control mosquitoes repellent.


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