You have dreamt of becoming an actor. It is great. Now, the time is to make your dream come true. And when you start working on making your dream come true, most of you think of having admission to an acting academy in Mumbai or your locality. Some of you may have a query, how can I decide on the best film institute in India.

Keep in mind no one says that a particular acting academy or institute is the best option for you. They can suggest a few prestigious names such as The Film and Television Institute of India and Barry John Acting Studio. It is you who have to decide for yourself. Here are some steps that can help you in this regard:

acting academy in Mumbai

Know your need

First, you need to decide what you want. Make it clear whether you want to pursue a short-term or long-term acting course. Short-term acting courses will be certificate and diploma courses while the long-term course will be a bachelor’s degree course. You can decide it easily. And for this, you have to explore yourself and know whether you want to have a quick entry or not. For instant entry, short-term acting courses are ideal options for you.

Enquire about the institute’s reputation

A reputed film institute is better for you. Faculty members and non-teaching staff at such an acting academy do their best to mold students and turn them into actors. They provide all types of support from theoretical to practical instructions during a particular course. To maintain their earned reputation, they leave no stone unturned to facilitate you in being an actor.

Explore the available courses

Knowing the courses of a film institute is crucial for you. Explore what courses are available and find out if the available courses match your needs or not. And for this, you can know the course content and structure. Know whether a particular course can help you learn the required acting skills or not. If not, move ahead to choose another course or film institute.

Know faculty members

Having an idea about your need, course, and institute’s reputation is not enough. You need to know who will train you. While knowing the faculty members of an acting school, you should focus on their educational qualification, teaching experience, industry experience, etc.

Get a depth of fee structure

Learning acting is highly expensive in comparison with normal courses. And getting into one of the most prestigious and reputed film institutes is more expensive. Some of you may not be able to get there. So, you should explore the fee structure in detail and try to know if there is an EMI facility to pay the fee or not. Do it when you are unable to pay the fees at a time or yearly base.

Enquire about the available facilities

Acting courses focus more on practical instructions in comparison with theoretical ones. So, it is essential for a film institute to have all the requisite facilities such as a stage/studio, cameras, cameramen, and lights. You know the available facilities in depth. If you notice a lack of some requisite facilities, move to another acting academy.

Know student and teacher ratio

Learning acting requires more instructions from trainers in the initial days, especially practical instructions. You will get enough guidance on whether the ratio of teachers and students is reasonable. If you notice that a film institute has three to four times more students than teachers, move forward to another option.

Explore the availability of placement cell

Getting an entry into the film, television, or entertainment industry completely depends on your acting skills and talents. However, you need a little push in your initial days after the completion of an acting course. It is important as many famous actors had to struggle a lot in their early days.


Deciding the best film institute in India for you is a little tricky. However, you can do it by keeping a few things in mind. The points could be your need, available courses, fee structure, payment modes, faculty members, teacher-student ratio, and placement support.       


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