Real estate is a booming business and with real estate comes challenges that are quite ‘real’.

Managing anything is difficult and when it comes to real estate this challenge gets multiplied by 10-fold simply for the fact that in real estate a real-estate developer has to manage a lot of things.

These might include the property, the safety, and well-being of the tenants, and adherence to the rules and regulations prescribed by the government, to the rules prescribed by the community, and the locality.

So, if you are a real estate developer then you might have asked this question, would it be nice if somebody managed all this for me?

facility management company


Facility management is perhaps the most suitable Industry that can bring positive change and benefit real estate.  Facility management is to real estate what water is to coffee.  What we mean by this is that facility management works perfectly with real estate.

So, as a real estate manager, you might have always asked this question about the importance of facility management for real estate or perhaps what kind of a role does facility management play in real estate, or even how facility management helps in real estate.

Housekeeping, cleaning, running office operations, cost-effective strategy implementation for energy management, and regular maintenance care but a few of the vast number of crucial services that the facility management market and industry provide to the real estate industry.

So, instead of the question being what is facility management in real estate, let us ask the question of what isn’t facility management in real estate simply because these two industries and the FM companies and real-estate companies are intertwined harmoniously and support each other like no other industry.


Let’s look at the benefits facility management companies bring to real estate and how they are a boon to real estate.


This is not the 17th or 18th century when there used to be little to no rules and regulations that the government imposed for having tenants.

Nowadays there are strict rules as to how real estate companies should behave and there are a lot of safety codes and rules and regulations that every real estate company needs to follow.

These rules and regulations are there so that the safety and security of the tenants of the real estate premises are ensured. Sometimes these rules and regulations might seem like a lot to keep up with.

This is exactly where a real estate company needs a facility management company because a large part of a facility management company’s job is to ensure compliance with various rules and regulations.

A proper facility management company has experts in place who are also lawyers and know exactly what kind of rules and regulations are there for which kind of industry and this helps out the real estate company to always be on the good side of the law.

A real estate company therefore can always stay in compliance with the law and only a facility management company can help a real estate company ensure that.


This is probably one of the key benefits that a facility management company brings to the table when it comes to helping real estate companies.  Management is in the name of the industry for facility management industry and this is exactly what they do best.

A facility management company has years and decades’ worth of experience in managing facilities.

When it comes to managing, it includes everything from the maintenance of security, to keeping the premises clean.

There are also a lot of things that need to be maintained when it comes to real estate from the maintenance and management of equipment as well as the training of staff to handling various problems such as electrical issues, plumbing, etc,

Thereby making facility management company the perfect companion to real estate.

A facility management company also ensures that the emergency equipment isin order and often times they even train the real-estate staff in fire drills and evacuation drills as well.


The real estate industry is one of the most profitable as well as one of the highest investment industries.

Any real estate agent or real estate authority will tell you that it takes a huge amount of capital to get into real estate as well as to do anything worthwhile in real estate.

This means that any money saved in various processes can later be fruitfully invested back into the industry thereby helping it grow.

This is exactly where a facility management company can come in because they can provide services at a cost far lower than the real estate company having to create separate departments in-house.

Facility management companies also practice various energy-efficient tasks like changing of power-hungry equipment to energy-efficient ones, maintenance of equipment to increase fuel efficiency, etc.

This is quite the boon for the industry because they are having world-class services for a fraction of the cost of having to create entire departments and having to hire permanent staff.


Anyone with the slightest understanding of economics and markets will tell you that real estate is perhaps one of the most difficult businesses to run and maintain.

Real estate requires constant innovation and investment and we understand that.

Anytime that can be saved on managerial and maintenance tasks can be invested by the management into new investment ideas and into the expansion of their business.

A facility management company will manage every operational task such as upkeep and maintenance so that the real-estate company executives can focus on what actually matters for the growth of the business.

This is key to every business and we as a facility management company understand that whatever time and money we can help save the management will be beneficial to that industry.

These were a few of the reasons why the facility management industry is aboon for the real estate industry.  If you are someone who is involved in the real estate industry and wants a reliable facility management company to handle, manage and maintain your real estate premises,  then we are here to help you.

We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we are India’s fastest growing facility management company we offer some of the most mission-critical services required by a real-estate company like housekeeping, plumbing, electrical, security, façade cleaning, manpower management, and a whole host of other services. Trust us to deliver as we are the best at what we do.


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