Digitalization has brought revolutionizing changes to the world as the world now moves quickly. Nowadays, people prefer to play games online with remote players. With smartphones, users enjoy having their favorite board games over applications they can access anytime.

The Ludo game app has been a favorite board game since childhood. It has many memories, including fighting with siblings and amending rules on the fly to make the game your own. However, go through this article to learn how Ludo game development Company helps you to develop a game like a ludo.

ludo game development

Factors To Consider While Choosing Game App Development Company

Below are the factors to keep in mind while choosing a Game App Development Company:

Platforms on which it will be designed and launched:

Developers make specifications and special features based on the platforms on which their applications will be launched. Android, iOS, Windows, and React Native are the most commonly used platforms. In addition, the stage at which the game application is created determines its creation cost.

Size of the application:

It would be incredible to create a mobile application on a larger scale. The size of your gaming application determines the features, capacities, and add-ons that you may wish to include.

Gaming application testing:

Glitches and interference would not be an option for gamers. It is also possible to create a gaming application that guarantees a bug-free gaming experience.

What are the Application development steps for the Ludo game?

Before the development began:

The documentation of the application ideas or concepts must be completed before development can begin, followed by the design of the game and the project planning.

The phase of development:

Following the completion of all previous development activities, this phase begins. All programming, audiovisual production, and quality checks have been completed.

Activities after the development are completed:

It includes activities like customer service, maintenance, and support.

What Are The Ludo Game Mobile App Features?

User-friendly interface:

Providing a memorable experience is fundamental for engineers in virtual gaming. A connective, easy-to-use interface should be designed for the players, so they won’t encounter any obstacles or need any specialized skills to use it.

Ludo’s engaging graphics:

It has a theme option where the user, based on his choice and preference, can change the skin of the game based on themes that he likes in any game since Graphics have an essential role and are the heart of each game, irrespective of the code quality or the game engine.

Platform compatibility:

Cross-functionality is based on Ludo’s game code. Code creation for an individual operating system, such as Android, iOS, or web today, can be tedious and add to development costs.

Play with family and friends and earn by referring others:

For any mobile gaming application to succeed, it is fundamental to transform the players into loyal users and to connect with them for the long haul.

Multiplayer/single player:

Ludo games online offer both multiplayer and single-player options. As a result, the players have the opportunity to play with their family and friends.

There are multiple themes:

The game has a wide variety of themes, including Nature, Audio, and Egypt. There is something unique about all of these themes.


It is available in bilingual languages to make the game accessible to players from all over the world.

Chat support in real-time:

The game can be transformed into a drawing on stage by connecting between users. By chatting live, they can keep a strategic distance from composing problems.

Rush Mode:

This mode makes the game more competitive and exciting in a short period.


After completing a mission, one receives bonus points and codes to unlock various exciting features and themes that make the game more addictive.


During Ludo, you can facilitate a tournament or participate in one.

Daily Free bonus:

Once someone joins and gets registered for the first time, they receive a joining bonus; even after joining, they continue to receive bonuses and offers.

Playroom share code:

To play in a friend’s room, one only needs to tap on the Join room option, enter the secret code, and one will be able to play.

Global Ranking:

One’s ranking is determined by various factors, such as how often one plays, how many coins one earns, how many themes one unlocks, and how many tournaments one wins.


Ludo game runs various offers to make the game more exciting and to attract users. Bonuses, coins, advanced levels, and themes are always available for a limited period.

Ludo King Mobile Application Admin Features:-
  • Login authentication for administrators
  • For sales and marketing decision-making, a dashboard contains all the key parameters.
  • Block users who have been reported to the application.
  • Leaderboards – Local, National, and Global.
  • Fee management for table entries
  • Tournament management
  • Users’ wallets can be managed by admins so that coins can be adjusted, edited, credited, or debited from their accounts.
  • Ensure that all earnings and purchases are being monitored for payment.
  • Daily management of coins to be given to users.
  • A list of all games played between players in the past and present.
  • Management of app versions.
  • Management of notices
  • Getting notifications
  • Chat management
  • System for managing content (CMS)
How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Similar Application To Ludo King?

If you haven’t finalized your developer and discussed your requirements with them, you cannot determine the specific figure.

Before assessing the costs, it is essential to outline the requirements against the time and efforts involved in the development process. In addition, you need to hire a designer to determine how much the development will cost. The general cost will increase if the engineer has a solid portfolio.

Moreover, the development cost depends on how many features are added to the application. For example, a straightforward and essential design would lower development costs. Different features like application platforms, game applications, and any extras you want to include are equivalent to this.

Accordingly, the more practical/features, the more expensive. To calculate the average cost of the application, they can use the following reference:

  • They are developing a classic board game application with basic functionality and limited features that cost around $5000.
  • Furthermore, if you have more extensive plans to target a broad audience with the best board gaming application that incorporates advanced functionality and features, in that case, it would cost around $15,000.
  • Costs are also affected by the choice of development partner.
  • Selecting a company specializing in customized board game mobile apps will cost you a lot of money.
Find The Best Company To Develop Your Ludo Game App

Having landed on this article searching for a company that develops robust games such as Ludo King, you have come to the right place. In addition to the USA, Australia, Singapore, UAE, UK, and Russia, BR Softech is a well-known Ludo game app development company based in India.

In addition to game development, The BR Softech specializes in marketing to meet your business needs. With their unique and customized marketing strategies, they can take your business to the next level. Stay tuned to the article for an in-depth tutorial on developing a Ludo King-like gaming application.


Have you realized how to develop a ludo game app? BR Softech, a  Board Game App Development Company is there to help you turn your fantasy into reality by helping you structure a ludo game application that includes all the above features. Their master game application engineers can handle board game application development anytime.



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