If you’re looking to get away from the concrete jungle and experience some of the exotic wildlife that Dubai has to offer, there’s no better way than with a Dubai desert safari tour. You’ll get the opportunity to ride through the desert on an off-road vehicle, see camels and other animals up close, and go sandboarding down the dunes, all while enjoying the company of your group of friends and family or on your own. Plus, many desert safari tours provide activities like bbq dinners under the stars and overnight camping if you want to stay in the desert longer!

Dubai desert safari

An introduction to desert safari

For an introduction to Dubai desert safari, all you need is to know about Dubai desert safari packages. In Dubai, it is one of those things that you cannot miss. It is popular among tourists because it gives you an amazing feeling as if you are sitting on top of a roller coaster but with more fun and enjoyment! You are bound to love every moment that you spend there as every bit of your senses will be rejuvenated by its mesmerizing beauty.

Why go on a desert safari?

Going on a desert safari is an exciting experience and one you should definitely add to your bucket list. While many choose to do camel rides, go rock climbing, and find rare and exotic species of animals in Dubai desert tours, others prefer to just enjoy them while relaxing next to fire pits with delicious BBQ dinners. Whether you decide to go on an adventure or just sit back and relax, it’s certain that you’ll have fun!

Top 4 reasons to choose Red Carpet Tours in Dubai

* You will get to explore an exotic desert at night, where you can see a million stars and experience mesmerizing dunes. * They specialize in visiting the legendary sites of Deira, Al Mamzar and Bur-Dubai. * By opting for Red Carpet Tours’ excursions, one gets a chance to travel on open Jeep vehicles which are exclusively used for safari. * It is one of its kind adventure activities, thus making trips much more fun than others.

What can you expect from the tour?

There are three main desert safari types. A camel ride with an overnight stay in one of several stylish desert camps is called an overnight safari. Another type is dune bashing, which includes riding camels, jeeps and other vehicles through sand dunes and getting thoroughly soaked in water from time to time. The third type is similar to a night tour but lasts all day; it’s simply called a daytime desert safari.

How do you get there?

Whether you travel by car, bus or even on foot, it is important to leave early so that you can enjoy your desert safari in Dubai. Ensure you get there before 6 pm, as most trips don’t extend beyond that time. If you are taking public transport, ensure to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure for any possible delays on the way. Don’t forget to keep some water and snacks on hand!

A trip down memory lane

If you’re feeling as though your life has gone astray, it may be time to delve into your past. You’ll likely discover that there are lessons to be learned from those around you—family, friends, and mentors. We often find ourselves saying I want to make my life better than it was when I was growing up, but many people find themselves facing similar challenges.

What are some tips while on a desert safari?

Travelling to new and exciting places can be a fun way to break up your typical daily routine. But it’s also important to be as prepared as possible for any adventure you embark on. Being well-informed about where you’re going, what to expect and how best to stay safe is crucial if you want an enjoyable time that leaves you with good memories rather than bad ones.

What do you eat while on a desert safari?

The local diet in Dubai reflects that of other Gulf countries, consisting mainly of rice, noodles and flatbreads. Dishes are usually spiced with cumin and fresh coriander and served with an assortment of side dishes such as hummus, eggplant, mango pickles and tomato chutney. Popular drinks include coffee and tea. Alcohol is widely available at bars and restaurants, although it’s only permitted to be consumed by non-Muslims in hotel areas such as restaurants or bars.

How long does it take?

The Dubai desert safari lasts for about 2 hours. However, you should plan for at least three hours to travel from Dubai to Fujairah or Ras Al Khaimah. You can travel directly to Fujairah by driving (about 2-3 hours) or take a seaplane from Sheik Zayed Road and fly to Ras Al Khaimah (about 30 minutes). We recommend travelling directly to Fujairah as it’s more fun. The private tour also comes with a BBQ dinner and drinks.

Where is there Wi-Fi on your desert safari?

If you’re planning to use your mobile device on your desert safari, check if there will be access to Wi-Fi. If not, it might be worth investing in an international data plan for your phone before you head out. Most hotels and restaurants offer Wi-Fi nowadays, but double-check before you leave home just in case!


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