What feeling of adventure does your hair convey? Your hair’s hue now, do you find it boring? Babajem gives you an idea to try some different colored hair ideas to liven things up. 

We’ll look at 15 striking colored hair ideas in this post to get you motivated to try something different. From pink hair to copper, there is something for everyone. 

 Hair Inspirations by Babajem

An inviting and vibrant option is copper hair

You’ll become the center of attention very immediately by going with a striking, beautiful hair color like copper. You have a range of options to match your style thanks to copper’s many colors, which include auburn, ginger, bronze, copper red, and even yellow tones. With this vibrant shade, your hair is given warmth and gloss, making you appear younger.

Stylish and adaptable Ombre Hairstyles

For the experience, ombre hair is fantastic. Hair in the ombre style gradually changes color from dark roots to brighter ends, making it a popular and adaptable look. To express your own style and step up your hair game, you can play with it by adding additional colors like ash blonde or auburn.

A Mesmerizing and Stunning Option: Strawberry Blonde Hair

If you want to modify how you look, strawberry blonde hair is a captivating and gorgeous option. Light blonde tones and the energizing flavor of strawberry make a fantastic combination that is hard to pass up!

A Flexible And Elegant Option: Ash Brown Hair

Trendy, versatile, and elegant hair color options include ash brown. It is a soft brown with cool undertones that works well to provide depth without becoming very dark or light. Additionally, it can accommodate various skin tones and fashion trends. Long, bouncy layers of easy-to-care-for, authentic-looking hair are provided to the wearer.

Rich and opulent shade of burgundy hair

Rich and opulent, burgundy hair has elements of both brown and purple that give it a red wine-like appearance. It may sparkle in the sun, changing colors from deep merlot to oxblood. It works well on a range of skin tones and hair textures and is a fantastic solution for those who want to add some drama to their appearance without going crazy.

Having Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Is Stunningly Eye-Catching

You will stand out in any crowd with this timeless hair color, which is a fantastic eye-catcher. The best aspect is… This flexible hairstyle works well with a variety of hair types, skin tones, and base hair colors. Sparkling blonde highlights are perfect for adding some brightness to your face and overall appearance, whereas modest brown highlights could add some depth and character to your hair. It’s the perfect approach to give your hair a playful appearance without going excessive. Consequently, go ahead and do it and get ready to steal everyone’s show!

In terms of hair colors, dirty blonde is a chameleon

If you want your hair to blend in or stand out depending on your mood, dirty blonde is the chameleon of hair colors. This is the best choice if you want to brighten your hair a little without going overboard. With its warm honey touch, you’ll also look really adorable! The color will highlight the baby blues in the eyes of women with blue eyes, so keep them in mind. Consequently, embrace the versatility of dirty blonde hair and make it your own!

Blue hair is an original and distinctive color

Feel like a superhero or mermaid? If you want blue hair, look no further! It’s an innovative decision that shouts personality and bravery. shorter hair? no issues! It also looks great with blue. Any ensemble benefits from its impulsive color, which adds a touch of silliness. You may also choose the perfect shade of blue to go with your adventurous attitude and skin tone thanks to the wide variety of blue hues available. Enter the world of blue hair now, by all means!

Adding Color With Pink Hair

If you want to give your locks a splash of color, pink hair is a versatile and entertaining alternative. From pastel to neon, there are many different pink hairstyles to choose from. Pink highlights can be combined with various colours to provide a seamless blend that improves your complexion. Not only for the younger audience, but also for those who are still young at heart!

The Ideal Combination Of Sophistication And Coolness Is Ash Blonde Hair

A wonderful balance of class and coolness may be found in ash brown hair. This style is not restricted for blondes; brunettes can also attempt it by adding balayage highlights for greater dimension. It appears to have an icy touch and a beautiful ombre. Ash brown hair will consequently give your locks a touch of coolness while enabling you to maintain your sense of style and keep up with the latest trends.

Rose gold hair is an option that is liked by everyone

Rose gold hair color is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for a shade that is both universally appealing and wearable. Any skin tone will look beautiful because to the magnificent color created by blending the shades of red, pink, and blonde. Anyone may sport this lovely hair color, including blondes and brunettes!

White hair: A Bold, Edgy Look

White hair creates a bold and edgy style that is ideal for unleashing your inner rockstar. This offers a range of tones, from silvery white to stark white, making it ideal for anyone who wish to express themselves via their hair.

Honey blonde hair that has been sun-kissed is stunning

By combining warm, light, and dark tones, the adaptable hair color honey blonde can create a stunning sun-kissed appearance. Honey blonde is all about embracing universal warmth, so whether you go for a darker or lighter shade, it will surely warm up and brighten your appearance.

Chestnut Brown is a Traditional and Versatile Hair Color

Chestnut brown hair is a timeless and adaptable color that may match a variety of hair types and complexion tones. It has a dark chocolate base tone with worn-in accents of medium brown, and it emanates romance. Lowlights and highlights are seen as a result of the subtle color interaction. You might even want to apply chestnut blonde highlights all over your face, depending on your skin tone.

The Bold Statement: Dark Red Hair

A bold option, dark red hair has a seductive and imposing aura. Regardless of whether you choose a flamboyant burgundy or a cool-toned auburn, this hue is adaptable and goes well with a variety of skin tones and haircuts. Clean cuts and messy waves alike benefit from the interest and drama that dark red hair brings to every style. The finest option if you want to stand out and make a good impression is dark red hair.


A fun and interesting way to express yourself and keep up with the trends is to experiment with various hair colors. Whether it’s a rich crimson, an ash brown, or a delicate pink, there is a hue to go with every fashion. You should be aware, nevertheless, that inappropriate color changes can harm your hair. To prevent making any big changes, it is normally advised to consult with a licensed hairstylist. By taking care of your hair, you can attain the perfect hair color and gain the confidence that comes with a fresh appearance.


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