A lot of people experienced blackheads and face pimples cause of several reasons. The first reason is puberty and another reason is daily life reactions. Somehow, it would be best if you treat these skin conditions on time otherwise it might become worst. One of the worst skin conditions is Acne.

Acne Treatment

However, there are many people who are still unaware that how acne becomes and how to treat such conditions with an effective treatment. So, we are going to cover all information about the complete cure for acne treatment in Islamabad including its causes, best treatments, and prevention tips. So keep reading!

What is acne?

A type of skin condition that is formed by hair follicle blockage and with oil and dirt into the pore is known as Acne. It can appear anywhere on the body like the face, chest, arms, back, and legs. Also, there are two side effects of this skin condition, first one is that it leaves proper scars on your skin and the second one is they affect the quality of life which makes them low confidence. Sometimes, deep acne causes pain that may not be unbearable.

Causes of Acne:

Usually, acne appears in teenagers due to puberty, and old people also experience acne. Therefore, there must be a lot of causes of acne, and some common ones are mentioned below:

  • Due to medication.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • PCOS reasons.
  • Stress and depression.
  • Imbalance hormones.
  • Genetically issues.
  • Poor skincare.

A note to Remember – If the candidate for acne is a woman then it might be a reason for imbalance hormones or irregular periods. Commonly, men experience acne due to puberty and environmental pollution.

How to diagnose it?

According to Well known Clinic, the first stage of diagnosing acne is a simple assessment of your skin by an expert dermatologist. It doesn’t require any test but only visual inspection. There are very less chances for taking a swab examination. The diagnosing session might be performed in the clinic and the acne diagnosing tests have three stages, mild, moderate, and severe.

What Are Best Treatments For Acne?

The experts will examine the condition properly and recommend a suitable treatment for giving effective results. As mentioned above, the mild, moderate, and severe conditions of acne have different treatment solutions and process timing. A few common treatment options are mentioned below:

  • Gels and Creams – mild and initial stage of acne is always treated with recommended gels or creams. It will be applied to the acne and wait for 2 to 3 hours. This process may take a few days to reduce the appearance of mild acne. Cleansers are also used for acne removal.
  • Medication – When a person experiences moderate or severe acne then expert dermatologists always treat it with medication. It can be topical retinoid, antibiotics tablets, and a combination of medicines. This process will take a few weeks to give you noticeable results.
  • Cosmetic treatments – to reduce the acne appearance, it may require Acne Treatment like chemical peel, Hydrafacial, or injection therapy for eliminating the infection and dirt from the skin. Sometimes, a dermatologist also recommends salicylic acid is used to treat acne.
  • Surgical Procedure – when the acne increases the size and becomes severe, the dermatologist recommends a surgical procedure of extraction of acne skin. There are very rare cases where people go for surgery because it can leave a scar and it is a long period solution but provide long-lasting results.

What you will get after the treatment?

After treating your acne, you may have to follow the course of medication, applying gel for a specific time, and getting cosmetic treatments will give you effective and satisfying results. The use of antibiotics will eliminate the infection inside your skin and make new skin cells. After the proper treatment, you will get clear, smooth, and fresh skin. So, always choose an expert dermatologist who examines you accurately and treats you perfectly.

How to prevent acne in the future?

Generally, it is necessary to follow the prevention tip so that is how you won’t experience acne in the future. It is better to ask your dermatologist about the valid aftercare instructions are implement them in daily life. However, the important tips are mentioned below:

  • Keep your face neat and clean.
  • Better to moisturize your face all the time.
  • You can use acne products whenever you feel.
  • Do not apply excess make-up products during acne.
  • Avoid using hands on your face.
  • Keep yourself away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t take stress and depression.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, acne is common in young and old people and it can be treated with internal and external use of medication. Also, there are advanced cosmetics treatments that are suitable for your skin and give you amazing results. So don’t wait and treat your acne on time. Otherwise, it might get severe and even worst. Make your skin clear and smooth!


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