With advancements in development and technology, students are becoming more interested in using tools such as ChatGPT for essay writing. ChatGPT is an AI language model that can conduct writing tasks based on the instructions provided. Essays are an important element of academics, thus they must always be checked for quality before submission. Therefore, before reaping the benefits from ChatGPT, it is necessary to first comprehend the do’s and don’ts.

ChatGPT in Essay Writing – Do’s and Don’ts

Why Do Students Need Help In Essay Writing?

Essay write-ups are vital and sensitive to handle for the right submission. Any misleading style or inappropriate content can lead to the rejection of the essay. Students always need support and guidance to generate essays. Here are some reasons why students need assistance in essay writing;

  1. It is very difficult for the students to write ideas clearly and selflessly.
  2. Students lack time and necessary support from academic coaches.
  3. Students find it difficult to gather and coherently write the topic in an essay style.
  4. Students cannot generate new ideas or are unable to develop new thesis statements for the essays.
  5. Students struggle with their grammar and vocabulary which can affect the quality of essay writing.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using ChatGPT in Essay Writing:

The intensification in the use of ChatGPT for essay writing raises the question that how much this technology is useful for students and content writers. For the best purpose of using this technology, the following are the Dos and Don’ts of using ChatGPT in essay writing;

Do’s of using ChatGPT;

As the essay writeups are related to academic activities, therefore every student must need to look for these 6 Dos before using this AI language model;

Aid In Essay Writing

ChatGPT is a powerful AI model that can generate essays on a specific topic. This tool is best to use in the writing process of an essay. This type of assistance provides smooth transitions and a coherent flow to college and university essay writing. 

To Generate Ideas For A Specific Topic

ChatGPT is proficient chatbot technology that can support generating ideas for essays.  You can also seek help with thesis statements and essay objectives. The commands to the AI chatbot can be altered so to maintain the horizontal responses of ChatGPT.

Editing and Revisions 

ChatGPT is now advancing more towards the enhancement of AI tools. It has an efficient output for all kinds of essay commands. This AI tool can edit and revise the written essays and provide suggestions to improve the respective area of essays before the submission.

Improved Grammar And Vocabulary For The Essay

ChatGPT can help in improving the grammar and vocabulary aspects of the essays. The AI language model can provide quality essays to look for grammar, punctuation, and coherence of an essay.

Pleasant Way To Understand The Topic 

You can use ChatGPT for a better and more competent understanding of a topic for the essay. The topic can be divided into related headings and ChatGPT will provide a simple and easy context for the essay topic understanding.

Time-Saving Service

ChatGPT is an AI language model that can process the essay within no time. By taking aid from ChatGPT, students can save time for other academic activities.

Don’ts Of Using Chatgpt:

Academic writeups are more concerned with the guidelines and requirements of the institutes. Therefore, there are also limitations and don’ts to using ChatGPT in writing essays. 

Not A Replacement

ChatGPT can write essays for students on any topic. These essays should be used only for the model or reference purpose; it is not a replacement for own ideas and skills involved to write a manual essay.

Don’t Rely Upon The Whole Essay

Essay writing skills need continuous improvement that can allow approved submission. ChatGPT can ease the essay writing activity by providing essays. But it is not steadfast to seek essay writing help in all parts of essays from ChatGPT. Use your ideas and thoughts to build topics and thesis statements for the essays.

Don’t Follow All The Suggestions Blindly

Chat GPT provides suggestions on essay work that are not always worth watching. It is suggested to use your analytical thoughts and ideas to revise and proofread your essay. You can read the relevant past essays to see the basic structure and outlines that should be followed for essay writing.

Not Always Accurate

ChatGPT content is generated through an artificial intelligence chatbot so it cannot replace the accuracy and reliability of a human struggle. ChatGPT essays therefore should be checked and corrected according to the theme of the essay.

Still Need Grammarly Help

ChatGPT provides insights into Grammar and punctuation mistakes but is not efficient enough to compete with human proofreading capability. You can also use the Grammarly program for proofreading and editing purposes as it is more appropriate than ChatGPT.

 Academic Help Is Not Suitable

If you want to pursue help for educational purposes, ChatGPT may not be a better option because of biases in the relevant data. There are always chances for biased data in the academic help so you will get the same response for multiple essay-related questions. Consequently, there is a limitation in the usage of ChatGPT.

Lack Of Creativeness

ChatGPT is not capable of generating a creative essay because the technology is limited and can create the context for simple essays. 

Weak Interpretations 

ChatGPT technology is not capable to produce strong interpretations for college essays. It has limited access to appraising the essays but needs human support to process the results and findings. So, the ChatGPT essay should be revised and edited for the best-purpose submission.


ChatGPT is an important tool to get essay assistance for students but it is completely reliable for essay writing is a matter of attention. Students can seek limited help from ChatGPT but should not rely completely upon the whole essay writeups. Remember to consider the above-mentioned Dos and Don’ts to get high-quality and effective essays for submission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that is designed to respond according to specific commands and functions from the user. It can revise and edit contexts so provides suggestions for improvements.

Is The Use Of Chatgpt Considered Ethical For Essay Write-Ups?

Yes, the use of ChatGPT is legal and ethical for essay-writing purposes. This tool aids the writing process for an essay. It is a reliable tool for essay writing as long as used for assistance, and not as a spare for human ideas and thoughts. 

Can Chatgpt Help Me In Writing A Full-Length Essay?

Yes, ChatGPT can provide full-length essays within a short time but it is not recommended to use for submission. It is always suggested to use this essay for reference and model purposes. Students should write the essay by themselves or hire any reliable essay writing service like The Academic Papers UK.

Are The Revisions Correct For The Essays?

ChatGPT can revise and edit the document but it is not always accurate and reliable. So, it is better to revise and edit manually and double-check each sentence and word of the revised content. For better support, you can use Grammarly as it can better suggest the changes to be done before the essay submission.

How To Check The Plagiarism Of The Chatgpt Essay?

You can check the plagiarism of the essay by using Grammarly or Turnitin application. Moreover, it is a much-needed activity to check and remove plagiarism in an essay before submission. Also, you must check the regulations of the institute; to see if the AI-generated essay can cause serious damage to your academic profile.

Can Chatgpt Technology Edit Or Revise My Photos And Videos?

Yes, the visual ChatGPT can edit and refine the images and videos for the required purpose. It can generate images from textual commands in a real-time manner. It can also perform tasks like removing any object from the photos or changing the background color of an image.

Can I Use Chatgpt For Referencing And Citation Purposes?

ChatGPT only suggests different sources that are best for the citation and references. But you can use EndNote, Easy Bib, or Mendeley programs to cite sources and references. These programs will help to generate accurate and exact formats and citation styles for the sources.


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