Technology has been an integral part of every aspect of life and business over the years, including marketing. The rise in cell phone usage has led to significant online movements for the use of innovative technology. The iBeacon is the best solution for this purpose. The process of developing an iBeacon application isn’t as simple as it appears, and developers face unexpected challenges.

These are some of the challenges developers face when developing iBeacon apps. Following are some tips for solving the problems with iBeacon app development.

iBeacon App Development Problems & Tips to Resolve

Permission Matrix Challenges

The permission matrix is a major problem with the custom iBeacon app development. Users must grant permission for this feature to be used. The app must be aware that not all devices support beacons, so the Bluetooth feature must be activated. This indicates that beacons must be tested on different versions of the app before they can be used.

Sometimes it’s better to wait until the end to request permissions than to blast users before they try the app. Additionally, information should be provided to users in a proactive manner to explain privacy & security.

Hardware & Signals Issue

Many apps were developed to be well-behaved & closed systems. Beacons are a sensitive area. You must be able to work with radios and external signals. The iOS SDK addresses some of the intricacies that go into detecting signals, error correction, & decoding.

Known as Low-Energy, Bluetooth LE runs on the same Wi-Fi frequency band. This can cause interference. Different iBeacon hardware manufacturers may have different signal qualities. Beacon signals can be affected by temperature and device power. Also, polling intervals can vary depending on broadcasts.

Signal accuracy is not the same as it seems. This means an app should be capable of deciding which information to use based on its input.

Tracking & Triangulation

There can be no two-way communication between iBeacons& apps. It is a one-way radio only. They don’t recognize the client devices that receive their broadcasts. This can be done in two ways. First, an advanced iBeacon is capable of opening a second channel for communication with mobile devices. Second, the iBeacon transmits the same data back and forth to the server via a constant network connection.

Nevertheless, this functionality is not part of iBeacon’s specification and would drain your battery significantly. It is possible to make it look like it is happening by allowing the app the opportunity to do it. It can connect to a backend and update any record to register real-time presence and personalize the app or real-world experiences.

Server Piece

It is essential to have business logic scripts, given the variety of variables that the iBeacon application can encounter. The app should, for example, be able to collect data about beacons such as UUID.

The app will access the business logic script as soon as it encounters a beacon. This will allow it to get a complete list of all users who have used that beacon. This script provides privacy-enabled data and attempts to interpret it. It can be difficult considering that real-time updates may be recorded at any time. Sometimes, the beacon might not be able to reach the device.

Developers have a solution: they can use time-based algorithms to guess if users are still there. Developers can also use business logic scripts to identify trends and draw conclusions.

Navigate the Application Store

The final challenge for iBeacon app development is to navigate the app store. This is an educational experience. Here’s the crux:

  • It is crucial to clearly describe what an app does or should do, in both public description and review notes.
  • Demonstrate the app’s functions and show a video.
  • In review notes, provide a demo account with beacon UUIDs.
  • Add a battery disclaimer to the end of your description.

Some Last Words

Developers will find the iBeacon app development unique from all the other apps. The solutions above can help you avoid these problems. To provide top-notch service to your users, you must be able to manage permissions, expectations, unpredictable technology, signal issues, and other factors such as user expectations. Many top iBeacon app development companies offer custom iBeacon app development. It is easy to find the best iBeacon app development company that meets your needs and fits within your budget.


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