The Chadar Trek is a one-of-a-kind and difficult trip in India. According to the climate, this multi-day Chadar walk throughout the ice Zanskar River in Ladakh takes place from late January to mid – February or perhaps in March. It’s what used to be a sensation to stroll on the solid pane of a frozen stream with enormous peaks along either side.

Chadar Trek

It is also renowned as Zanskar Gorge or The Frozen River, and it is without a doubt the most exciting walk in the Himalayas. The term Chadar comes from the Arabic word chadar, which means “white sheet.”

The Trek

With an elevation of 11,150 feet, the Chadar Trek seems like a trip to the North Pole. Readings plummet to 30 degrees at nightfall, all snacks and beverages must be brought in on snowmobiles, and tunnels must be sought for shelter.

Several people’s wish lists include completing The Chadar Trip, particularly thrill-seekers who prefer hard treks. Locals in the region are called Zanskaris, and their major occupations are cattle-raising and agriculture.

You’re walking along the ice river’s edge. Hikes across mountains and hills pass over tunnels and caverns, historic castles, and valleys are available in India. This one winds its way down the Zanskar path, in which the snow is strong enough even to skate on.

You will indeed be pushed through your comfy circle on the Chadar Trek. You’ll freeze almost all of the time if you’re distant from society. For a couple of days, try buttery chai (that not everyone enjoys) or live at the whim of nature.

You may gain a different perspective on life outside of the metropolis and become one with the wilderness. You’ll learn a great deal about the Ladakhen people and their problems. It’s a surreal encounter that will make you appreciate the conveniences and benefits you have in your everyday life even more.

You’ll be capable during the Chadar Trek, see locations you’ve not seen previously. The scenery of Ladakh changes significantly in the wintertime. The Zanskar River, notably along the river valley, provides the much more stunning vistas in this rising desert. Experiment with freezing waterfalls that build frost walls that soar over your skull.

You’ll notice an air bubble trapped behind the ice from the stream. On parts of the trail, you’ll be hiking on a heavy coating of ice behind which the river flows. The Chadar shifts over them on a regular basis.

The snow melts splits and solidifies when the temperature raises a few points. Himalayan goats can be seen traversing the steep hills if you’re fortunate. The neighboring woods are glabrous, and their limbs, which have been darkened by the climate, show out against the white terrain.

Why is the Chadar trek famous?

The Chadar Hike is unlike any other trek in India. As is the reason that the Chadar Trail is remarkable is that it occurs on a frozen river’s bed. Several other Indian hikes take you over mountains and hills, gorges and caverns, historic garrisons, and valleys.

This trail follows the Zanskar River. You can skate on the snow where it is solid enough. You will climb on the frozen riverbanks where the guidebooks believe the snow is too thin. You’ll set up tents and relax while taking in the tranquility of the stream and the magnificent sky full of stars overhead.

Other hiking parties’ campfires can be seen below. Experience vocal lessons and warm food to help you get through the frigid night. The cave ceilings are darkened by the smoke from generations of cooking fires.

At all times of the day, somebody is churning a giant pot of cold and hot stew. Fresh tea will be served to you here. The sense of community is soothing, and you’ll feel like a real explorer enjoying your voyage with other trekkers.

Moreover, Tibb Cave, a historic cave that has become a popular destination for all trekkers, is one of the Chadar Trek’s attractions.


The Chadar Trek hike isn’t challenging if you’re in great physical condition. There are no severe gradients to negotiate, and little technical knowledge is needed. It must not, therefore, be taken lightly.

This hike is difficult due to inclement snow and elevation. If you do not really adhere to your instructor, the severe circumstances could risk your existence in danger. Just about an expedition like this helps you feel superior regarding yourself as if you’ve achieved something!

Whenever the Chadar trip is completed, you will enter an elite squad of Tschadar hikers who have already experienced it all. As you acquire the idol of your group, expect a lot of weird looks and inquiries.

You will look tougher and more powerful than before once you return. Always keep in mind that there is a swift, chilly river whirling under your toes. But that’s part of what has made it so unique: hardly everyone seems to be willing to embark on the Chadar mission.


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