Celebrations of occasions are very subtle. They do not need many things to put up with. If it is a private celebration, then a cake and the people are enough. But if it is a social celebration, some other things are also important. One such thing is decoration. There are different decorative props available in the market. But the most convenient and genuine one is the balloons. Balloons are inflated bags of happiness that make every occasion special. For a birthday celebration, all you need for perfect decoration is colorful balloons. Here is a way of the birthday party celebration with colorful balloons.

choose innovative balloon idea

1) Heart-Shaped Balloons

Balloons make people happy with their appearance. A birthday celebration full of happiness. Coloring balloons are an irreplaceable option for birthday decor. You can also signify your emotion through these balloons. A heart is the shape of love and red is the color of love. For any of your beloved’s birthdays, these balloons would do the best. You can choose the colors according to your share of relation. But for a lover, the best heart shape balloon decor is the red heart balloons.

2) LED Balloons

A celebration of a birthday party hits the right track with playful music. On a happy occasion like a birthday, everyone is ready to be on the dance floor as soon as the music plays. These balloon types add some decent mood lighting to the party, giving it a disc vibe. In these LED balloons, there are chains of coloring lights added inside them. People hang these balloons from above and switch the lights on. Such a vibe would give you the best birthday celebration ever. You can also choose innovative balloon idea in Italy for your beloved ones on their birthdays.

3) Smiley Balloons

A balloon is a causal reason for anyone to find it. It has a strong relationship with a childhood that everyone misses. And when the balloons are even expressive, it is best for the celebration. In our digital life today, we talk less and text more. And we best express our emotions through ‘emojis’. Smiley has become the easiest communicative part of our daily life. And it is best to add them to mundane celebrations as well. You can decorate the whole place with different smiley emoji balloons. They are bright yellow with a black smile on them. Such a smiley balloon wall would be a perfect photo booth on your birthday.

4) Couple Photo Balloons

This is an apt celebration choice for the couple celebrating each other’s birthday. Here the Polaroid pictures get tied with ribbons at the end of the colorful balloons. And people stick these balloons on the ceiling to hang the photos mid-air. This would be an amazing surprise birthday celebration for your beloved couple. Also, the couple can choose to celebrate each other’s birthdays like this. Such pictures would make them realize the happy times they spent together.

5) Foil Balloons

Birthday celebrations need a little bit of shine and shimmer. The foil balloon completely balances the combination of both. Foil balloons have shiny colorful bodies with lesser air inflated in them. These balloons are perfect for birthday celebrations. They are of various colors. But, the silver and the golden colors look best. One can even personalize these balloons with occasional messages. For a birthday, ‘Happiest Birthday with the name’ is a great message to customize on the balloons. These balloons last compare longer than the other varieties. But it is advisable to keep the balloons at bay from the direct sunlight.

6) Solid Color Balloons

Today, there are different varieties of balloons available in the market. In the beginning, the only form of celebration balloons was solid colored-water drop. Such balloons even add charm to birthday celebrations. If you are celebrating your grandparent’s birthday, make sure you use this balloon decor. It will make them feel like in childhood again. The nostalgia would make their celebration way more special and memorable. It is best to order birthday balloon bouquets online for such remarkable celebrations.

7) Clear Balloons

There are varieties of balloons that we see in the celebrations these days. Some people like their celebration to be bright and colorful. Some like it a little subtle. Hence, for the latter category, the clear balloons are the best ones. These are very thin and transparent balloons. One can put glitters or chocolates inside them to make them look special and operational. For the kid’s birthday party, these balloons are perfect. One can also stick a thank you message on these balloons. Then they can use them as ‘return gifts’ to the guests, expressing their gratitude.

Balloons are the lightest yet the brightest decoration props for occasions. For celebrations like birthdays, add more happiness to the occasion. Above are the best birthday parties with balloon decor ideas to celebrate. These would create amazing memories for the occasion. Since balloons stay longer, one can also use them for home decor after occasions as well.


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