Taxi app development is trending among entrepreneurs in Ireland who want to easily and quickly establish a business. It makes sense for entrepreneurs to invest in a solution that allows them to offer the utmost convenience to their customers.

Do you agree with this thought? Are you planning to establish your taxi business in Ireland?

If you are, there cannot be a better solution than launching a Carlow Taxi Clone.

The rising popularity of on-demand taxi booking in the country speaks for itself why developing and launching one app with multiple services makes sense.

By 2027, the ride-hailing and taxi segment in Ireland is expected to see 1.47 million users.

Furthermore, this segment’s revenue is to grow at an annual rate of 1.76%.

Confused about whether you should trust these statistics and start taxi app development or wait for others to hop in the market?

Let’s see.

Should You Build a Carlow Taxi Clone or Not?

Let’s look at three reasons why launching a taxi business in Ireland can scale up the chances of your success.

Growing demand for on-demand taxi services

The demand for online taxi services is growing rapidly in Ireland. As the statistics suggest, 36% of total revenue in this segment is to be generated from online bookings.

Growing population

As of 2023, Ireland’s population is 5,104,970. With the growing population, the need for on-demand taxi apps is rising too.

Well, the more population you will serve, the better returns you will get in your taxi business.

Friendly regulations

Government regulations are one of the most impactful reasons why entrepreneurs like you fail to start a taxi business.

Luckily, in Ireland, the regulations are a bit friendly, thus, making it easier for you to launch and operate the Carlow Cab Clone taxi app in Ireland.

Moreover, developing a taxi app also comes with a lot of perks for the business such as:

Increased visibility and customer reach

Launching a taxi app will help you reach a wider audience or potential customers more efficiently as compared to an offline business.

It’s because people can easily find your app and book the taxi services of their choice on it.

Launching an app can reduce the cost of offline advertising on pamphlets, hoardings, TV ads, etc.

Improved customer experience

A well-designed taxi app will enable you to offer your users a seamless and convenient taxi booking experience. Thus, increasing the chances of you getting repeat taxi orders from the same customers.

Increased efficiency

Building a taxi app will also allow you to improve your business’s efficiency by taking every operation “online.”

Using the taxi app, you can easily automate many of the tasks such as managing your fleet, sending personalized messages, dispatching drivers, tracking rides, etc.

Increased revenue

Another reason why launching a taxi app will benefit you is because it can increase your revenue.

With the on-demand taxi app, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones much more easily as compared to making efforts “offline”!

How Many Taxi Services Can You Provide in One App?

Well, you can provide a number of taxi services in your Carlow taxi clone, starting with:

Quick taxi booking

Your users can book a taxi and get going anywhere in the city. With just a few taps on the screen, your users can book a ride from X(current location) to Y(destination).

The system connects the riders with the nearest driver available to complete the trip. Therefore, users can expect the taxi driver to arrive at the pick-up point in just a few seconds, mostly, within 5 minutes.

Taxi rentals

In case the rider wishes to rent a taxi, they can rent one on your Carlow-like taxi app.

The user can pick the car they want from the available options, enter the number of hours for which they want to rent it and get the pricing upfront.

Now, based on their needs, they can rent a taxi and get a fully chauffeured service.


Taxi-pooling is the other term used for ride-sharing. Riders who want to save money on everyday rides and don’t have a problem traveling with other passengers heading to the same destination can book a shared ride.

While booking a pool ride, users can enter the pick-up and destination, select the number of seats they want, and choose the payment method as well.

Once the ride is booked, the driver will come to the user’s doorstep, start the ride, and pick up other passengers on the way.

Taxi scheduling

Sometimes users find it best to book the rides in advance, especially if they have late-night or early-morning flights.

Booking taxis in advance helps users to avoid the last-minute hassles of finding a taxi.

The system automatically assigns a taxi to the rider before the scheduled time. The driver then arrives at the rider’s pick-up location and starts the ride after verifying the OTP, etc.

Moto Rides

As a plus service, you can also allow your riders to book moto rides on the app.

Moto rides are more convenient and quick. With a two-wheeler, riders can reach their destination, cutting through the traffic.

Moreover, it’s comparatively cheaper than taxi rides.

How to build a Carlow Cabs Clone app?

Here are the steps you must follow to develop your own taxi booking app in Ireland.

Identify the opportunities in the existing market

Taxi apps are not new in the country. Several taxi businesses are operating online including FREE NOW, Uber, Tacsai, etc.

Therefore, to build a successful taxi booking app for your business, start looking for new opportunities you can work with and launch a “unique” app.

To identify what better you can do, start studying the current market and analyzing your competitors. Look for the areas where you can make more improvements by incorporating advanced features, interactive UI/UX elements, adding multiple taxi services, etc.

Identify the taxi services you wish to integrate

To leave your audience awe-struck and pave the way to the top of the taxi service industry in the country, decide which services you want to integrate into your system.

Since you want to launch your Carlow Cabs Clone with multiple taxi services, add every service including:

  • Taxi Pooling
  • Taxis for women
  • Taxi rentals
  • Ride scheduling
  • On-demand taxis

Choose the business and revenue model

In this step, you need to choose an effective business and revenue model for your online taxi business.

Commonly, taxi app owners like you choose a commission-based business model. Here they make a certain percentage of income from every cab service booked on the app.

Whereas, when it comes to choosing the revenue model, make sure you integrate plenty of channels to start making money. For example, you can make money from:

  • In-app Facebook/Google ads
  • Cancellation charges
  • Surge charges
  • Subscription plans

Launch the app quickly with a pre-built clone app

Another way to build the app of your dreams is by picking the best ready-made solution available in the market. You can go live with your taxi business in Ireland in just 1 to 2 weeks using a ready-made solution.

While your peers would be still developing the app, you will be making profits on every ride booked via the application.

Final Words:

The on-demand taxi market is highly competitive in Ireland with multiple apps like Uber, FREE NOW, Lynk, etc. striving to establish their market.

Therefore, when entering this competitive landscape, you must consider taking the right steps to launch your on-demand taxi app.

Some key elements you can include in the application are multiple taxi services, advanced features, multi-lingual facilities, etc.

Another essential factor to define the success of your multi-service taxi app in Ireland is finding a trustworthy app developer who can build a Carlow Taxi Clone for you.

Shake hands with an app development company with extensive knowledge, years of experience, the best technologies, and a global clientele.


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