Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving your website to make it worthy of a better rank on the search engines.

While you can get visitors to your website via different traffic channels such as paid ads,  email marketing, social media, and other means, search traffic is the cheapest and best traffic that converts most.

rank on search engines

Did I just say search traffic is the cheapest, yeah, but getting it is not that basic or simple?

In most cases, you need to invest time and resources to get a better rank on search engines.

You need to research low competitive key phrases and long-tail keywords to get on the top of the search engines without investing many resources like backlinks and promotions.

Why do you need Traffic from search engines?

What do you estimate, how many search terms are googled per minute?

According to businesspally, there are over 4.5 million in us alone.

Nowadays, it’s easy to use Google or another search engine to find information on a certain topic or to buy something online.

With the increasing number of search queries, the number of domains also grows: everyone wants to rank first and generate clicks on their own website, says chaktty.

But how do I really manage to be at the top and outshine my competition?

In this article, we will tell you how you can increase your chances of a top ranking in organic search results.

Keyword Research – Increases the chance of a TOP Ranking

The key to success in search engine optimization is keyword research, Techpally boss exclaimed.

If you want to direct potential customers and visitors to your own website via Google, you should carry out keyword research and the associated keyword analysis at the beginning of any content optimization.

In this article, we explain what keyword research is, which tools you can use and how relevant the search intention is in terms of choosing the right marketing channel.

A checklist for optimal keyword research is available on top as a free download – have to fun reading!

Keyword Research – what is it actually?

Keyword research is the search for meaningful keywords that users actually enter in search engines and for which a website should be optimized.

The goal is to rank as high as possible in the SERPs for keywords and synonyms relevant to the target group in order to generate traffic to the website.

The keyword research is the basis for all further optimization of your website.

Why is Keyword Research so important in SEO?

Let’s imagine the following scenario:

You are looking for information on a topic, eg “cleaning tips” and enter this search term in the Google search.

I would now ask you to click on any snippet that best suits you in terms of your search intention.

How many of you do you think have clicked on a snippet on page 1 now?

I would estimate over 90%. Everyone knows it, we hardly ever click on the search results on page 2 or 3 – and everything after page 3, nobody is guaranteed to search there.

So to get the click, we need to play along on the front pages.

So the question is, how do I do that and what criteria does Google use to decide who will be played in which position?

Search engines like Google always want to provide users with the most relevant search results for their search queries.

Therefore, the search engine algorithms crawl thousands of websites to determine their content relevant to the search query.

In order for the content of a page to be rated as relevant by Google, keyword research must be carried out in order to be able to optimally optimize the respective website, Techpally boss advised.

As an SEO agency, we are responsible for positively influencing the position of a website for certain search terms in the organic search and for optimizing the content on the domain.

To do this, the right keywords and keyword combinations for which the website is to be found online must be researched and placed in the right place in the text.

Do you need help with your keyword research? No problem! We’re happy to help.


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