Boston University offers a Master’s in Business Analytics. It is a full-time, twelve to sixteen months program. The program prepares you for the dynamic data-driven business world. The highlights of the program are-

Master’s in Business Analytics

  • Prime location
  • Great Career Outlook
  • Dedicated Career Coaching
  • Experiential Learning
  • Enhancement of Skills
  • Compact Class Size

Class Profile

The university received 1407 applications and 85 applications were accepted. 47/ students were male and 53/ students were female. The mean age was 24 years. The median GMAT score was 690, the average GPA was 3.55 and the median TOEFL score was 103.


The curriculum of the program enhances statistical and programming acumen through rigorous hands-on projects. The core programs offered are Business Analytics Toolbox, Introduction to Business Analytics, Supervised Machine Learning, Competing with Analytics, Teaming, Management Communications, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Business Experimentation and Casual Methods, and Data Ethics Intensive. Check out other universities for MSBA in The USA to know the best one for you.

The concentrations of the curriculum are-

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Applied Data Science

The outcomes of the program

The outcomes of the program are-

  • Critical thinking to frame Data problems and apply suitable analytical tools to achieve targeted results.
  • Proficiency in the management and usage of data analytical tools
  • Ability to manipulate data and develop statistical and machine learning models
  • Ability to visualize and improve business outcomes
  • Connect quantitative and qualitative tools, concepts, and context to solve problems efficiently and make conscious and data-driven decisions
  • Communicate the insights efficiently and in simple language
  • Development of leadership, interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Visualize constraints, opportunities, and needs of data analytics

Admission Requirements

The application requirements are-

  1. ThreeVideo Essay
  2. GMAT/GRE scores
  3. IELTS/TOEFL scores
  4. Interview
  5. Undergraduate transcripts
  6. Application Fee
  7. Online application form
  8. Resume
  9. Two letters of Recommendation

Application Review Factors

The Boston University admission committee reviews applications on three factors. The factors are-

  • Academic excellence in quantitative coursework
  • Commitment to ethics and integrity
  • Evidence of community involvement

Application Deadlines

The application process has four deadlines. The first deadline is in October, the second deadline is in December, the third deadline is in January, the fourth deadline is in March and the last deadline is in April.

Cost of the Program

The cost of the program is $82,760. The cost includes tuition fees, accommodation charges, food charges, stationery costs, personal expenses, and transportation charges.
Financial Aid

The university provides merit-based scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic and professional achievements. Students don’t need to fill out a separate application form for scholarships, every student is considered for the scholarship.

Career Paths and Resources

The Career paths open to students after the completion of the program are- Analytics Consulting, Applied Data Science, Business Intelligence, Customer and Marketing Analytics, Financial & Accounting Analytics, Operations & Supply Chain Analytics, and People Analytics. The roles offered are- Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Product Analyst, Product Manager, Data Engineer, AI Consultant, Financial Analyst, Marketing Science Analyst, and Senior Operations Analyst.

Career Resources

The career resources offered to the students are-

  • Master of Business Analytics Career Expo- The expo provides an opportunity for students to network with potential employers. During this expo, students can network with companies looking for future talent.
  • NYC Trek- NYC Trek is an immersive program where students network with alumni, corporate partners, potential employers, and industry leaders.
  • Recruiter Events- During the recruiting events students meet business moguls, hiring managers, and recruiters.

The leading hiring companies are- Alibaba, Tesla, Barclays, Silicon Valley Bank, Cigna, NBC Universal, Wayfair, Chewy, PWC, Deloitte, Unilever, and Adidas.


Boston University Master’s in Business Analytics program provides essential skills to students to convert Data into Insights and Insights into Results. The program provides you with the right amount of exposure and skills to succeed in the Data-Driven business world.


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