When designing your home, it is important to consider its after-sale value even if you do not think of selling it. Nowadays homes are quite different to back in the day and require certain features and functionality to make them look good on the market.

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Your home does not have to be big for it to have a high resale value, instead, it needs to be efficient, sustainable, classy and just right for any interested party. So, what are some ways in which to boost the value of your home that can be done from the start and do not require too much of your budget spent?

Efficient layout

No one likes congestion and confusion so the layout of your home is of prime importance. This means establishing the perfect balance between homely and allowing privacy. Does your home have extra features such as a guest bedroom and attached bathroom, sufficient garage space for at least 2 vehicles or one large vehicle and the right amount of storage space?

These are all features that add value to your property. However, this does depend on where your home is. If you are in a congested city, you might not have the privilege of a large garage or additional rooms, although these will be the bare minimum features for homes in suburban areas where it is more residential and catered for families.

Do you have recreational space?

Recreational space could vary from garden space, lounges, patios, swimming pools or even indoor game rooms. Although they do not have to be large their availability of it adds value to your home by a mile.

A garden should be designed in a way that can be maintained easily, so if you are putting your house on the market consider hiring Bendigo garden clean up services. They are professionals who are able to handle any sort of garden-related maintenance. A jacuzzi or plunge pool are other ideal alternatives for a large swimming pool. This will be ideal for those looking for family homes.


People nowadays are environmentally conscious so having homes with sustainable features is ideal. This could be the use of solar panels in hotter areas, smart refrigerators and air conditioners and even thermal cooling and heating that requires low energy. There are tons of sustainability-driven features and fittings that can be installed into homes these days. The use of natural light is one important feature as people prefer it to artificial light.

High-quality fixtures

Kitchen, bathroom and living room fixtures are some of the best value additions. Smart kitchen space for storage, classy bathroom amenities and overall sleek fittings are easy ways to have your home look classy no matter the size.

Minimalistic yet homely is the vibe for nowadays buyers so planning out your home in that matter is beneficial. However, it is important to keep in mind that what sells a house is a character, let your buyer feel what it would be like living in your house.


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