Whether you own a restaurant or a custom patch business — with the right marketing strategy you are going to touch the heights of success in no time. But before that, you might need to work on your skill. Especially the ones related to marketing because without being skillful in this domain, you can’t sail the ship. No, we did not mean the actual ship but you have to beware of the opportunities because once the ship is sailed you can’t turn back the time.

Speaking of which, you need the right opportunity at the right time to market your business. And don’t trust someone who says otherwise. Skills do matter but you can’t ignore the timings as well. Do you know why digital marketers are more active between 12 pm to 3 pm? Because that’s when you get the most clicks and shares. And this is not an assumption at all, you can try it yourself.

How to Market your Patch Business Correctly?

Anyhow, if you are still skeptical about your marketing skills then we have got your back! In the following article, you’ll be reading the best, trusted, and tested patch business marketing tips.

However, some of them might seem universal, and hence, you can practice them to market your business. So let’s just get into it!

Know your audience

The first rule of marketing is to know your audience as much as you can. Because until and unless you know what they want, you can’t deliver according to their preference. So the first and foremost thing you are going to do is to conduct a thorough research about your consumers. The thing with patches is that almost every person regardless of age barrier loves to have them. You might have seen students, workers, kids, and even senior citizens wearing patches on their bags, and attires. You just need to figure out whom you are influencing the most with your custom firefighter patches. Your audience can be from school scouts or college football leagues. Once you know your audience, the rest of the process will become serene.

Patch for a cause

Just like you vote for a cause, you should also invest for a cause. Make sure the custom patches you make, are creating a positive impact on society. You are not only capable of selling an embroidered piece of cloth but also an idea, hence it should be effective enough to create a change. Apart from sending out a positive message with your patches, you can also reserve a quarter half of the profit for charity. Isn’t it better to be the doer than a talker? Well, it is.

Don’t neglect your logo

Custom patches do not limit you, speaking of which, you should not limit yourself to producing specific designs. You can use your brand logo on a patch you. It’s nothing new, almost everyone has been doing this for ages. Besides, it’s a perfect way to for branding, it does not only make your brand value but also creates a strong presence. So why don’t you give it a try? Whatever your brand is, make sure its logo is on the patches you make.

Use social media platforms

Social media is the strongest medium to connect with the world today, and you can easily gather lots of people in one place. You can use any social media platform for your patch business marketing. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter — all these platforms can be used in your favor. The reason why we specifically mentioned these four platforms is that it’s easier to engage an audience here as compared to other platforms.

Use advertisement

The next tip is to advertise in the right manner because this can boost your business in a very short period. However, it was quite hard back in the day because advertising was pretty expensive and tough but that’s not the case today. You can use any platform and medium to run ads for your bespoke patches. All those pop-up ads you see while surfing the internet create strong brand visibility. Start with the lowest and increase your investment with time — we are sure that you can attract a huge group audience.

Get in touch with influencers

Another thing that can be effective in patch marketing is to involve influencers. Social media influencers are known to attract a huge crowd with their creative content. So, there won’t be any harm if you reach out to them for your business marketing. You just need to send them some of your custom patches and leave the rest to them and wait for the day your website is flooded with countless orders.

Post reviews

Even if you don’t own a patch business, you are supposed to feature all the reviews on your website. Because it creates a good impression, customers want authenticity. And reviews make your website authentic whether they are positive or negative. Hence, encourage your customers to leave a review after purchase and then post that review next to the respective product.

The right time

As we have said at the start that timing matters. If you market at the right time, you are most likely to engage more people. Therefore, we prefer peak hours to captivate a massive crowd. And you already know what those peak hours are. So all you have to do is to reserve that time for your patch business marketing.

Distribute patches among your team

Last but certainly not least is to motivate your team to create awareness among people by wearing your firm’s patches. And as we all know that you don’t always need to wear them in your clothes. You can use patches on everything from a cap to a bag or suitcase. Distribute patches among your team members, your employees, and almost every person in your office.


These 9 tips lead us to the end of this article and we hope that you start using them ASAP. Because the time is quite limited and competition is tough. So if you want to establish your patch business soon, you’ll have to start working from today. Perhaps, from the very moment!


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