A popular dietary supplement used by athletes or gym-goers. Protein powder is a nutritional supplement that is popular amongst almost every person, especially those who are into fitness. It is a powdered form of protein that is made out of either Plants, Eggs, or Milk which means rice, soybean, hemp, peas, potatoes, eggs, or milk. You must consume it in an appropriate quantity, and its consumption helps in building muscle, bones, and skin. In this article, we will be giving you detailed knowledge regarding Protein Powder for Men.

Protein Powder for Men

Types of Protein Powder:-

7 types of Protein Powders have their health benefits. Following is the list of various kinds:-

Whey Protein

It is one of the most popular supplements used by people who exercise. It is made out of cow’s milk and is a by-product of the cheese-making process. It is known as a complete protein and is one of the most popular forms, and is highly beneficial for those who regularly work out.

Casein Protein

Milk is made out of two ingredients one is whey, and the other is casein which is known to give milk its white color. It is widely known to be taken before going to bed to reduce muscle breakdown and help with recovery.

Rice Protein

It is extracted from rice and is a beneficial source of protein for vegans. It is widely known for strengthening the muscles and recovering from the soreness in muscles.

Hemp Protein

This is a plant-based protein that comes from Hemp plants and is used especially by vegans. This powder is an excellent source of fiber and also contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is natural and gluten-free.

Pea Protein

Derived from peas, this one has proven its excellency for people having high blood pressure issues, obesity, and other conditions. It is the source of protein that is extracted from yellow peas and is rich in iron.

Egg White Protein

Egg whites play a huge role in the journey of losing weight and are popularly known for their high level of protein. It gives you the benefit of adding protein to your diet without adding calories.

Soy Protein

Soybeans are widely known for high-quality protein. People who do not eat meat can go for this great alternative. It has 0 cholesterol and low saturated fat.

Which Protein Powder is the right one to choose?

Whey protein powder is the best one you can find on the market. It helps to improve lean muscle mass. It is one of the primary proteins as it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

It can also be blended with ice or fruits to make a smoothie in the morning. People following a strict diet include smoothie shakes having whey as an ingredient, giving a satisfying taste.

Benefits of whey protein powder:-

  • It helps in aiding weight loss as along with it giving your taste buds a satisfactory feeling; it is a healthy way to reduce weight.
  • It also helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • It could also be helpful for children having asthma.
  • It is beneficial for people suffering from hypertension, reduces blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Following is the list of Whey protein powder brands in India:-


It is known as India’s largest online health and fitness store for athletes and gym-goers. People who are really into fitness and have a dedicated and healthy routine can order good quality whey protein from Healthkart. People looking into making their lifestyle healthy and looking to adopt an active lifestyle with good eating habits should go with this.

They have a range of Whey protein powders such as:-

  1. Healthkart protein with whey, soy, and protein is rich in micronutrients that nourish your body with necessary vitamins. Price- Rs.1650 (2.2lb)
  2. Healthkart 100% pure whey protein- Being unflavoured and with no sugar, this one is specifically for athletes and people who are very much into fitness. Price- Rs.1800 (2.2 lb)


is one of the most famous and leading Indian brands containing excellent quality protein powder. Their company offers a variety of nutritional supplements. They concentrate on purity and accuracy in their products. Following are the types that they are offering:-

  1. MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein- It is a Labdoor certified Product for its accuracy and purity. It improves digestion and lowers any kind of discomfort in the stomach. Price-Rs.7449 (4.4lb)
  2. MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Isolate- Along with helping you with easier digestion with digestive enzymes in their product, it also helps you to build lean muscles. Rs.1929 (1.1lb)
  3. MuscleBlaze Whey Hydro Hydrolyzed Whey Protein – It gives you better results with faster absorption as it has added enzymes. People who are regularly working out with a lot of determination should go with this product. Price-Rs.7899 (4.4lb)

The above-listed companies and their range of products are the best to purchase protein powder for men with a large reach of customers. Protein Powder Price is also listed along with the benefits of products. Discounts are also being offered on MRP, and that too very generous discounts are being offered. I hope this article proves to be very beneficial to you, and amongst all other powders, you should look for the right choice according to your benefits.

Nowadays people are becoming very health conscious, which is the right way of living as it is very important to look out for yourself and we all know the famous quote- “Health is Wealth”.

A healthy way of living, along with helping you to have good mental health, also gives you a sense of confidence and positive energy, which is mandatory for an individual.


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