Redleaf interior is the best interior designing company in Patna that specialized in building custom luxury homes in Patna Bihar and beyond. We offer both residential and commercial services including interior design, exterior design, home staging, architecture, construction management, and project management. Our design team can create the interiors for any style of home. We have extensive experience designing everything from modern lofts to traditional victorian mansions. Whether you prefer a modern loft space or a classic Indian-style home, we are confident we can help you achieve your desired vision.

Redleaf  Interior is the best Interior designing company in Patna Bihar and an award-winning architectural firm located in Boring road Patliputra colony Patna. The Firm was founded in 2015 and its director is Ratnesh Kumar. Their work includes residential projects across Bihar and as well as out of Bihar.  The company’s recent projects include several high-profile residences in Patna and nearby cities. Other notable design projects include the restoration of historic places also. Redleaf  Interior is a unique interior designer in Patna Bihar who has designed everything from small to celebrity residences and commercial places. They specialized in modern design that is both classic and functional. Our Work is clean, sophisticated, and timeless in a way that makes clients’ projects feel fresh and new when they are finished.

Best Interior Designing Company In Patna

Redleaf  Interior brings a level of sophistication and finesses to any project that they take on. Many celebrities have hired Redleaf  Interior to make their interiors look stunning and unique. Redleaf Interior focuses on making homeowners’ dreams become reality through high-quality craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail. Redleaf  Interior is known for its incredible designs for clients in the market. Redleaf  Interior is also a well-known company for being one of the best designers to create structures and designs using innovative technology. They have passion for the preservation of the past comes across in their work and their love of vintage finds throughout every project. Interior design is the art of making things look nice, whether it is an interior space (such as a room in a home), a piece of furniture, or even our car. There are a lot of different fields of interior design, including architecture and industrial design. Interior designers focus on how spaces are organized and what makes them functional and aesthetically pleasing.

They work closely with architects, engineers, and sometimes clients to create a space that meets their needs. Redleaf  Interior has the best experience and qualifications to decorate a space that clients’ have.  we try to design new always. We also work on theoretical concepts like furniture styles and trends, color theory, and interior layout. We always use the best material and resources to fulfill your homes and spaces. Redleaf  Interior is known for being eco-friendly, sustainable, and modern. we work closely with our clients, understanding their wants and needs while incorporating their personalities into their custom interiors. We have an innovative style blend between sustainability and functionality. We also use natural elements to create unique home designs. We believe that technology should serve our lives instead of consuming them. Redleaf Interior specialized in abstract paintings, color blocks, geometric shapes & patterns also in 2d & 3d designing. Redleaf  Interior is the best interior designer in Patna Bihar who makes your home look good, whether it is your house, apartment, office, or someplace else. If u don’t know how to start or how to go …. then we are giving you some tips as to why choose us.

  • We have a large no. of portfolio of clients who have had work done with us. You can ask them about us and our work. You will get an idea about structures, designs, and our support system & team behavior.
  • redleaf  Interior is a professional interior designer and authorized and licensed & Certified by the government regulatory system. Our all work interior designing, architectural designing, and modular kitchen work or construction work are under the specific standard of Government authorities.
  • When you looking for an interior designer, consider the portfolio of previous clients. Check online recommendations, google reviews, and read consumer reports of us. we have approx 500 reviews on google. You can check it on google about our company. Look for references, testimonials, and case studies that help give you insight into the quality of service.
  • Now the most important point is the pricing (costing) of the services. We provide the best affordable price in the market. We always consider clients’ budgets & requirements. We have no hidden charges during work or after work.  You can compare prices honestly with others that offer similar services to ensure. We provide the best quality work on are very low-cost budget.


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